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Qa Automation Engineer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • 8 + years of hands - on experience in Manual and Automation testing on Client-Server and Web based applications in multiple Domains like E-commerce, Healthcare, Finance, banking and Retail.
  • Expertise in Quality Analysis with strong understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), Defect Life Cycle and object-oriented methodologies (OOPs).
  • Proficient in performing GUI, Functional testing, System testing, Backend testing, Smoke testing, Usability Testing, Validation Testing, Compatibility Testing, Sanity Testing, Exploratory Testing, Security Testing, Regression Testing, Performance Testing/load testing, Mobile testing, API testing, User Acceptance testing (UAT) using manual and automated testing tools.
  • Experience with multiple software development methodologies - including Waterfall, Iterative, V-Model and Agile/Scrum.
  • Experience in preparing Test Strategy, developing Test Plan, Detailed Test Cases, writing Test Scripts by decomposing Business Requirements, and developing Test Scenarios to support quality deliverables.
  • Expert in developing test scripts in Java J2SE using Selenium Web Driver, Selenium RC, Selenium IDE, Selenium GRID test scripts
  • Experience with Automation Testing tools using Selenium web drivers, Quality Center, Win Runner and Load Runner.
  • Experience in Functional Testing tool Quick Test Professional (QTP/UFT)
  • Expertise in debugging production issues and problem solving using Xcode, eclipse IDE and Android SDK (android debug bridge), XCUITest Framework.
  • Experience with XCode , IPA installation and testing for iOS Applications and APK installation and testing for Android applications.
  • Proficient in writing Selenium Web Driver automation scripts in Java, Python, C#, JavaScript using Maven, Cucumber,Ruby and TestNG Automation Testing for Web Applications.
  • Designed and implemented different automation frameworks from Scratch like Page Object Model (POM), Keyword Driven, Data Driven and Hybrid frameworks for multiple projects.
  • Proficient in Bug Severity analysis, Bug tracking system and Bug Reporting. Can prioritize issues based on important, urgent and hot fixes and Proficient in Tracking and Reporting defects using Industry and Internal tracking tools like Quality Center/ Application Life Cycle Management (ALM), Rally, Jira and Bugzilla.
  • Expertise in performing agile testing, review the user stories and participated in Daily Scrum, Iteration Planning and Release Planning meetings.
  • Experience with performance test tools Dynatrace, LoadRunner, Neoload, Locust, JMeter,blazemeter etc
  • Expertise in creating and enhancing test automation scripts using QuickTest Professional, Ranorex, along with Selenium and Coded UI exposure
  • Experienced in setting up of Hadoop cluster, Performance Tuning, Developing Logical & Physical Data Models using HIVE for Analytics, Data lake creation using Hive and Data load management using SQOOP.
  • Proficient in writing Selenium WebDriver automation scripts in JAVA using Junit and TestNGframeworks for Web Applications.
  • Experience in HTML5 (Javascript, CSS3), Swift, Objective C/Xcode with experience in using Media Player Framework, AVFoundation, Core Location, Core Data and push notifications, XML, RSS, JSON, Object Oriented Design Patterns, C, Continuous Integration
  • Expertise in exporting Junit scripts from Selenium IDE to Eclipse Junit Test Suites, creating new JUNIT test cases, modifying the selenium scripts and writing test suites using Junit.
  • Experience in using GIT, MAVEN as build tools to create projects, JAR files, POM.xml with artifacts and dependencies.
  • Implemented page object model automation framework with Java, Selenium WebDriver and Cucumber.
  • Expertise in database testing using DAO and UI Testing, test management tool like Quality Center and Jira.
  • Expertise in Data driven Testing with Data provider annotation, Cross browser testing, Parallel Test execution and Re-run fail test using Selenium WebDriver and TestNG Framework with Extent Reports API - to generate advance reporting in Selenium.
  • Involved in testing applications using SOAP/REST services using SOAP UI. Knowledge on Automated Web Services using SoapUI, REST with knowledge of WSDL, RESTful, eclipse.
  • Experience in Database Testing using SQL Queries with multiple Databases Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and MySQL.
  • Expertise in using Appium for native, hybrid Mobile Application Testing for IOS and Android platforms.
  • Experience in Performance testing tools like JMeter, LoadRunner for performing Unit Level Validation like special characters, uniqueness, invalid input, specified data range, boundary values for account creation.
  • Worked on source version control tools such as Subversion SVN, TFS and Git.
  • Hands on experience in writing core java to access data from outsource files and used OOPs concepts.
  • Exceptional ability to quickly master new concepts, very co-operative team player, good communication skills, interpersonal skills, innovative, self-starter and self-motivated


