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Sdet/qa Selenium Tester Resume

Mooresville, NC


  • Over 7 plus years of experience as an Automation Test Engineer and Manual Tester. Worked in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), Acceptance Testing Life Cycle including Implementation, Documentation, and Testing on internet - based e-business, in the domains of Health Care, Airlines, E-Commerce.
  • Experience in all phases of the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Bug life cycle.
  • Worked on Waterfall and Agile techniques like Scrum and performed Gap Analysis, Business Requirement Document, User Acceptance, and Use case scenario document.
  • Experienced in formulating Test Plans, Test cases, Test Scenarios, Test Approach and set up the testing environment.
  • Expertise in different types of testing like Automation testing, Manual testing, Integration testing, System testing, Smoke testing, Regression testing, Performance testing, Functional testing, Database testing, GUI testing, Web / UI and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Well conversant with the implementation from scratch and practical hands-on experience in different types of frameworks like Keyword Driven, Data Driven, Hybrid, Page Object Model (POM).
  • Knowledge of Hybrid framework and performed Data-driven testing to validate the components displayed on the website using Selenium.
  • Knowledge of data-driven framework using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG.
  • Sound knowledge in writing automation scripts using Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Cucumber, Gherkin, Features, Scenarios, Scenario Outlines, Steps, and Step Definitions.
  • Profound Knowledge in designing and working with Test Driven Development(TDD) Approach.
  • Designed the automationframework using C# .NET and JAVA automation scripts.
  • Experience in working with open source tools such as Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Web Driver, Selenium Grid, Cucumber, JUnit, JIRA and Eclipse.
  • Experience testing SOA with Restful/SOAP Web Services and api using automation approach.
  • Expertise in developing test scripts using Selenium WebDriver executed automated test scripts & analyzed the results.
  • Participated in Stand-up meeting, walkthrough meeting, weekly automation meeting with all other QA, weekly assessment meetings with business analysts and developers.
  • Worked on Continuous Integration Process using Jenkins, TestNG, and Maven.
  • Expertise in Grouping of Test Cases, Test Methods and Test Suites for regression and functional testing using the TestNG annotations like Groups, Parameter, Data Provider.
  • Design & Develop data-driven framework from scratch using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Apache POI API and Page Object Model Design Pattern.
  • Extensively used XPath, Regular expression and classes to perform UI actions. Exported output/reports for all automated testing results.
  • Integrated successfully build deployment tools like Jenkins, Maven with Selenium Automation frameworks for nightly regressions.
  • Experienced in writing SQL queries for backend testing and validation of data.
  • Worked in the cross-domain application and able to identify the flow of data between different application in domains and its dependency.
  • Excellent skill in finding bugs and over defect management, Expertise in documenting defects with a high level of detail, accuracy, and informative recreation steps using TFS and JIRA.


Test Approaches: Waterfall, Agile/Scrum, SDLC, STLC, Bug Life Cycle

Testing Tools: Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, Junit, Cucumber, Restful, SoapUI

Test Build & Integration Tools: Maven, Jenkins

Frameworks: Keyword Driven, Data Driven, Hybrid, Page Object Model (POM)

Databases: MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access

Defect Tools: Team Foundation Server (TFS), JIRA, ALM

Programming Languages: C#, JAVA, Gherkin

Markup Languages: HTML, XML, XPath

Operating Systems: Windows, LINUX

Browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari

Utilities: Visual Studio, IntelliJ, Eclipse, GIT, Source Tree, FirePath, MS Office Suite


