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Quality Control Lead Resume

Billerica, MA


A result - oriented team player with core strengths in software testing, requirements' management and the development of a testing process.


Software: C++/ C, Visual Basic, C#, Ada, HDF5

Hardware: Personal Computers, Sun/HP UNIX Workstations, Motion Controller Devices, MPC8260 RISC Microprocessor and IBM STB04xxx PowerPC Microprocessor

Platforms: Samsung Android Phones, Linux/UNIX (Ubuntu, Debian and other distributions), VMware Virtualization; Windows, VAX/VMS

Scripting: Bash, C-Shell, Perl, JavaScript

Tools: Redmine Bug tracking system, Jenkins, Android Debugger (ADB), MS Office Suite Subversion, AccuRev, automatos, konductor, Eclipse, Make, GCC, VMWare, BuildForge, BMC Remedy Bug Tracking System, GDB, CVS, DOORS, SQL, Visual Studio, Microsoft Visio, ClearCase, UML

Standards/Regulations: N42.48, ISO 9001, MIL-STD-1553, MIL-STD-1553B, CMM/CMMI, FDA 21 CFR 11, FDA 21 CFR 820, ISO 13485:2003, ISO-14971

Design Models: Waterfall, Agile


Confidential, Billerica, MA

Quality Control Lead


  • Setup their Linux environment with the many features of their application, which required to functionally test the product indoors/outdoors with different radiation sources
  • Verified software requirements by understanding and creating of test/verification plans
  • Wrote new and edited requirements for their Network Detection System application and established a requirement process
  • Instrumental in developing a manual testing process leading into an automated one especially for regression testing
  • Established an inventory system containing smartphone and detector information along with sign outs so I know where equipment is
  • Kept track of our hardware lab devices where I loaded software versions to test; not just on the smartphone but their Base Control Unit and server
  • Performed a continuous improvement process

Confidential, Basking Ridge, NJ

Technology Lead


  • Performed software development, lead validation and applied technical proficiency.
  • Updated transaction software utilizing C and the VAX/VMS platform at a task in Enfield, CT
  • Interfaced with key stakeholders and developed/tested C++ software in Linux at a task in Woonsocket, RI

Confidential, Ayer, MA

Senior Software Engineer


  • Performed software development for a Coast Guard project in Ubuntu Linux.
  • Developed and tested C++ software in a Linux environment utilizing JIRA as our bug tracking tool

Confidential, Hopkinton, MA

Configuration Specialist


  • Performed software migration from multiple legacy Software Configuration Management (SCM) Systems to AccuRev, along with creating tools to aid with software migration.
  • Performed software merging of code throughout VNX/VNXe product family, resulting in products with software in 1 configuration management system, allowing for ease of building and maintenance
  • Assisted with successful software merging by creating several tools in Perl, enabling quicker and a more consistent process. For web browsers/services, used JavaScript.
  • Tested/built/analyzed new releases of VNX/VNX2/VNXe products, resulting in easier maintenance utilizing Perl for manual testing and automatos/konductor for automatic testing
  • Carried out a build/release process

Confidential, Hudson, MA

Virtual Software Engineer


  • Developed, integrated and performed system testing for a new chip.
  • Created virtual testing environment on Windows, utilizing SIMICS (a full-system simulator used to simulate computer systems) for development of a new chip, enabling faster design
  • Developed more efficient method to test products by creating a Linux driver for Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus and register system testing

Confidential, Wilmington, MA

Manufacture Software Engineer


  • Assembled and wrote manufacturing documentation and created software for medical product.
  • Created C# GUIs for calibration developing a method for testing the product
  • Developed manufacturing documents effectively maintaining production of the product

Confidential, Woburn, MA

Software Analyst/Senior Systems Engineer


  • Recognized for analyzing, researching, updating and completing many code modules before scheduled deadlines
  • Collaborated with team by splitting up tasks into manageable units resulting in maintainable code and reviews
  • Held regular software reviews with peers, successfully merging 2 radar simulators into 1 radar simulator
  • Tested the software for unit and integration testing via manual testing techniques utilizing C++ routines

Confidential, Maynard, MA

Senior Software Engineer


  • Reduced time data dictionary was created from 8 - 9 hours to 3 - 4 hours
  • Instructed users in data dictionary creation by adding error processing and documentation in real-time Object Oriented (OO) design, resulting in better user understanding
  • Determined HDF5 could not be chosen for alternating recording task, due to results showing timing slowed because there was no Ada API
  • Provided additional X-Band Radar (XBR) simulation runs and regression tests for project deliveries

Confidential, Cambridge, MA

Senior Software Engineer


  • Developed, tested, integrated, and documented Visual Basic code for an electro-optic communication project and created embedded real-time C code for Airborne Laser Program.
  • Reduced integration time by developing a test harness to test software; created a Software Test Plan (STP) and Software Test Description (STD)
  • Provided software design/implementation, software/hardware integration, and product field support for a machine vision (wavefront sensing) product
  • Manually tested software using C routines

Confidential, Marlborough, MA

Software Engineer


  • Developed standard software processes and related assets for software design phases of micro/small programs.
  • Reduced document writing time by instituting templates, using the Software Engineering Institute ( Confidential ) Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI), providing a software process standard, enabling micro/small programs not having to take time off during projects to write required documentation
  • Developed/designed/integrated and manually tested C++, Visual Basic and Ada software for embedded communication projects.
  • Reduced false results by improving verification/test by writing C++ code for in-house designed embedded broadband satellite modem cards to obtain internet
  • Created several screen displays for customer by designing, developing, and integrating Visual Basic software, displaying digital radio status, resulting in execution radio control to send and receive radio status data
  • Implemented high-level detail design, coding, and test on Windows NT utilizing VxWorks by designing, developing and integrating C++ software for embedded digital radio, resulting in voice communication
  • Generated consistent data throughout system by designing, developing, and integrating Ada software for real-time embedded satellite telecommunication system, increasing efficiency of product

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