Testing Tools: Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid, Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber, SOAP UI.

Languages: C, Java, SQL, JavaScript.

Test Approaches: Agile/Scrum, Water Fall Model, SDLC, STLC, Bug Life Cycle

Testing Frameworks: Data Driven, Keyword Driven, Hybrid, TDD, ATDD, TestNG/Junit

Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, XML, JavaScript.

Build Tools: GIT, Maven, Jenkins (Continuous integration)

Bug tracking tools: HP QC/ ALM, Bugzilla, Bug Tracker, JIRA, Rally

Other Tools: Appium (Mobile Testing), Load Runner and JMeter, ReportNG(Reports)

Database: MySQL, Oracle

Operating system: Windows, UNIX, Linux.

Version Control Tools: GIT, SVN, Perforce.


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

QA Automation engineer


  • Extensively involved in all stages of testing life cycle (STLC), Test Driven Development methodologies and Software Development Life cycle (SDLC) using Agile methodology.
  • Executed functional, usability, regression, and automation tests on the application.
  • Performed agile testing, review the stories and participated in Daily Scrum, Iteration Planning and Release Planning meetings.
  • Developed test scripts to automate process of testing in Selenium WebDriver by using Java programming language.
  • Configured Web Driver, TestNG, Maven tool and created selenium automation scripts in Java using TestNG framework and page object model (POM).
  • Experienced in developing and maintain overall test methodology and strategy, Documenting Test plans, Test cases and editing, executing Tests cases and Test scripts Using Manual, Analyzed User Requirements and Technical Specifications.
  • Created Test plan & Script, Defect Management Templates, Created Initial test plan and developed test cases and test scripts manually.
  • Analyzed testing needs, and designed and executed manual scripts, for program to swap set-top box smart cards for models with more robust encryption.
  • Used Firebug, Fire Path to debug, edit and locate the objects based on ID, Name, XPath, CSS Selector, Link, Partial Link, Attributes and Tags.
  • Maintained skills with which to conduct security testing using automated toolsets and develop relevant skills with which to conduct manual penetration testing in one or more of the following domains: Infrastructure, Application, Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry), Wireless and etc
  • Created feature files using Gherkins in Cucumber framework for BDD.
  • Performed manual and selenium IDE script-driven sanity and regression, cross-browser testing to ensure consistency.
  • Gathered requirements, estimated LOE and created functional requirements for key Salesforce projects
  • Involved in Designing and Development of hybrid automation framework using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Identifying objects of App using UI Automator, Appium Inspector tool for Android and Xcuitest driver for ios based devices, Interacted with UI using XCUITest frameworks, edge cases.
  • Performed continuous integration automation testing using Jenkins. Used Jira for issue tracking, and project management functions and used ALM for test execution and defect tracking.
  • Responsible for Writing acceptance test using BDD Cucumber, Java.