Confidential, Mooresville, NC

SDET/QA Selenium Tester


  • Responsible for preparation of Test cycle/progress reports, analysis of defect metrics & implement improvement actions for next iterations.
  • Performed different testing task using various test scripts on Selenium WebDriver and Nunit.
  • Developed test code in C# language using Visual Studio IDE and NUnit framework.
  • Involved in designing and implementing of hybrid automation framework to be used with Selenium WebDriver.
  • Development of a software automation testing framework using Microsoft Test Manager, Microsoft Visual Studio and C#.
  • Used C# language and NUnit framework for scripting.
  • Designed and executed the Automation Test Scripts using Selenium WebDriver and Nunit.
  • Designed and Developed UAT Regression automation script and Automation of functional testing framework for all modules using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Performed Data-driven testing using Selenium WebDriver, Nunit functions.
  • Involved in Restful API and web services Testing using Postman.
  • Performed Smoke Testing to make sure all the Test Channels and Test Environment is working as desired.
  • Extensively used Page Objects design and page navigation framework for readable test script and easy maintenance from developer perspectives.
  • Performed Behavior Driven Development/BDD testing using Specflow and Gherkin.
  • Responsible for creating the functional testing framework using NUnit and using Selenium WebDriver to automate the UI components.
  • Used Selenium WebDriver and NUnit to run the parallel testing.
  • Used Selenium WebDriver used to test search results of the Metasearch engine.
  • Responsible for fixing and maintaining regression test automation scripts for an end to end testing using Selenium WebDriver (using C#).
  • Involved manual testing of various test cases with respective test scripts on Selenium.
  • Coordinated for conducting white box testing.
  • Conducted backend testing using SQL queries to validate data for database and Used SQL queries for retrieving data from database for executing user-specific test cases.
  • Defect logging and tracking using TFS and updated the test defects status with results.
  • Closely involved with the development team, maintenance team and the business team regarding changing requirements, builds and releases.

Environment: C#, Selenium WebDriver, JavaScript, Specflow, Jenkins, NUnit, XML, DHTML, Postman, SQL, TFS, SQL Server, Windows.

Confidential, Rocky Hill, CT

SDET/QA Automation


  • Involved in analyzing system specifications, design, development, and execution of test plans and test cases for Manual and Automated Testing.
  • Used Agile framework and SCRUM methodology to successfully drive this complex project to completion within targeted deadlines.
  • Actively participated in Sprint planning, sprint backlogs, and retrospectives.
  • Used OOPS concepts in JAVA extensively.
  • Developed middle-tier business logic for Core file parsing.
  • Compared the Integration Testing Status of the Actual test results against predetermined expected results.
  • Wrote Smoke Tests, Acceptance Tests and used Postman tool for Automated Testing of REST API’s and Web Services.
  • Set up the Jenkins server and build jobs to provide automated builds based on pulling the GIT source control system.
  • Used Log4j to provide central logging facility, comes under singleton design pattern and used to monitor the error logs.
  • Created stored procedures, triggers and user-defined functions to handle complex business rules.
  • Resolved database inconsistency with better design and efficient SQL queries.
  • Prioritized Test Cases according to Sprints. Handled and Supported team in frameworks design and troubleshooting.
  • Designed Automation Test cases using Selenium WebDriver, Java, JUnit, Maven, and TestNG.
  • Designed Data Driven Framework, Page Object Model from scratch using Selenium WebDriver and TestNG and defined dependencies using Maven.
  • Involved in GUI, Functional, Regression, Integration and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Performed web services Testing with Postman by validating request and response for XML, JSON files.
  • Integrated Automation scripts (Selenium WebDriver API) in Continuous Integration tools (Jenkins) for the nightly batch run of the Script.
  • Conducted end-to-end Testing on applications and technology, to ensure that business, technical, functional requirements met throughout the SDLC.
  • Performed System Acceptance Testing, Regression Testing, GUI Testing, and Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing during the releases and communicated with the developers to resolve any technical issues
  • Developed Selenium scripts in TestNG for parameterization using Data Provider annotation.
  • Involved in Maven configuration for running servers and scripts after the build.
  • Used Jenkins as a continuous integration server to run automated test suites
  • Logged and managed defects using JIRA defect management tool.
  • Performed Backend Testing using SQL queries to validate the data in the backend.

