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Qa Test Lead/business Analyst Resume

New, YorK


  • Over 7 years of IT experience in system analysis, design, development, coding and implementation, with major emphasis and focus on Quality Assurance Testing of Client/Server and Web based Applications. Extensive experience working with some leading organizations in various industries like Banking/Finance, Healthcare, Insurance and Law. Excellent professional skills to prepare Test Plan, Test Cases and Test Scripts for Manual and Automated test tools like Worksoft Certify, Mercury - QTP, Win Runner, Test Director, Quality Center, Load Runner.
  • 7+ years of diverse expertise in Quality Assurance, System and Integration Testing, Performance, Stress, Load and Regression testing of stand alone, client-server and web-based applications and IVR applications.
  • Experienced in planning, performing and executing Black Box Testing, White Box Testing, Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing, System Testing, Data Driven Testing, Regression Testing and Back end testing for web based applications and Client/Server applications.
  • Experienced in Automated Test tools - Quick TestPro (QTP), Worksoft Certify, Automated QA, Load Runner, Test Director, Winrunner, and Quality Center.
  • Experience in writing System Test plans, defining testcases, developing and maintaining Test Scripts.
  • Basic Experience in developing Shell Scripts in UNIX, development in Java, C++ and HTML.
  • Experienced in Oracle and SQL Server Database Manipulation using Microsoft SQL Server, PL/SQL.
  • Experience in coordination of test schedule with overall project schedule.
  • Solid understanding of the ISO Quality standards, Software Development, Lifecycle, Network Concepts and Release Cycles.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with Project Managers, QA Managers, Business Users, Business Analysts, Developers, QA Analysts and Subject Matter Experts in complex Testing projects and in overall enhancement of software product quality.
  • Expertise in problem solving and Bug Tracking Reports using Bug Tracking tools.


Confidential, New York

QA Test Lead/Business Analyst

  • My role is of a QA Lead, where I am responsible for setting up the QA Environment, Test Planning, setup Testing Tools.
  • Testing in a multi-tier service oriented architecture ( SOA)
  • Writing the Test plan, Testcases, Traceability Matrix, Data Audit and creating Data requirements.
  • Analyzing the Policy Guideline Documents (Requirement Specifications), creating the Product backlog based on the documents.
  • Using AGILE methodology for testing, and Test-Driven Development, part of Daily SCRUM’s, Product Backlogs for each Sprint, involved in iteration retrospective meetings.
  • Meeting with the management teams, Business and the end users on a regular basis to gather and understand the requirements clearly.
  • Working with the Project Manager to come up with an optimum Testing Strategy.
  • Setting up the various phases of Testing including Unit Tests, Functional Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing and User acceptance testing.
  • Working on covering all possible scenarios of a requirement which are then translated to Testcases.
  • Breaking down the Product Backlog into user stories.
  • Developing Manual Test Scripts and writing the Test Steps.
  • Business Process Testing (BPT) using QTP and Quality Center.
  • Configuring and customizing QTP to work with Adobe Flex application.
  • Expert knowledge with VB Scripting by developing scripts for QTP, developing function libraries using VB Script.
  • Creating and Developing the QTP framework to include Function Library, Object Repositories, Application Scenario Files, Initialization VB scripts, Sequence File and Driver Script.
  • Using Quality center and Rally to track our Testing activities and defect reporting.
  • Generating metrics and reports in Quality Center and Rally which are used in our weekly oversight meeting.
  • Using Quality Center for creating requirements, Testcases, TestLab and Tracking Defects.
  • Performance testing using Loadrunner, developing scripts in VuGEn, executing using the controller.
  • Created, reviewed, validated and maintained a comprehensive Regression/Functional Test Suite.
  • Conducted and Performed Regression, Stress, Performance and Load Testing.
  • Using Sharpoint for sharing documents, tasks, meeting minutes and project status.
  • Working hand in hand with the developers since this is a Test-driven development project.

Environment: JAVA, VB Script, SQL, QTP, FLEX, Quality Center, Rally, BEA Weblogic, MS SQL Server.