  • Developed Back-end Testing using complex queries to retrieve the user information to cross validate in UI and databases.
  • Used VB scripting extensively to automate functional test cases using UFT .
  • Develop applications using Objective C, XCode, Interface Builder, Instruments, Cocoa Touch, and other iOS development tools
  • Designed, setup and maintained Salesforce standard objects, custom objects and junction objects, while also structuring user roles, security profiles and workflow rules.
  • Created and updated users, reports and dashboards to track pipeline/stages for management visibility, while integrating Appex (applications) to Salesforce accounts such as Conga Merge and Outlook.
  • Created a 360 degree view of customer data for a financial client in a Hadoop data lake, Implemented Hadoop multi node cluster on a AWS storage
  • Responsible for managing and reviewing Hadoop log files, Supported MapReduce Programs running on the cluster.
  • Implemented a production ready, load balanced, highly available, fault tolerant Kubernetes infrastructure.
  • Created private cloud using Kubernetes that supports DEV, TEST, and PROD environments.
  • Part of the automation team, used Squish tool for automating regression test cases to avoid cycle time during further releases.
  • Developed a fully automated continuous integration system using Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, MySQL and custom tools developed in Python and Bash.
  • Implemented the modular and data-driven test automation methodologies within the test architecture framework. Used both the Keyword and Expert views using Ranorex tool, Selenium IDE/WebDriver
  • Worked with the Ranorex automation tool by using the Ranorex Recorded, Ranorex Repository, and the Ranorex Spy also evaluated Coded UI with its data driven and assertion capabilities
  • Wrote multiple programs in Python to monitor virtual machine usage data using VMWare API calls.
  • Created Data driven framework for Web Service testing using SOAP UI Pro.
  • Performed Usability, GUI, Functionality, and regression testing of the new builds.
  • As part of compatibility testing, executed the workflow manager web application related test cases on different browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Fire Fox on different Operating Systems (validation).
  • Developed Shell scripts for database backup and recovery using Oracle imp and exp tools.
  • Involved in creating automation test suites for regression testing of web services using SoapUI.
  • The messaging formats included REST based clients with XML and JSON payload.
  • Involved in testing of mobile applications using Appium, used Apache POI to read data from Excel sheet.
  • Involved in performing Back End Database Testing using SQL queries.
  • Involved in Mobile testing includes application testing, test automation for web application. Performed testing of the application on different Mobile platforms like Android, IOS by using Appium.
  • Involved in performance testing using Load Runner to analyze the performance of the application under load.
  • Involved in Daily status calls with Off shore team and guided them in completing their tasks in-time. Worked along with them in resolving issues timely.

