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Manager Of Qa Resume


To organize teams into well - oiled machines, maintain a high degree of quality, and reduce time-to-market; resulting in lower costs, predictable cycles, and high customer satisfaction.


Automation: CasperJS / PhantomJS, Ruby with Selenium WebDriver, Page Object Model

Cucumber and Capybara: Web Application Testing in Ruby (WATIR)

Operating Systems: Windows 7 and higher, Mac OSX iOS 7 and higher

Android KitKat and higher: Windows (mobile) 7 and higher

Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer

Technologies / Devices iPhone / iPad: Android Phones / Android Tablet

Microsoft Surface: Desktop / Laptop

Software: JIRA, Confluence, Bugzilla, Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Jenkins, SVN, GitHub

Languages: Ruby, JavaScript, Java (beginner), C# (beginner)



Manager of QA


  • Created and continually refined performance metrics for the applications
  • Introduced web automation using Ruby / Selenium Webdriver, JavaScript / CasperJS / PhantomJS and Cucumber.
  • Utilized Jenkins for timed test automation and performance monitoring jobs
  • Helped implement Agile Scrum to the IT Organization.
  • Mentored team members on automation and testing through one-on-one meetings and hands-on working sessions.
  • Managed multiple concurrent projects with multiple team members.
  • Built up offshore teams / staff for new projects.
  • Received the “Standing O Award” for work on my first project


Manager, QA Automation


  • Created an automation testing strategy to cover post build testing and post release testing.
  • Expanded the load testing of the application pre-release.
  • Ended test paralysis by narrowing regression cycles.
  • Defined testing strategies for pre and post release testing.
  • Cleaned up test case library.
  • Built a relationship with the Director of Development Operations, Director of Engineering, and CTO to improve releases and testing strategies.
  • Increased productivity of the offshore team in China, by increasing communication, clearer testing strategies, and processes.

Senior Quality Assurance Analyst



  • Mentored Quality Assurance Analysts, Developers, and Scrum Masters on best practices and methodologies.
  • Improved processes with offshore Quality Assurance team.
  • Continually worked to improve communication for the deployment process.


Quality Assurance Lead


  • Experience testing web applications, RESTful web-based APIs, video and mobile applications.
  • Integral part of the Quality Assurance leadership staff, leading various teams, and initiatives.
  • Interviewed and on-boarded Quality Assurance Engineers (QA) and Senior Quality Assurance Engineers (SQA).
  • Mentored Quality Assurance Engineers on methodologies, standards, and practices.
  • Knowledge in SDLC and Software Quality Assurance (SQA) methodologies.
  • Experience with working in an Agile Scrum and Agile Kanban environments.
  • Excellent written skills with test strategies, plans, cases and documentation.
  • Developed automation using Ruby / WATIR and JavaScript / CasperJS and PhantomJS.
  • Worked with and scheduled work for offshore Quality Assurance team.
  • Backup to the Release Engineer, ensured ‘push button’ deploys and continuous delivery methodologies.


Support Consultant


  • Redesigned a Library for their Tax Department which included changes on data-structure in the database, changes to their business processes, redesigned their forms and ensuring the Stored Procedures and Triggers were correct.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve application problems, including new installations, testing of upgrades / patches and issues.
  • Developed customer confidence and relationships of trust to help improve satisfaction.
  • Assisted in the maintenance of applications of 24x7, high-availability systems.
  • Modified application specifics as needed to customer requirements.
  • Provided on-call 24 hour support on a rotational basis.
  • Worked with Microsoft SQL Server to find data and modify Stored Procedures as needed.


Information Systems Analyst


  • Audited Quality, Finance and IT documents for SOX Compliance. Assisted in preparing for FAA Audit.
  • Created custom financial and production reports for management using Crystal Reports. Creating these reports required numerous conversations with the Management team to ensure not only savings but cooperation. Several of these reports ensured savings to the company as well as on time delivery of parts for production.
  • Assisted in the development of their Document Control system that met the document retention and audit needs of the FAA and Alcoa.
  • Produced numerous training manuals for applications. These were used by both internal and external customers.
  • Systems Administrator for Crystal Reports Server XI, SmarTeam and Quantum Control all running in the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 environment.

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