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Performance Tester Resume

Alameda, CA


  • Over 6 years of experience in the field of performance testing, engineering, automation and virtualization.
  • Proficient in developing and executing high quality Test Strategy/Test Plans, Test suites, Test Scenarios, Test cases, test data, test scripts and test metrics/dashboards.
  • Experienced with extensivemanualtestingweb based applications.
  • Co - ordinate with developers, business analysts, and user representatives in application design and document reviews.
  • Proficient at performing Database/Back-endTestingand data manipulation using SQL.
  • Experience in Performance testing tools like HPLoadRunner.
  • Strong knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies such as Agile, SCRUM and waterfall models.
  • Wide exposure in SoftwareDevelopmentLife Cycle (SDLC), Functional, Regression, Integration, Re-testing, End-to-EndTesting.
  • Experienced in working with stakeholders at all levels of an enterprise from executive management to development and operational support teams.
  • Experience in writing System test plans, defining test cases, developing and maintaining test scripts and Documenting all phases of QA process.
  • Extensive hands-on in LoadRunner protocols such as web(http/html), web services, web (click and script), Oracle (NCA), and Oracle Web Application 11i protocols.
  • Used performance counters withinLoadRunnerfor monitoring windows resources, UNIX/Sun Solaris resources using Network monitors, Web Servers (Apache).
  • Performed Load Testing by generating Vusers using LoadRunner.
  • Created automated test scripts using LoadRunner.
  • Parameterized the data values using the .dat files in VUGen Scripts.
  • Developed the Load Test scripts using the LoadRunner Virtual User Generator (VUGen) and enhanced the scripts by including transactions, parameterize the constant values and correlating the dynamic values.
  • Enhanced the script to remove the wasted time in on-line graphs in the LoadRunner controller and in transaction response time graphs in LoadRunner analysis.
  • Conducted testing on the servers using LoadRunner to establish the load capacity of the server.
  • End to End Performance Analyst specializing in monitoring, configuring and tuning applications for optimal performance, additionally competent in front end client, backend database and network performance tuning.
  • Experience in coordination with clients and different vendors independently and efficiently throughout the project.
  • Involved in documentation of the performance test/Recommendations at various level of testing and report the impact of performance issues within the system to the clients.
  • Experienced in using Visual Studio, SQL Server Queries, MySQL, NoSQL, Word, Excel.


Operating system: Windows2000, 2007, 2008, 2010 Windows NT, AIX, UNIX

Databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle.

Languages: Visual Basic, Oracle, C, C++, Java Script, SQL, XML, C #.

Testing tool: LoadRunner (12, 11.5, 11, 9.5, 9.1, 8.0/7.5), WinRunner, HP ALM, HP Performance Center.

Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall, RUP, CMM, TQM, Quality Assurance