Environment: SDLC Agile, Load Runner, Appium, Selenium WebDriver 2.0, TestNG, Java SE 7, Jira, Eclipse, XPath, Cucumber, JSON, JavaScript, UNIX shell, Firebug, Windows 10, Xcode, XCUITest, XML, JSON, Android, IOS, Jenkins, Maven, SOAPUI, page oriented model (POM), SQL.

Confidential, St.Louis, MO

QA Automation engineer


  • Developed automation test suite from scratch with Selenium Web Driver with TestNG with Java for Web app to help in regression testing using page object model (POM) design pattern.
  • Strictly followed agile methodologies.Participated in weekly sprints and daily scrum calls.
  • Involved in creating Test Plan and written Test Cases based on Use Cases and Business Requirements.
  • Efficiently utilized different modules in JIRA for reporting and tracking the defects and communicated issues with the developers for resolving them successfully.
  • Extracted crash logs and internal bug information from programs such as Xcode and Jira.
  • Developed QA processes automation test scripts using Selenium to test Web based user interfaces for different type of browsers.
  • Used Firebug to do web based application testing with Selenium for the commands and locator application.
  • Planned and executed manual tests of change from decimal to hexadecimal protocols.
  • Implemented an in-house knowledge-transfer project that used wiki pages to create testing manuals and details about procedures used to test various Dish applications.
  • Conducted effective security testing with the use of automated/semi-automated toolsets with Nessus, WebInspect.
  • Performed user & administration training sessions for clients to utilize Salesforce and respective programs.
  • Maintained and customized Salesforce.com scopes such as users, roles, profiles, groups, accounts, contacts, record types, sharing rules, custom objects, pick lists and page layout customization to support vital business functions.
  • Managed Kubernetes charts using Helm. Created reproducible builds of the Kubernetes applications, managed Kubernetes manifest files and Managed releases of Helm packages.
  • Written and executed load, volume, and performance test for JAVA based platform using JMeter and uploaded scripts in Blaze Meter and sharing the report to appropriate team.
  • Used the Scaled Agile Framework development methodology along with a Secure DevOps toolset and pipeline for continuous development, test, and integration of containerized microservices.
  • Performed Manual Testing according to software requirement
  • Conducted End-to- End verification and validation for the entire application.
  • Performed Functional Testing and Regression Testing using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Used Soap UI to test REST API's from Scratch by writing Automating Test Scripts.
  • Used Selenium WebDriver to handle various web page controls like textbox, button, dropdown, checkbox, radio button, labels using XPath and other locators.
  • Performed automation evaluation for the Ranorex autmation tool that involved using Recording Code modules
  • Created Shared and Local Object Repositories in Ranorex
  • Configured Salesforce including but not limited to validation rules, workflows, custom labels, custom settings, profiles and permissions
  • Created automation scripts in UFT and made a suite of scripts when needed.
  • Developed native based iPhone applications using Objective C and Swift, XCode, iPhone SDK and Cocoa Touch framework.
  • Wrote a program to use REST API calls to interface with Veeam backup server, and parse output reports of an excel file in python to monitor customer backup usages.
  • Performed modeling for Hive data lake in the Hadoop cluster
  • Involved in GUI testing, Integration testing, Navigation testing and Regression testing using web based application and client-server applications.
  • Facilitated Continuous Integration for scenarios tagged as Sanity & Regression and Continuous Delivery (CICD) including GitHub, Jenkins.
  • Worked with DevOps Tools like Jenkins, Shell script, Chef, Puppet to develop automation and managing servers
  • Developed an automated scripts and frame works using Python, Java, C#, VB Script.
  • Developed BDD tests using Cucumber by writing behaviors and step definitions and developed required Selenium support code in JAVA for Cucumber.
  • Used Selenium Grid, JUnit test scripts to run automated test cases in parallel on 5 environments.
  • Used SVN repository for efficient remote team working, also stored the framework and all the developed test cases.
  • Conducted GUI validations on menu bars, toolbars, textboxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, drop down lists, combo boxes, list boxes etc. using Selenium and Appium both web and mobile platforms.
  • Tracked defects using JIRA and generated defect summary reports.
  • Identified edge cases, test cases to automate, automated those test cases using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Apache POI and Java technologies (Eclipse IDE).
  • Wrote queries in JSON data format to query against Content Service.
  • Involved in writing SQL queries to perform data validation.
  • Developed Test Automation Framework using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Apache POI under Java platform utilizing industry leading harness design patterns and approaches.
  • Extensive testing of browser content and compatibility Tested compatibility of application using HTML IDs and XPath in Selenium.

Environment: Selenium IDE, Selenium Web Driver 2.0, Agile, Appium, JIRA, Kubernetes, Cucumber JMeter, JSON, Grid, Firebug, Apache POI, Java, HTML, CSS, X-path, Windows, GCP, SQL, XCUITest, Maven, SVN, SOAPUI, Cucumber, TestNG.

