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Qa lead Resume

White Plains, NY


  • Managed multiple projects and experienced personnel across different geographies.
  • Created and implemented automation strategies, QA metrics to manage and reduce cycle times and reduce defect slippage.
  • Experience in building and managing automation teams.
  • Implemented various process improvement initiatives to bring efficiency and reduce communication gaps
  • Expertise in Six Sigma Concepts with Green Belt Certification
  • Worked in different SDLC methodologies including agile environments
  • Expertise in QA practices, including verification and validation strategies, automated and manual testing
  • Expertise and technical leadership in areas of Client/Server Applications Technologies using Networking protocols, Unix Internals, Databases and System Administration
  • Experience in various areas of SDLC like Development, QA, Release Management, product implementation, performance fine - tuning and post production support.


Operating System: UNIX (SOLARIS, HP-UX, SCO and OSF), Linux(RH5, RH6), Windows (98/NT, 2000, XP, 2008,7)

Languages: Java, C, C++, C#, X- Windows, Shell Scripting, Perl, HTML, VB Script, AWK and Sed

RDBMS: SQL Server, ORACLE, Sybase, Informix and MySQL

DBA Skills: Informix, SQL Server

Webserver: iPlanet, Apache and WebSphere, IIS

Web Technologies: HTML, XML, JSON, REST, ATOM, JQuery

Version Control: Clear Case, CVS, PVCS, Perforce, SVN

Storage Managers: Legato, ISM

Communication Protocols: TCP/IP, X.25, UDP, ICMP, IPV6

Automated Testing Tools: Winrunner, QTP and Soap UI

Test Management Tools: HP Quality Center

Debugging Tools: Debugger, dbx, xdb, gdb& Trace

Code Analysis Tools: Bulls Eye, Coverity, Parallocity

Continuous Integration: Jenkins

Agile Project Management: Version 1, XPlanner

IDE: Visual Studio, Eclipse, Spring

Messaging Middleware: RabbitMQ


Confidential, White Plains, NY

QA Lead


  • Created the tools and automation team spanning multiple geographies, which was involved in development and maintenance of tools and automation suites for the Smarts product line.
  • Architected the automation strategy and created an automation environment from ground up.
  • Managed the automation development efforts gathering the requirement, managing risks and priorities, increasing functional coverage and efficient allocation of resources.
  • Initiated process improvement project to testing process that translated into soft savings of more than $450,000 a year for QA alone and enabled in more efficient use of resources.
  • Standardized the QE processes for better efficiency by defining well defined entry and exit criteria.
  • Developed a Quality Metrics program to facilitate clear risk assessment and data driven decision making
  • Perform year end appraisals for team members and mentor them as needed.
  • Streamlined manual and performance testing for various products, defect tracking and co-ordination with development teams for fixes.
  • Managed the day to day development and testing of the product using automated test suites developed using the product API and QTP scripts.

Confidential, Norwalk, CT

QA Lead


  • Created and implemented the automation strategy to leverage existing tools available and increase team performance for Call Processing System application.
  • Developed test suite automation increasing product testing coverage using Java and WinRunner.
  • Duties include manual and automated testing for integration and performance,
  • Set up and maintenance of the test environment, enforce quality standards, defect tracking, work with customer support and development in resolving Customer Issues, development of test suites and Test cases, Document Review
  • Implemented source code control for development using CVS.

Confidential, Edison, NJ

QA Lead


  • Co-coordinated and streamlined the process of Software Releases at various stages of the Vendor Flow Decisioning product.
  • Duties included enforcing documentation
  • Manage source code and version control on all the files that go into a Software Release.
  • Assisted in planning and implementation of standards, coordinate & oversaw defect tracking and stress testing of across various Informix Servers for Kernel Connectivity Testing of Informix Server & Network Backbone & Portal Testing projects. Lead the QA Development and testing of the product
  • Developed new modules to extract the needed data from the database and feed them to crystal reports for report generation for Abacus Visual Scripts (AVS) project.
  • Involved in development of the module that automatically puts the bar code for addresses in all outgoing mail according the USPS specifications for CSS - Postal bar-coding project.


QA Lead


  • Lead development of the local server module using network protocols like TCP/IP, UDP etc. for the Central Exception Monitor & Fully Automated Transfer System
  • Duties include managing development of modules for front-end, implementation, post production support and deployment of product on to various production environments.

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