Confidential, Louisville, KY

Sr. QA Tester/Test Lead

  • Currently working with the System Integration Testing Team (SIT), testing applications such as CCA, Availity, IVR, Humana.com and Legacy built on Java and .NET Platform
  • Worked as an Onsite Test Lead/SME in the Metavance project, where my duties included maintaining the onsite-offshore coordination. Leading a team of 7 testers.
  • Working closely with the Business and UAT teams to understand the requirements and later sharing the knowledge with the Testing team.
  • Extensive Testing of these Commercial off the shelf ( COTS) applications which are supplied by different vendors but integrated together.
  • Collaborating with other multi-functional IT teams and testing using Microsoft Team System.
  • Testing of HL7 messages for correct data transfer between various systems.
  • Manual Testing which includes studying the BRD’s and FRD’s to create a modular Test Plan and strategy.
  • Good knowledge of working in Business areas like Claims Processing, Product Developments and Compliance, Clinical Applications.
  • Writing Testcases and Business Flow documents by covering the Functional navigation flow of the application.
  • Working closely with the common data team to prepare the test data.
  • Automated testing using Quick Test Pro 9.2 and Worksoft Certify 6.4.
  • Created scripts in QTP for reusable actions, setting checkpoints, modify/create object descriptions, parameterized data.
  • Creating and maintaining the QTP Keyword driven Framerwork.
  • Creating and Developing the QTP framework to include Function Library, Object Repositories, Application Scenario Files, Initialization VB scripts, Sequence File and Driver Script.
  • Inserted VBscript objects to reserved objects to improve QTP functionality.
  • Created scripts in QTP for reusable actions, setting checkpoints, modify/create object descriptions, parameterized data.
  • Resource/Team management and allocating tasks to the team members.
  • Working on SQL Server 2005 and running queries to pull data for testing.
  • Closely following the Humana Testing Process which includes release based Testing, creating Runbooks, Common Data etc, executing scripts and logging defects in Lotus Notes.

Environment: QuickTest Pro 9.2, Worksoft certify 6.4, Lotus Notes, ASP.NET, and VB, SQL Server 2005.

Confidential, NY

Sr. Software Engineer

  • Going through the functional and Business Requirement Documents and the Test Plan document.
  • Understanding the existing Testcases and keeping them updated with the code changes. Part of a team responsible for creating new testcases based of Functional and Business Requirement Documents.
  • Executing scripts in multiple recurring cycles, and in various environments like UAT, IST etc.
  • Understanding and implementing Test Methodologies like SDLC, and extensive manual testing.
  • Defect Logging and Tracking using Test Director.
  • Closely worked with developers and System Engineers to nail down the technical problems.

Confidential, Denver

Sr. QA Engineer

  • Executed automated scripts in Virtual User Generator in Loadrunner, evaluating performance, stress, and benchmarking methodologies in evaluating different hardware configurations and user loads for the application components.
  • Created Load/Stress scenarios for performance testing using the Loadrunner Controller.
  • Monitored and Analyzed activity Report and Performance Report created using Loadrunner.
  • Enhanced Loadrunner Vuser scripts by Parameterization, checkpoint, and Correlation to test the new builds of the application.
  • Created Loadrunner scripts by recording, incorporating Transactions, Rendezvous points, correlation and Think times.

Environment:: Cerner Millennium, Test Director Quality Center 8.2, QTP 8.2, PCS Message Explorer, Windows XP, AIX, JAVA (J2EE), Citrix and Windows 2003 server, Apache HTTP Server.

Confidential, Santa Ana, CA

QA Tester


  • Understanding and implementing Test Methodologies like SDLC, and extensive manual testing.
  • Closely worked with developers and System Engineers to nail down the technical problems.
  • Identified the testing objectives, planned Load Runner implementation and performed the simulation. Created Load Runner scripts to load test high traffic end user processes for performance and reliability
  • Generated Manual scenarios and Goal oriented scenarios using Load Runner Controller.
  • Automation Regression Testing using QTP, using a subset of Testcases to be automated using QTP.
  • Wrote and recorded V user scripts for automated testing using Load Runner, modifying the scripts with C code.
  • Parameterized and Correlated Load Runner V user scripts with dynamic data values
  • Customized and enhanced V user scripts to ensure real time load simulation
  • Analyzed the results to measure the performance of the application. Worked with various analysis graphs and generated Crystal Reports for the same purpose.
  • Validated the data by using SQL extensively.
  • Used Toad 8.5 for running the SQL queries, and validating data.
  • Involved in monitoring a tuning, by tracing the SQL queries.
  • Defect tracking and reporting is done using Test Director Quality Center.
  • Worked closely with the developers in defining problems, implementing solutions and coordinating with the QA team and developers to prioritize defects and rectify them.

