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Qa Automation Engineer / Qa Team Lead / Performance Test Engineer Resume

Sunnyvale, CA


  • Over more than 16 years of diverse experience in Testing Framework development, Performance testing , application Backend development
  • Worked within an agile development environment with developers and product owners to scope, develop, test and deliver highly intelligent software solutions using black box, gray box and white box testing approaches.
  • P rogramming experience in object oriented programming languages Java, C#, C++ and scripting languages such as Perl, JavaScript, Unix shell scripting .
  • In depth experience in testing and support of complicated banking, financial, insurance, scientific, analytical and TV applications .
  • Vast experience in working with multi tier distributed applications and networking protocols (TCP, UDP)
  • Ability to lead a complete test cycle, including building a testing process, defining and creating test concepts, test methodologies, test strategies, test plans, test cases and test scripts, establishing the testing environment, providing and support of all kinds every - day testing activities including complete setup of test labs and automated testing servers.
  • In depth understanding of all types of testing including functional, regression, release acceptance, integration and performance
  • Extensive experience in building processes of complicated applications on different platforms for internal and external customers and also for performance, compatibility, cross-platform and cross-browser testing.
  • Experience in technical and customer support of the most complicated software modules and applications, good problem-solving skills.
  • Experience installing and setting up network infrastructure including network hardware such as servers, routers, hubs, switches.
  • Experience in technical translation from English to Russian, knowledge of internationalization (I18N), localization (L10n), globalization (G11n) and quality (ISO) standards.
  • Experience as a Business Analyst working with banking and financial, stock trading, accounting applications .


Languages: Java, Node.js, Perl, Visual Basic, C++

Platforms: Unix, Unix Shell Scripts, Mac OS, VMware, Windows, Windows Server

Web: HTML, XML, XSD, DTD, XSLT, J2EE, JSP, JavaScript, JUnit, Selenium, JSON, Ruby on Rails

Performance: Apache JMeter, Tsung, Appdynamics, Splunk, SoapUI/LoadUI unix level: vmstat, sar, dstat, mpstat, htop, top, netstat, iostat, pidstat, perf, strace, pprof

Data bases: Oracle, Sybase, SQL Anywhere (Adaptive Server Anywhere, SQL Anywhere), SQL Server

Network: HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, REST, WireShark

Mercury Tools: Win Runner, Load Runner, Quick Test Pro, Test Director, Quality Center

Rational Tools: Rational Test Manager, Rational Robot, Rational Rose, Rational Administrator, Rational Clear Quest, Rational Clear Quest Designer, Rational Requisite Pro

Servers: Apache/Tomcat, Jboss

Methodologies: Agile/Scrum, Waterfall

Build: Jenkins, TeamCity, Nexus, Docker


Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

QA Automation Engineer / QA Team Lead / Performance Test Engineer


  • Created Java based fully automated Performance testing frameworks for high volume STB applications (“Chariot”, “Enhanced Content”, “Detect and Launch”) orienting on needs of key business partners such as “YouTube”, “Pandora” etc.
  • Established complete performance test concepts , test plans based on Soak, Peak, Spike, Stress, Crash and combined load profiles.
  • Created Randomization chaos load generation , Parameters, Capacity tests, Dynamic baselines methodology.
  • Created and built-in Performance testing framework into Continuous Integration (CI) schema
  • Built performance tests for IOS/ Android and WEB apps (“SeeIt”, “Family Finder”, “Internet of Things”) using Tsung.
  • Performed the role of QA lead for “Internet of Things” project.
  • Created complete functional testing frameworks for “Internet of Things” projects based on Java test methods hierarchy
  • Implemented front and backend testing framework and test cases for “My Family Finder” and ”SeeIt” application (IOS/Android)

Environment : Java, Bash, Node.js, JMeter, Tsung, SoapUI, Jenkins, TeamCity, Maven, AppDynamics, Splunk, OpenStack, Appium, Rest assured, Cucumber

