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Sdet - Sr. Automation Tester Resume

Jersey City, NJ


  • Over 8+ years of experience as a Quality Automation Engineer (SDET) working in a Scrum Environment, tested various Web and Client Server software applications
  • Excellent knowledge and implementation skills in complete Software Development Life Cycle ( SDLC ) and Software Testing Life Cycle ( STLC )
  • Experience in Waterfall and Agile Projects, worked very closely with Product owners in Agile and attended different meetings like Sprint Planning, Scrum, Backlog grooming, Sprint Review and Retrospective
  • Expertise in understanding Business Requirement Specifications, Functional Specifications and Design documentations and converting them into Test Scenarios.
  • Experience in writing good quality object - oriented code for testing purposes by following industry standard java coding standards
  • Proven ability in designing and creating automation frameworks using Java, Selenium WebDriver, Junit, TestNG, Appium, Protractor, Jasmine, Maven, ANT, Jenkins, tools.
  • Experience of Creating, Modifying and Maintaining new and existing Automation Framework Models (BDD/TDD/ATDD, Hybrid, Keyword and Data Driven Frameworks).
  • Experience in Core Java, development by applying different concepts like OOPS concepts, Collections, String s, Exception handling, Multithreading , etc. and experience in Groovy and JavaScript.
  • Worked in DevOps , installing, configuring and integrating Automation scripts on Continuous Integration tools (CI/CD) like Jenkins for nightly test suite execution and working on knowledge on testing
  • Expert in developing Behavior Driven development (BDD/TDD/ATDD) by writing Gherkin language using cucumber tool, developed Scenarios, Scenario outlines, features and Step definitions and generating the cucumber reports.
  • Experience in installation and Administration of version control systems like GIT (Distributed Version Control), GitHub, SVN Version Control
  • Experience in automating Mobile applications using Appium .
  • Automated AnglarJS applications using Protractor, Jasmine (spec, config files)
  • Working with Unit Test Frameworks like TestNG, Junit, and Jasmine.
  • Experience in implementing the Page Object Model (POM) by creating element for each page object and reused all the objects in various scripts.
  • Experience in testing Web Services-SOA architecture, XML transactions, SOAP, HTTP, WSDL, and REST using various tools like SOAP UI/Ready API and selenium.
  • Automated Webservices by writing Groovy scripts and used assertions for data validation and performed data driven for validating different endpoints .
  • Hands on Experience on maintaining Clustered / High Availability Architecture .
  • Expertise in HTML, CSS, HTTP, JavaScript, XML, AJAX, AngularJS and JQuery.
  • Worked with Eclipse, Jxl, Apache POI, Log 4J, ANT, HTTP client and Maven.
  • Experienced using tools like FirePath, Firebug, and UI Automator Viewer for finding elements locator and good knowledge in writing the absolute and relative XPATHS manually on need basis
  • Performed Database/Backend testing by writing complex SQL Queries for data validation and integrity, good at writing complex Joins and knowledge in PL/SQL
  • Worked with Selenium Grid/ Sauce labs for running multiple tests across different browsers, operating systems, and machines in parallel
  • Worked on testing applications on different browsers like IE, Firefox, Android, Safari and Chrome
  • Automating Angular JS applications by using Protractor, Jasmine using Java script.
  • Developing .spec and .config files for various scenarios in Protractor/Jasmine using “describe, it and expect”
  • Experience include Unit testing, Functional testing, User Acceptance Testing, Integration testing, System testing, browser compatibility testing & Security testing of client/server and Web base Applications.
  • Expertise in using various defect-reporting and defect-tracking tools like JIRA, Rally, Bugzilla, and HP ALM.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, proven team player with an analytical bent to problem solving and delivering under high stress environment.
  • Good analytical and communication skills and ability to work independently with minimal supervision and also perform as part of a team.