Environment: Java, Test Director, Load Runner, Sitescope, HTML, XML, VB, MS-SQL Server under Windows 2000 and UNIX environments, Shell Scripting.

Confidential, RI

QA Tester


  • Involved in reviewing Business Requirements and Use Cases.
  • Involved in writing Test Plans, Test cases and developing Test scripts using Test Director.
  • Performed end-to end testing on applications manually and automated with Win Runner.
  • Developed automated test scripts using WinRunner.
  • Performed regression testing of application for every new build released.
  • Managed the overall testing effort, including coordination of testing personnel and test lab resources.
  • Mentored and trained other team members in automation test scripts using Win Runner and using TSL (Test Script Language) generic functions
  • Performed load testing using Load Runner and measured the response time under peak load conditions.
  • Developed and Maintained VU Scripts using VUGen for Load testing the application.
  • Parameterized the necessary values for testing the application with various Data sets.
  • Created various Load test scenarios using controller, inserted rendezvous points across groups.
  • Monitored app server, web server, database server and Network under Load.
  • Analyzed the test results and set the base line of the transaction response time.
  • Used LR Analysis for analyzing the test results and generating various graphs and reports.
  • Generated reports to find status of the project and bugs info with Test Director
  • Validated the mapping and integrity of data populated in the database.
  • Logged in Issues Test Director, bug tracking tool arising during testing
  • Evaluated the progress and take initiatives to meet the QA testing targets.

Environment: Visual Basic, XML, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, WinRunner, Load Runner, Clear quest, Test Director, Windows NT, and Shell Scripting, AIX, Unix.


Summer Internship


  • Analyzed the System specifications, Business requirements for full understanding of the business.
  • Developed a detailed Test Plan for System Testing Based on SRD and BRD
  • Prepared test cases using Test Director.
  • Created Test Data in flat files from production data.
  • Performed Functional, Regression, Database, Security and System Testing of the Applications.
  • Performed regression & Stress testing using negative data.
  • Involved in Database testing using SQL queries on Oracle.
  • Created and maintained Requirement Traceability Matrix.
  • Documenting the test results & changes.
  • Involved in the team to adopt QA Testing Standards.
  • Involved in cross browsing testing of the application on various Browsers to ensure that it functions similarly on all browsers.

Environment : Test Director, Java, JSP, UNIX, IIS, DB2, MS-ACCESS, Oracle, Windows, IE, Netscape


Test Engineer


  • High speed CMOS A/D converter - Involved in the design and simulation of a 2-step, 4-bit ADC clocked at 100 MHz.
  • Design simulations were done using Cadence - Spectre schematic composer. VLSI Chip was made using - Virtuoso layout editor for AMI 0.6u Fabrication process.
  • Designed a low-power column-wise Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) for CMOS image sensors
  • Prepared the specifications of the ADC from the requirements of present and future CMOS image sensors
  • Studied various ADC architectures and analyzed their suitability to meet our specifications
  • Defined different blocks of the ADC and designed toplevel ADC using ideal components (Verilog-A switches, ideal OpAmp) to verify the functionality of the ADC architecture
  • Designed a fully differential OpAmp with continuous-time common-mode feedback (CT-CMFB)
  • Replaced the CT-CMFB circuit by a switched-capacitor CMFB (SC-CMFB) circuit to achieve better output voltage swing at a lower current
  • Performed differential and common-mode stability analysis of the OpAmp
  • Simulated the ADC under extreme operating conditions (positive/zero/negative voltage swing, offset, mismatch, process-temperature-supply variations, larger voltage swing, etc.)
  • Designed a digitally programmable bias circuitry for OpAmps
  • Estimated interconnect parasitics and proposed an interconnect placement scheme to eliminate the effect of parasitic capacitance.

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