Confidential, Oakland, CA

Software QA Engineer/Configuration Engineer


  • I nstallation, compatibility, cross-platform (Windows, Windows Server, Linux/Unix, VMware) and cross-browser testing (IE, FireFox, Opera, etc)
  • Every-day testing activities, based on fully automated testing framework (Perl ->.NET) and test cases (Perl->XML, SQL)
  • Primary automated Smog testing, UI (Selenium, Java) and new features testing
  • Design and maintenance of testing framework and test cases (Perl, XML, .Net, SQL, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Unix shell, Regex)
  • Establishing of the test coverage, creation of the test data and complete automated tests suits
  • Providing test results, baselines and benchmark calculations (Perl, VB)
  • Current statistic and factor analysis of calculations (Perl, VB, C++)
  • Created the testing documentation (Project schedule, test server requirements, test descriptions etc)
  • Requirements, design, support, maintenance and improvement of testing framework
  • Bug localization, bug tracking, defect fixing, regression .
  • Complete prerequisites installation on Test Labs, servers and customer machines
  • Full application configuration of database machines, analysis and application servers.
  • Technical support of internal clients

Environment : MySQL, Sybase SQL Anywhere 7 (Adaptive Server Anywhere, SQL Anywhere 7, 11), SQL Server 2008, Mantis, IBM Rational Clear Quest, Rational Robot, Perl, Java, C++, C#, Lotus, Windows, Shell scripts, VBA, Regex, VMware, HTML, XML.


QA Engineer / Team Lead


  • Provided primary exploring and ad hoc testing, technical expertise of software, created testing schedule
  • Created Test plan and test metrics for planning, manage and monitoring of testing processes
  • Prepared the test data for positive and negative scenarios and boundary testing; p erformed full functional testing for core modules, optimized test coverage by creating unique test cases
  • Manually verified corrections of algorithms in reports models (both black and white box testing)
  • Created test cases, test scripts and test scenarios for system testing of internet-bank, client-bank and settlements module (front and back end) using Mercury Quick Test Pro.
  • Created test scenarios for Performance and Stress testing of Internet-bank in Mercury Load Runner
  • Used Mercury Quality Center to track, analyze and verify bugs and did bug regression testing .
  • Completed all activities for performing User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Environment: Mercury Quick Test Pro, Mercury Load Runner, Mercury Quality Center, SQL, XML, JSP, Java Servlets


QA Engineer


  • Analyzed FRD, created Test plans
  • Created more than one thousand test cases for positive, negative and boundary testing
  • Created criteria and performed User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Monitored and analyzed the work of the manual testing groups
  • Bags tracking and bag regression testing using Mercury Test Director
  • Involved into refining QA processes , made suggestions to enhance and streamline testing and implementation processes
  • Performed GUI testing, compatibility, cross-platform and cross-browser testing
  • Created test cases, test scripts and test scenarios for the New features testing; selected, upgraded and executed test cases and test scripts for Regression testing , created test cases, test scripts and test scenarios for “end to end” testing using Mercury Win Runner
  • Created test scenarios for Performance and Stress testing with emulation of different hosts, configured with deferent software environment using rendezvous points in Mercury Load Runner.
  • Analyzed results of Performance and Stress testing with purpose of the system bottleneck detection using Mercury Load Runner

Environment: Mercury Win Runner, Mercury Load Runner, Mercury Test Director, SQL, MS Excel, MS Access, HTML/XML, JSP


Business Analyst / QA Tester


  • Provided technical expertise of Equation for defining functional requirements
  • Involved into creating of AS IS, AS TO BE models, FRD, Technical Specifications and Tests Plans. Agreed these documents between business units and developers using Rational Requisite Pro
  • Used Rational Test Manager to map Requirements to created test cases, provide traceability to requirements, created test sets, and selectively run tests manually and using automated test scripts
  • Organized the work of manual testing teams
  • Analyzed defects, tracking bags using Rational Clear Quest

Environment: Lotus Notes, Rational Requisite Pro, Rational Test Manager, Rational Robot, Rational Administrator, Rational Clear Quest, Rational Clear Quest Designer

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