  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid
  • Junit
  • Test NG
  • Maven
  • Sub Version (SVN)
  • Jenkins
  • Cucumber(BDD / TDD)
  • Hybrid, Keyword
  • XML
  • Android, IOS Auto
  • Oracle/SQL Server
  • QC(ALM),Rally, JIRA
  • Rest Assured
  • Mobile/Appium


Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

SDET - Sr. Automation Tester

  • Analyzed the system requirements and developed detailed test plans and test cases and provided the documentation. Collaborated with product management teams in an agile environment to develop a comprehensive set of tests for web-based applications.
  • Involved in complex test cases dealing with Business rules, under writing issues and validations.
  • Involved in test cases related to quote screens and rating behavior.
  • Tested the behavioral changes in modifiers according to question sets response.
  • Studied and analyzed the Functional Requirements Specifications and System Design Specifications Conducted Functional testing, Regression Testing using selenium with Data-driven framework and Key- Word driven framework.
  • Created automation test scripts using data driven framework and Page Factory model to test the web applications using Selenium WebDriver with JAVA and maven.
  • Expertise in using Selenium Grid to run test scripts on different platforms and against different browsers in parallel to save time.
  • Used Jenkins to execute the test scripts periodically on Selenium Grid for different platforms like desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Performed Cross browser testing and parallel testing on Chrome, Firefox and Safari using TestNG and Maven on Selenium grid.
  • Expertise in grouping of test suites, test cases and test methods for regression and functional testing using TestNG Annotations like Groups, Parameter, Data Provider and Tags.
  • Utilized Maven to manage dependencies for test execution, plug-ins and created profiles of grouped test cases to run sanity and regression testing.
  • Integrated Jenkins with version controller (GIT) and scheduled builds to run automatically during a build release by invoking predefined maven commands.
  • Used Linux/Unix commands for using GitHub through cmd.
  • Involved in developing BDD Frame work from Scratch.
  • Involved in the usage of BDD framework to develop Cucumber Step Definitions, Scenarios and Features using acceptance criteria.
  • Utilized Apache POI jar file to read test data from the excel spread sheets and load them into required test cases.
  • Administered and Engineered Jenkins for managing weekly Build, Test, and Deploy chain, SVN/GIT with Dev/Test/Prod Branching Model for weekly releases.
  • Handled Selenium Synchronization problems using Explicit & Implicit waits during regression testing.
  • Expertise in mobile automation using Appium, selenium, java in both Android and IOS.
  • Experience in writing complex XPATH using following and preceding and also using functions like contains and not contains.
  • Executed test cases in real device for both mobile app and mobile website.
  • Thorough experience in implementing Automation tools Selenium WebDriver, JUnit, TestNG, Eclipse, Git/GitHub, Jenkins, SOAP UI and REST with POSTMAN.
  • Automated webservies using Java library Rest Assured
  • Worked with AWS cloud machines to setup selenium GRID and also Jenkins server on HUB machine.
  • Used cucumber to automate services using Rest API.
  • Used runner classes in cucumber to generate step definition and also used tags to run different kinds of test suites like smoke, health check and regression.
  • Created profiles in maven to launch specific TestNG suite from Jenkins job
  • Implemented SOAP UI tool to test SOAP based architecture application to test SOAP services and RESTAPI.
  • Used the Groovy language to verify Webservices through SOAP UI.
  • Involved closely with developers in Development of UI modules using HTML, JSP, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Wrote object-oriented JavaScript for transparent presentation of both client- and server-side validation
  • Used the Groovy language to verify Webservices through SOAP UI.
  • Shared Daily Status Reports with all the team members, Team Leads, Managers.

Environments: Selenium IDE, Groovy, RC Web Driver, Cucumber, HPQC, My Eclipse, JIRA, MySQL, Oracle, Java, JavaScript .Net, Python, Node.JS, SOA Tester, Angular JS, Protractor, Cucumber, Appium, android, Load Runner, Microservices, Restful API Testing, Rest Assured, VBScript, JUnit, TestNG, Firebug, Xpath, Windows,

Confidential, Salt Lake City, UT

Software Development Engineer in Test(SDET)