Confidential, Boston, MA

QA Automation engineer


  • Involved in analyzing FRD and BRD documents obtained from business and utilized Waterfall Methodology for the same.
  • Prepared Test cases and Test plans for new functional modules, participated in Requirement gathering phase with business team for Data migration test.
  • Actively involved in SDLC and STLC process and used tools like Selenium RC/WebDriver.
  • Worked on Selenium IDE, the integrated development environment for Selenium scripts using Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
  • Experience in Writing test plan, test scenarios, test cases, test procedures based on business requirements.
  • Responsible for Regression Testing, Functional testing for web based application.
  • Used Selenium WebDriver with Java plug-in to generate automated test scripts for functional testing, GUI testing and enhancing the existing scripts.
  • Overall optimized workflow, and increased both comprehensibility and potential of clients to utilize SalesForce to the fullest extent.
  • Implemented test automation scripts for mobile testing using Appium for Android and iOS applications
  • Developed automation scripts for Mobile Native applications on iOS and Android platforms using Appium and Java .
  • Implemented Data-driven tests with Ranorex, along with validation using AttributeReg, and Return/GetValue features. Also used the Spy's 'Track' feature to get an Object's properties
  • Executed positive, negative, regression, post Implementation, for web applications, financial systems, and claims manually while maintaining the integrity of the testing data.
  • Tested request and response XML's based web services interfaces using SOAP UI.
  • Performed Regression Testing for every modification made in the application and new builds using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Performed application security testing and penetration testing using Rational Appscan
  • Automated Regression analysis for determining fund returns based on index returns (Python/Excel)
  • Verified backend data validation using SQL, Tested web services based on Data and functions by SOAPUI.
  • Utilized LoadRunner to regularly test performance life cycles and developed load scripts for the same.
  • Involved in Functionality, User Interface, and Regression testing during the various phases of development using TestNG framework.
  • Performed data accuracy, data validation and data integrity testing by querying the database using SQL queries to check the data table on server.
  • Developed Page Object Model Design Selenium framework on TestNG Platform.
  • Used Build Management tool Maven in the framework for batch triggering of Test cases.
  • Performed Unit testing before executing test scripts, Smoke testing to validate critical functionalities of the system and GUI Testing.
  • Involved in API Testing in RESTFUL web services using web services testing tool.
  • Reviewed test plans, test cases and test scripts to ensure consistency with functional requirements designed automated tests, created automated test cases, test plans and executed tests using Selenium.
  • Wrote and executed automated test cases using Selenium WebDriver to automate manual testing solutions.
  • Created tests that have no user interaction as a set and executed them as Batch tests using Jenkins.
  • Performed functional tests using Selenium WebDriver with data driven framework and documented final results in a database
  • Executed test scripts using Selenium Web Driver and analyzed the test results
  • Involved in Functional testing and Regression testing performed on every new build of the application.
  • Developed page library as part of modular framework implementation in automation.
  • Maintained and executed GIT build files for running automated test cases along with Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins.
  • Reported and tracked the bugs to closure using JIRA.

Environment: Selenium WebDriver 2.0, Java, TestNG, Jenkins, JIRA, SOAPUI, Firefox, Eclipse, Linux, AWS, Oracle, GIT, Firebug.

Confidential, Memphis, TN

Jr. QA engineer


  • Heavily communicated with its Owners, Stakeholders, Project managers, Developers, and End Users as a liaison to analyze and identify correct requirements for system to be developed.
  • Involved in early Stages of projects to ensure input into testing can be translated into test plans and test cases.
  • Conducted regular meetings with Development Teams and its Stakeholders for creating status report of the project and provide the estimated completion date.
  • Involved in Agile Methodologies to create dynamic system by defining quick prototype which defines the requirements for iterations, develops code, and results.
  • Participated various types of sessions with end-users, clients, stakeholders and development team such as Joint Application Development (JAD), Rapid Application Development (RAD), and Joint Requirement Planning (JRP).
  • Involved in preparing the high-level Test Plan and developed Test Cases in accordance with the functional specifications.
  • Performed Functional and Regression testing using HP UFT QTP .
  • Reviewed the test cases /executions done by the team.
  • Preparing Weekly Status Reports/Daily Status reports.
  • Coordinated with business users on the test script review and sign-off.
  • Used Quality Center for executing test sets, collecting test results, and analyzing the data.
  • Involved in Bug Review meetings and participated in weekly meetings with management team.
  • Planned and executed Backend Testing using numerous SQL Queries to verify the dataflow from the database
  • Profound knowledge in Manual Testing (using QC) and Automation Testing.
  • Having knowledge in testing Windows and Web applications.
  • Extensive experience in manual test case design and execution and automation test execution/modification.
  • Experience in both Waterfall (Software Development Life Cycle -SDLC) and V model.
  • Extensively executed SQL Queries on database tables to verify the database.
  • Using QC, logged all the defects and Informed to the teams.
  • Involved in User Acceptance Test (UAT) in test and production environment.
  • Entered Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Expected Results in test management tool. Created and tracked defects in JIRA.
  • Prepared daily/ weekly status reports on Test case execution, defects etc.
  • Expertise in test management tool like Quality Center and HP-ALM.
  • Involved in GUI, Functional, Regression testing and System testing.

Environment: XML, SOAP UI, HP QC 10, Waterfall, SQL, GUI, HTML, MS Visio, Windows XP.

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