Confidential, Alameda, CA

Performance Tester


  • Test Oversight-Performed Test Oversight and Test Planning on all phases ofTestingin an Agile Scrum environment.
  • Determineperformancerequirements and goals based on change of application and architecture.
  • Provide guidelines to Test engineers to ConfigurePerformanceCenter test scenarios and Vuser according to the load model so as to take into effect the load distributed across various geographies.
  • Generated Vuser scripts and Executed Performance Tests using LoadRunner.
  • Responsible forperformancetestingusingLoadrunnerandPerformanceCenter with different protocol.
  • Performed LoadRunner Script design including all stages of script development with emphasis on correllation, parameterization, and significant error handling C-coding providing exhaustive error coverage in VuGen.
  • Develop a very flexible LR Vugen script that allows fast configuration changes duringtesting
  • Extensive usage of complex SQL queries for validating the database
  • Identified dynamic values for correlation, implemented error handling code.
  • Involved in implementing HPLoadRunner's script for required scenarios.
  • Involved in preparing test plans, Test data, test scripts for performancetestingof enterprise applications using HP LoadRunner, configure them in performance center and monitoring servers.
  • Responsible for recording scripts for different business scenario and involved in script enhancement with correlations and parameterization in LR Vugen.
  • Created LR Scenarios Web Protocol in LR Controller including modeling VUsers, LR Scripts, pacing, and think-time Run-Time settings per Volume Metrics.
  • Involved in test data preparation for the Parameterized values in the scripts for multiple scenarios.
  • Executed all Tests from the LR Controller including monitoring of app and database servers and reported results and provided recommendations to client.
  • Used LR Controller forloadon a server, group of servers, network or object to test its strength or to analyze overallperformanceunder differentloadtypes.
  • Established LoadTestingStandards including platform requirements of CPU, Memory, and Disk Space on LoadRunner Controller, LoadRunner Generators, LoadRunner File Storage.
  • Designed theperformancetest scenarios for stress test, smoke test, baseline test and scalability test.
  • Involved in test data preparation for the Parameterized values in the scripts for multiple scenarios.
  • Involved on Performance Monitoring and analyzed the Response time, Memory leaks, Hits/sec and Throughput graphs.
  • Worked with developers, Business Analysts and Release managers to discussed ways to fix the defects.
  • Mentored Team members on Correlation and other LoadRunner features.

Environment: LoadRunner 12.02, MS Office, MS-Visio, Load Balancer, HP Performance Center, Quality Center.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

QA Performance Tester


  • Prepared test plan based on business requirement document and prepared test cases and test procedures.
  • Involved in generating Vusers in LoadRunner for load and performance testing using LoadRunner.
  • Record and execute Vugen scripts and troubleshoot issues, suggested best practices and recommendations.
  • Created Performance Test Plans, Performance Scripts, Scenarios, Analyze Performance Results, Defect Tracking and Performance Report to Project Teams in SDLC Agile and Waterfall Projects.
  • Created Test Plan, Test Scripts (using VuGen), LR Test Scenarios using Performance Center and LoadRunner Controller.
  • Developed LoadRunner Scripts in VuGen including correlation, parameterization, C Coding.
  • Created and maintaining Test Scripts using HTTP/HTTPS protocols.
  • Involved in testing application using HP Load runner developing the scripts using VuGen and fiddler and running the scenarios in Controller.
  • Creating Vuser Scripts in LoadRunner by recording, incorporating Rendezvous Points.
  • Created Scripts for the running of various Metrics using LoadRunner for performance testing.
  • Performed LoadRunner Scripts in VuGen and LoadRunner Test Execution in the LoadRunner Controller.
  • Analyzed the system resource graphs, network monitor graphs and error graphs to identify transactionperformance, network problems and scenario results respectively.
  • Worked closely with team to use LoadRunner script variations for the purpose of assisting in application tuning, including Log File analysis and LoadRunner Server Monitoring Results.
  • Performed LR Controller Scenario Test Execution including VUser Configuration, Run-Time Settings, VUser Log and Response-Time Monitoring.
  • Interfaced with the Developers regarding Test Results including, LoadRunner Server Monitoring Results and providing Log File and Information for Tuning the Applications, and rerunning LR Test Scenarios to meet Performance Objectives.
  • Customization of LoadRunner to suite the requirements of the testing effort.
  • As a Performance Engineer, was responsible for setting up the access privileges and creating user profiles.
  • Identified bottlenecks using online monitors and analyzing graphs using LoadRunner.
  • Writing Test cases to test the performance of the application using LoadRunner.
  • Conducting different tests like Baseline test, Regression, Endurance test, Stress test by using Performance Center.
  • Created standards and guidelines for automated QA policies.
  • Reportedperformancetest results, communicate technical issues withperformance recommendations.

Environment: LoadRunner 12.02, MS Office, C++, MS-Visio, Load Balancer,HP Performance Center, Quality Center.