  • Worked a Point of contact/Lead Onsite offshore coordinator
  • Responsible for automation master test plans, environment configurations, application installations and testing schedules. Create, execute & Automation lead for a team providing testing services for Windows applications, Web applications
  • Designed automation framework depending on project and application complexity requirements. Maintained and improve the automation framework used by the automation team.
  • Developed a Hybrid Automation Frameworks using Selenium, implemented Page Object model(POM) using Selenium Page factory.
  • Responsible for establishing consistent testing practices using standard tools across multiple projects while adhering to quality processes.
  • Lead process improvement activities to identify and resolve issues. Create and maintain datasets and database environments required for Automation tests
  • Performed automated tests using Selenium Webdriver using Junit framework.
  • Worked on distributed test automation execution on different environment as part of Continuous Integration process using Selenium Grid and Jenkins.
  • Used automated scripts to perform Functionality Testing during the various phases of the application development using Selenium.
  • Experience in testing web services using SOAP/REST.
  • Developed test scenarios and test cases for Integration and System testing each release.
  • Created Test Cases, Test Case Inventory, Traceability matrix based on mapping document and requirement.
  • Implemented Regression and Smoke tests execution as separate step of deployment process by using WebDriver.
  • Involved in Cross browser testing and Back-end Testing using the database comparable results.
  • Worked on Execution Tracker, Test Design Tracker & Defect Metrics.
  • Performed complex data validation using SQL queries.
  • Developed Test Cases for testing the mapping designs before going to the production
  • Written several complex SQL queries for data verification and data quality checks.
  • Used complex SQL Queries for Backend Testing of the application.
  • Perform Defect Tracking and reporting with strong emphasis on root-cause analysis to determine where and why defects are being introduced in the development process.
  • Tested data migration to ensure that integrity of data was not compromised.
  • Review the test cases written based on the Change Request document.

Environment: MS SQL 2008/2005, HTML, Java, XML, XSD, SOAP UI, Selenium Web Driver,Log4j,Apcahe POI,GIT, GITHub, Grid, Maven, Rally and Jenkins.

Confidential, New York, NY

QA Tester - Automation

  • Analyzed Business Requirement Document and Technical Specifications Document and scripted the test cases. Wrote Test Plan and Test Cases according to business requirement.
  • Tested application under the agile, scrum and sprint development and process. Used agile systems and strategies to provide quick and feasible solutions, based on agile system, to the organization.
  • Wrote Test Cases using MS Excel. Creating and updating test cases based on new and/or /updated functional or interface requirements
  • Performed requirement traceability by setting automatic alerts for tracing changes in the requirements and system maintenance. Implemented Data Driven Frameworks to create parameterized test scripts and generate XSLT reports using Selenium Web driver and TestNg framework.
  • Used Selenium IDE for Open source web testing using Java writing automated scripts in Java using Eclipse and also using Maven for Test Build Management.
  • Functionally validated Web Services delivered in SOAP XML format as provided in specification document.
  • Modified and Edited the XML to validate the SOAP UI Services. Manually performed functional testing based on the specification documents.
  • Performed Cross Browser testing by running application on different Browsers and version of Browsers. Imported test cases from MS Excel, MS Word to Quality Center.
  • Responsible for conducting Functional, Integration, Regression, and UAT testing of CRM’s Relationship Value Management Applications. Performed Regression Testing. Analyzed and documented test results and made necessary recommendations.
  • Created Test data for testing various scenarios involving the creation of Packages, Customers, Accounts .
  • Constantly tested SQL for joins and contexts for new object creation. Used shell scripting to run the scripts as a part of creation of test environment and then validate the data.
  • Participated in weekly meeting with the management team and walkthroughs
  • Tested applications and documented results and bugs including documentation of information useful in the debugging process
  • Generated the test execution report in Quality Center to be reviewed by the QA Manager and development team. Used XML (API) for transferring the data from the client to the server
  • Attended weekly defect report meetings and presented progress update status.
  • Worked with different modules of Quality Center such as Requirements, Test Plan, Test Lab, Defects module. Performed Database testing using SQL queries.
  • Used SQL queries to validate the data between the backend and the front end.
  • Created test cases for various modules in MS Excel and exported them to Quality Center for Test Case Management.
  • Reviewed extensive SQL Queries with complex multi-table joins and nested queries. Experience in performing end-to-end User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Set-up, co-ordinate & conduct system & UAT testing with Business Analysts and end-field users after the applications were all set. Conducted reviews with clients and User Acceptance Testing teams. Performed Functional Testing, Smoke testing, Integration testing, UAT Testing, Backend Testing, Regression Testing, End to End Testing and System Testing

