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Qa Tester Resume

Portland, ME


  • Five years of software design/testing experience in an avionics environment.
  • Two years of software design/testing experience working on Medicaid government contracts.
  • Software Verification team lead experience on a major avionics project.


LANGUAGES: C, C++, Java, SQL, Pro*C, Bash



OTHER: Eclipse, MySQL, Merant tools, SVN, DOORS, MS Access


Confidential - Portland, ME

QA Tester


  • Performed acceptance and regression testing of business and mobile websites for Hide & Speak™, a software product that connects business owners with customers.
  • Performed acceptance and regression testing of NoteKeep™, a note-keeping desktop application for use on Windows.
  • Performed major update of 73-page user manual for phase 2 development of NoteKeep application.
  • Developed images for use in NoteKeep website and application install module. Designed NoteKeep marketing materials and buttons for application interface.
  • Designed logo and marketing materials for Hide & Speak.
  • Use of Adobe Photoshop for design-related work.

Confidential - Eagan, MN

Software & Test Engineer


  • Worked a case file for Confidential ’s MicroEarts system software, an en route automated tracking system in place at smaller FAA Air Traffic Control centers. Provided the design for an enhancement to MDN, MicroEarts’ Java-based database generation program used in the maintenance of the site adaptation file, a large text file with data that can be adjusted per airport. Redesigned MDN to draw a new ADS-B-based map from data in this file and to allow the operator to create this new map via keyboard entry.
  • Tracked software bugs and performed maintenance fixes of Confidential ’s MicroEarts system software. Work includes fixing display software to enable multiple Radar Suppression Maps to be displayed at a remote display, enabling MDN to display an ADS-B map so its vertices are made up of the four corners of the system plane, and fixing MDN to continue functioning when attempting to create a polygon representing an airport terminal when there are no terminal polygons defined for that airport in the site adaptation file (an illegal function).
  • Tracked software bugs and performed maintenance fixes of Confidential ’s Common Arts system software in place at larger FAA Air Traffic Control centers. Modified Replay, a system function designed to play back recorded air traffic data at a terminal display so that system resets are properly displayed. Fixed the Continuous Data Recording function (CDR) on an RGW (a backup processor) to properly scratch all data on a full or offline disk.
  • Created design and test documentation for submission to FAA for all maintenance fixes. Performed unit-level solution testing using multi-generational FAA TRACON hardware.
  • Performed specific FAA-directed tasks, to include updating and enhancing the FAA’s procedure for transitioning a TAMR site from one software build to another using only Confidential ’s Software Downloader.
  • Performed peer-level design and development reviews and unit testing of peer test plans.
  • Use of C, Java, Eclipse, and Linux.

Confidential - Frankfort, KY

Software & Test Engineer


  • Developed software within EDS’ Medicaid claims-processing project.
  • Modified a claims processing module written in C/Pro*C to correctly process mass adjustment claims. Modified program to retain the current mass adjustment claims’ ‘error’ and ‘explanation of benefit’ XML nodes so that they appear as current nodes on the claim and are processed correctly through the claims engine.
  • Modified several claims processing modules written in C/Pro*C to correctly process mass adjustment claims with respect to Medicaid recipient and provider eligibility. Modified modules to obtain the original claim’s Medicaid recipient and provider information on the mass adjustment claim in case the relevant provider and/or recipient-specific information have been updated since the time the original claim processed.
  • Performed unit testing for each project. Created test plan and other associated documentation.
  • Use of C, Pro*C, Oracle, SQL, and Solaris.

Confidential - Milwaukee, WI

Software Verification & Test Engineer, Team Lead

  • Lead testing activities of team working on Server component of a proprietary aircraft software system. Scheduled test activities, tracked testing progress, mentored team members, and reported testing status to Verification Supervisor.
  • Developed test cases, test procedures, and test applications in accordance with DO-178B standards to test three Level D software components of proprietary aircraft software system, to include the location service, middleware, and OS components. Wrote test applications in C and Bash scripting language.
  • Performed white and black box regression testing at scheduled times to test system code fixes and new functionality.
  • Debugged software and reported software bugs to developers as indicated by failed test results. Used Merant Tracker to report software or system defects.
  • Reviewed requirements documents for quality and clarity, reporting problems as necessary. Updated test documentation using DOORS and Merant Version Manager.
  • Use of C, Linux, UNIX, and Bash scripting language.

Confidential - El Paso, TX

Information Analyst


  • Modified a drug pricing program written in C/Pro*C for EDS’ Pharmacy Benefit Management Medicaid project. Wrote several modules to adjust program to undergo a different drug update process.
  • Tested an EDI application designed for health care providers for use in submitting electronic pharmacy claims. Submitted test claims through an EDI interface, ran claims in batch form on a UNIX server, analyzed response files generated for errors, and logged appropriate defects.
  • Performed front-end user acceptance testing for EDS’ Call Tracking Management System (CTMS) subsystem for user interface and data processing errors. Helped create training documentation of CTMS features.
  • Created technical documentation for all software defects and test cases.
  • Use of C, Pro*C, Oracle, SQL, and Solaris.

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