Environment: Selenium WebDriver, BDD, Jenkins, Cucumber, Postman, Maven, Junit, TestNG, Jira, Eclipse, Java, SQL Server, Git.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH



  • Involved in analyzing Business Requirement Documents and Technical Specification document and developed a test plan and test cases for testing the application.
  • Tested independent and dependent modules individually. Prepared Test Matrix to keep track of the requirements and the test cases.
  • Define, develop, and execute automation test scripts using C# that leverage black and white box testing across functional, non-functional and performance testing.
  • Created an automation framework in Selenium WebDriver using behavior driven (BDD) approach like Specflow.
  • Integrated Automation scripts (Selenium WebDriver API) in Continuous Integration tools (Jenkins) for the nightly batch run of the Script.
  • Developed test automation scripts using Selenium WebDriver for regression and performance testing of the various releases of the application.
  • Performed manual testing of each build and then regression testing on each build using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Performed UI testing and front end testing using Selenium.
  • Worked on Cross Browser testing through Selenium WebDriver by testing the website on different browsers like Chrome, IE, and Firefox.
  • Developed Test Framework in Selenium for UI Regression Test Automation and when necessary, and potentially execute Unit Test automation (C#).
  • Done SOA testing for Payments API using Postman and C# framework for web services testing.
  • Developed data-driven test scripts to check the same functionality with multiple sets of data.
  • Used NUnit Annotations in Selenium WebDriver and executed a batch of tests as NUnit suite.
  • Performed Assertions like Schema Compliance, XPath and SOAP responses.
  • Developed Selenium scripts in NUnit for parameterization using Data Provider annotation.
  • Conducted System Testing and User Acceptance Testing for every client and Conducted Backend testing writing extensive SQL queries.
  • Checked the data flow through the front end to backend and used SQL queries, to extract the data from the SQL Server database.
  • Analyzed the business requirements, developed test plans and created test cases in Quality center, a test management tool.

Environment: C#, Selenium WebDriver, Specflow, NUnit, Jenkins, Postman, SQL Server, IE, Firefox, Chrome, Windows, UNIX.

Confidential, Fort Worth, TX

Quality Analyst


  • Analyzed and reviewed Business and Functional Requirements documents and Use Case documents.
  • Contributed in regular status meetings to state any bugs, problems and risks.
  • Involved in the complete QA Lifecycle activities like Pre-testing phase, Acceptance Testing Phase, Testing Phase and also in User Acceptance Testing.
  • Designed and developed automated scripts for functional, regression, sanity and integration testing using automation tool Selenium.
  • Builtautomationscripts using Data driven Framework and TestNG and JUnit Framework and conducted usingSelenium.
  • Worked with the functionality and Regression testing cycles of major product releases by developing test suites usingSeleniumWeb Driver.
  • Created and maintained Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) to ensure all the requirements are covered.
  • Established and maintained test cases and test data in Quality Center (QC).
  • Used Quality Center (QC) to maintained defect repository and followed the bug life cycle until the bugs are fixed or closed.
  • Wrote SQL queries to retrieve the information from the databases to check whether the data has been updated.
  • Used Oracle PL/SQL queries to perform Update, Delete, Insert and Join functions.
  • Developed and executed several SQL queries in SQL Server as part of backend testing and involved in data validation and verifying data-integrity and also to check the data flow between different Systems.
  • Extensively worked on validating data loads during ETL process.
  • Investigated and determined root cause of issues by reporting defects utilizing HP Quality Center and JIRA to maintain defects and check defect status.
  • Implemented test schedule, tracked defects and assigned them to developers based on their priority.
  • Verified that the Software Quality Assurance Standards are met throughout all phases of development.
Environment: AGILE, Quality Center (QC), PL/ SQL, MS SQL, SOAPUI, Oracle, Selenium Web Driver, Selenium IDE, JIRA, JUnit, TestNG

Confidential, Richardson, TX

QA Analyst


  • Created and maintain test plans, testing schedule and report defects using Quality Center (QC).
  • Executed and Debugged the Automated Scripts and conduct Peer Reviews using QTP.
  • Execute Manual Test Cases by using positive and negative data inputs. Reported results and defects in TestDirector.
  • Wrote and executed automated Data-Driven Test using QTP.
  • Analyzed the defects and coordination with the development Team to solve the problems using Defect tracking.
  • Coordinate with Developers for defect analysis and performing Regression Testing.
  • Test the data using SQL queries on the target data.
  • Attended Analysis walkthrough meeting and analyze the Test process for bimonthly Release.
  • Performed background testing in a UNIX environment.
  • Developed Test cases as per Test Plan and execute them as appropriate.
  • Handle High severity issues on priority.

Environment: SQL, QTP, Quality Center, Agile, MS SQL Server, MS Office

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