Environment: HP Quality Center, MS SQL Server, XML, Selenium, TestNG, UAT, Java, HTML, DB2, Windows

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Test Automation Framework Developer

  • Participated in identifying the Test scenarios and designing the Test cases.
  • Demonstrated ability to solve complex automation challenges involving Ajax, dynamic objects, custom object types, unexpected event handling. Interacted with development and product management teams for the quick resolution of reported bugs and various technical issues.
  • Performed Cross Browser compatibility testing on Chrome, Firefox, IE browsers using Selenium Grid with Sause Labs Cloud Integration.
  • Understanding requirement and developing end to end automation test scripts using selenium WebDriver with TestNG framework.
  • Developed and maintained automated regression test cases in Selenium WebDriver using Java
  • Used Maven build tool to implement the framework dependency jar files.
  • Executed test cases relating to mouse hover using Action class and found hidden elements id, name, cssSelector, xpath, className, linkText, using the firebug and firepath.
  • Saved remarkable time and cost of testing by automation using Selenium WebDriver, JAVA.
  • Implemented the selenium synchronization using wait and sleep methods.
  • Implemented test automation for handling pop-ups and alerts on webpage.
  • Used updated extent reports dependencies to generate more pictorial reports
  • Developed and implemented Data Driven and Page Object Model automation testing framework Reviewed Test Reports and Preparing Test Summary Report.
  • Performed Smoke, End to End and Regression tests in Test environment and Production support environment.
  • Implemented test Management tools such as JIRA bug reporting tools to track test progress, test execution and deliverables.
  • Implemented the mouse and keyboard events using the Actions class.
  • Used Apache POI to read data from Excel sheets and testing the test scenarios.
  • Used Jenkins tool for continuous integration server to configure with GitHub and Maven.
  • Executed test cases automated in UFT tool using VB Script, migrated UFT scripts to Selenium
  • Involved in Developing and creating detailed test plans and test cases for the system covering design document, reviewing them with the developers and finalizing the test cases.
  • Performed functional testing of SOAP and RESTFUL Web Services using SOAP UI Tool.

Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Apache POI, Extent Reports, Cucumber, Eclipse, Windows, Oracle, Maven, SQL server, JIRA, SOAP UI,UFT


Software Engineer( Java Developer)

  • Involved in a major release (RWD) which was technical upgrade of an e-commerce application to make it responsive.
  • Integrated static JSP files with back-end code and implementing validation of client side events using ATG framework and tag lib in UI development.\
  • Developed reusable JSP’s for a web based e-commerce application using JSP, HTML, AJAX, Java Script.
  • Worked on the sub-sequent releases of RWD which was defect fixing of that particular release.
  • Developed Test cases based on the technical specifications and business requirements.
  • Involved in Writing Test Cases, Executing Test cases.
  • Used Quality Center to write Test cases.
  • Executed test cases manually to check GUI and Functional features of the Application.
  • Compared and analyzed actual with expected results and reported all defects to the appropriate individual(s) for resolution using Quality Center.
  • Involved in Cross browser testing for customer’s convenience.
  • Involved in Functionality Testing, Regression Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Sanity Testing in all environments.
  • Expertise in Manual Testing using real time and unattended testing environment. Attended reviews and walkthroughs to better understand the Requirement Documents.
  • Used Eclipse IDE for Java coding.
  • Tested and debugged rigorously using JUnit.
  • Performed various operations on database using Oracle 10g.
  • Built the application using ANT.
  • Deployed the application on WebLogic Server.
  • Used SQL queries to perform the back-end testing on Oracle.
  • Worked with users on User Acceptance Testing.
  • Involved in fixing the defects that were logged during testing and also tracking and reporting defects using QC.
  • Used HP Quality Center to report defects and test results.

Environment : Java, JDK, JSP, Eclipse, ANT, Web Logic, Junit, Firebug, SQL, Junit, Firebug, HP Quality Center, Oracle10g and Windows.

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