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Senior/lead Qa Analyst & Agile Scrum Master Resume

Santa Monica, CA


  • I am a passionate software quality professional and certified Agile Scrum Master.
  • I have solid experience implementing and supporting the Agile software quality process as a Scrum Master and in Quality Assurance, using risk focused, repeatable, automation supported, flexible strategies and industry best practices.
  • I have experience working in and facilitating Agile teams, as well as building cross functional Agile teams.
  • I am reliable, process and detail oriented, flexible, diligent, and accountable.
  • I believe in mentoring, and in cohesive team building supported by a foundation of ownership and accountability.


Tools: Visual Studio, SpecFlow, Express Lane, Team City, MS Office products, shell scripting, numerous bug tracking tools, including Jira, and AgileCraft

Platforms: SaaS, UNIX/Linux, Windows, Apple, Android and iOS Mobile devices (responsive and adaptive web applications)

Databases: Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL

Misc: Certified Agile Scrum Master, SAFe Agile Scrum Master, ISO 9000/1, Total Quality Management, Successful Team Building, Productivity Management, Developing and Administering Budgets, Quality Customer Service Delivery, and Community Mediation and Problem Resolution


Confidential, Santa Monica, CA

Senior/Lead QA Analyst & Agile Scrum Master


  • Participate in architectural, technical design, and product design discussions, and provide input as appropriate in a pure SaaS environment that integrates with other technology platforms.
  • Analyze product feature stories and client defects to determine relevant testable scenarios using BDD.
  • Ensure that User Stories and test scenarios fully exercise every aspect of the product feature.
  • Lead test planning and provide high - level project estimates for new feature work that is released into production and toggled on when production ready.
  • Create reusable and automated test documentation.
  • Execute test scenarios, automated and manual.
  • Assist in the development of automated test software using Visual Studio (C#) and SpecFlow.
  • Find and appropriately document defects, as well as validate fixes. Maintain numerous QA environments, using daily builds and the promotion of ExpressLane Services (Team City).
  • Develop, maintain, and share knowledge and understanding of products, from both a business and technical perspective.
  • Provide mentorship to junior-level QA Analysts. Independently prioritize workload to execute multiple assignments.
  • Provide status updates to stakeholders, and escalate issues appropriately.
  • Partner with development engineers, product owner, project management, and other team members as appropriate.
  • Facilitate SAFe Agile ceremonies, remove obstacles, help prepare for PI Planning, provide guidance for Agile methodologies.
  • Collect and maintain team metrics for use in planning increments and sprint planning, and facilitate process improvements.
  • Mentor new team members in Agile, and SAFe Agile practices

Confidential, El Segundo, CA

Lead QA Engineer


  • Drive the full QA lifecycle from gathering requirements to post-release reviews.
  • Drive the development of a formal testing framework, implement, and manage test strategies, test plans, procedures, and cases.
  • Provide technical leadership in testing methodologies and QA/QC best practices.
  • Introduce improvements to streamline QA processes and procedures.
  • Manage QA Lab scheduling and configuration management for in-house and remote labs.
  • Supervise the development of an in-house automated testing framework.
  • Prepare Quality Plans, Test Reports, internal and external facing Release and Patch Notes.
  • Manage daily and weekly team meetings. Supervise Confidential meetings.
  • Participate in Lead Status Meetings, reporting progress, needs, and issues directly to the Director of Development.
  • Perform hands-on, manual black box testing of video processing and decoding engine, database, and three integrated web based client applications (Java Script, Ajax, etc.).
  • Verify bug fixes and approve for release to customers.
  • Work with Technical Support on collecting data, and recording and recreating customer issues for escalation to the development team.

Confidential, Aliso Viejo, CA

Technical Writer


  • Technical communications lead for four commercial database products and two open-source build/packaging products.
  • Responsible for analysis of communication requirements to determine the documentation deliverables, identify and schedule resources, and manage documentation processes, procedures, and methodologies.
  • Produced technical documentation, including user guides, online help, and release notes.
  • Managed large documentation, process improvement projects, and major content review and revision projects.
  • Evaluated, scheduled, managed and carried-out the conversion of MS Word based Confidential file deliverables into Online Help file deliverables using Flare.
  • Initiated and performed conversion of documentation to topic based structure with a minimalist approach.
  • Documented three new products from alpha candidacy, beginning with the research and development through testing, and content refinement and final delivery.

Confidential, Aliso Viejo, CA

Lead Software Quality Assurance Engineer


  • Responsibilities included development of master test plans, scheduling resources to meet test and release schedules, compiling and reporting test progress/results, participating in process review meetings and representing team at Confidential meetings.
  • Responsibilities also included the design, implementation, configuration management, and resource allocation of test environments.
  • Testing responsibilities included development, maintenance, execution of manual and automated test cases and suites, and the review of user documentation.
  • Implemented standardized QA processes/methodologies, implemented documentation procedures, defect tracking systems, and bug write-up procedures and workflow.
  • Develop documentation to support the standardization of policies, procedures, and methodologies.
  • Constructed test plan and test script libraries.
  • Created a mechanism for compiling, reporting and archiving test results and test analysis data.

Confidential, Irvine, CA

Mgr., Software Quality Assurance Engineering


  • Software QA (SQA) team lead for a team of eight test engineers working on a proprietary Java based network performance measurement tool, supported on a proprietary software, and hardware platform.
  • Built the SQA team, managed personnel and testing resources.
  • Compiled test results, and weekly status and product updates.
  • Implemented build acceptance testing and developed product release test suites.
  • Responsible for scheduling and configuration management of the SQA test environment.
  • Worked with operations and marketing on Beta and End User Acceptance testing, as well as client defect reporting and feature requests.
  • Implemented and built a Standards & Procedures library, and constructed a test plan, test case, and test script library.

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