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Senior Analyst Quality Assurance Resume

Chicago, IL


  • Worked with product owners and developers to help clarify story requirements, review test strategies, create and execute test cases and report defects.
  • Created and identified test cases for use in regression.
  • Created test tools and automation frameworks using python, C, bash shell, Java, and Selenium.
  • Verified the integrity and flow of data in data pipelines and data warehouses.


Operating Systems: Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OSX

Languages and Development: Python, Java, bash shell, C++, and Maven.

Test Frameworks: TestNG, Selenium

Test Case Management: TestRail

Agile tools: Jira

Testing Environment: White Box, Blackbox and API level

DBMS: SQL Server

Source Control: Mercurial, Git, Bitbucket


Senior Analyst Quality Assurance

Confidential, Chicago, IL


  • Tested front end of application that provided access to patient data to care givers and health care professionals. Verified reports generated by the applications that provided information on how well providers were meeting their targets regarding patient care by querying the data at the backend.
  • Verified that correct transformation and error correction was applied to 837i, 837p, and HL7 files as the data in the files went through several transformations from raw file format to the final stage upon which the data was loaded into the different SQL tables and available to front end applications.
  • Tested the XML engine that processed patient data to determine compliance and eligibility for the different patient care programs and verified results at the backend.
  • Using Java, Maven, Selenium and TestNG created proof of concept for automation going forward.

Senior Test Engineer

Confidential, Fremont, CA


  • Performed validation of the features of the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller such as the Java and ActiveX Remote Presence client viewers.
  • Verified the creation of the iDRAC default s and s obtained from a third party issuer. Using openssl validated the s, and verified the functionality of the s on different browsers, OS’s and clients. Also created and validated pkcs12 s.
  • Performed testing of functionality of the iDRAC Web GUI and testing of the features of the remote presence client for both Java and Active X.

Senior QA Test Development Engineer

Confidential, Sunnyvale, California


  • Reviewed PRDs and engineering documents, collaborated with development engineers, project management and the end users to define, implement and execute test cases, report defects, and saw defects to their resolution.s
  • Using Perl and shell scripts, retrieved, analyzed, validated, and presented the data.
  • Validated data on the grid by performing SQL queries and joins on the source tables using a subset of the data and then verifying the result against the data on the grid using Hadoop commands.
  • Validated the integrity of data uploaded to the Oracle Financials using Oracle 10gSQL, for the different time zones and regions so that managers at the different regions had access to accurate daily and monthly reports.

Senior Quality Engineer

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA


  • Using a Perl test harness, prepared, configured and loaded the OCAP software on the boxes. Using the test harness's IDE environment created and documented scenarios consisting of sequence of infrared commands to test the functionality of the Set top box. Test scenarios were rom the harness to the set - top boxes via the RedRatTM IR Net Box Pro.

Quality Assurance Engineer

Confidential, Scotts Valley, CA


  • Performed testing of the functionality of Confidential Browser.
  • Using the automated test tool - Test Complete, automated the testing of certain browser features such as security handling, testing of various protocols such as http, ftp and email functionality.
  • Using Apache and Perl, created a standalone demo to demonstrate the rich features of the Confidential portals that the chief executive of Confidential would use to demonstrate to potential investors.

Senior Quality Engineer

Confidential, Cupertino, CA


  • Performed testing of the ColorSync framework and the Color Sync API calls. Migrated test tools that were developed using C++ to the Cocoa environment and Objective C. Tested the implementation by third party vendors and Confidential of ColorSync in their products primarily printers, and helped diagnose and troubleshoot issues.
  • Validated the functionality of the Image Capture Framework API calls by developing a test tool with a GUI interface using Cocoa and Objective C. .

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