Jr Performance Tester


  • Studied the URS document and created the Functional Requirement Specification document.
  • Worked according to the activities laid down in each phase ofSoftware development life cycleand Coordinated theenvironmentsetupfor Testing.
  • Meet with client groups to determine performance requirements and goals and determine test strategies based on requirements and architecture.
  • Responsible for automating these test cases into test scripts using WinRunner 8.2, QTP and LoadRunner.
  • Responsible for providing Performance Requirements guidance, Performance Testing, Performance Monitoring, and Workload Modeling.
  • Identified andclassified Manual and Automated test casesby isolating the repetitive actions.
  • Developeddetailed Manual Test casesandScenarios. Studied Requirements and designed manual test cases accordingly.
  • Identifying the functional test cases forRegression Testingand automated theseTest ScriptsusingQTP.
  • Installed theCitrix clientto talk with theCitrix serverand record the traffic going back and forth.
  • Create scripts to enable the Controller to measure theperformanceof Web server under various load conditions.
  • Monitored Daily and Scheduled reports generated by UAT analysts and System as a Vuser.
  • Analyzed Load and Generation reports of the Scheduled against the online reports.
  • Created DatabaseVuserscripts to simulate client activities and performed Load, Stress and Performance test usingLoadRunner/Performance Center
  • Generated and CreatedVuGenscriptsusing Vuser Generator and Created Scenarios in LoadRunner Controller.
  • AnalyzedLoadRunner/Performance Centertest result Involved inPreparing Test PlanandTest Casesbased on the analysis of the business requirements.
  • Insertedrendezvous pointsin order to simulate heavy loads for conductingLoad Testing.
  • Usedramp-upandramp-downto simulate real-time scenarios.
  • Identified functionality and performance issues, including:deadlock conditions,database connectivity problems, and system crashes under load.
  • Provided management and vendor withanalysis reports and recommendations, which resulted tuning of the application. Vertical scaling and garbage collection were performed. Communicated with the vendor to resolve issues.
  • Confirmed the scalability of the new servers and application under test after the architecture redesign.
  • Conductedweekly meetings with Project Head, Business and development teams.
  • Executingthe scenarios,analyzingthe Graphs andcoordinatingwith the DBA’s and Network Admin to ensureoptimum performance.

Environment: Windows NT, Citrix, QA Load, WinRunner, LoadRunner 11.55, Quality Center, Performance Center, Oracle DB, QTP, MS Office, MS Access, MS Vision, MS Project


QA Analyst (Manual Testing)


  • Understanding the Business requirements and Solution design thoroughly and mapping these requirements to the Test Cases.
  • Monitoring of overall quality and timeliness of testing deliverables
  • Provide communication to project management on the overall status of testing Test preparation and execution
  • Review static testing of the business requirements and solution design
  • Ensuring that the Overall process of testing is documented and observation/bugs are communicated to the team.
  • Preparation of test plans and test scenarios Preparing, Reviewing and Execution of the Test Cases
  • Raising defects and ensuring that the observation/bugs are communicated to the design/development team.
  • Attend daily Scrum Meetings and Participated in weekly project status meeting and updated the testing Progress.
  • Create test metrics viz. Requirement Volatility, Test Coverage, Productivity metrics, Defect Metrics, Test Effectiveness.
  • Interact with Multiple teams, Developers and Management to identify and resolve technical issues.
  • Perform necessary requirements inspection, design inspection, Test plan and case creation, Test environment / data setup, testing and reporting during various phases of the Testing life cycle.
  • Ensure that the output of the team is properly recorded and track the team status continuously.
  • Participate in the defect resolution calls participate in testing status meetings preparation of test report
  • Develop business architecture using requirements such as scope, process, alternatives and risks.
  • Analyze client's business requirements and give possible solutions and workflow analysis.
  • Performed GUI, Functional,and PerformanceTesting and also used QTP and LoadRunner to automate the testing process.
  • Conduct different levels of testing including functional, regression, user acceptance, integration and performance to meet all the requirements.
  • Worked vigorously with HP Quality Center from updating all the functional Test cases and then testing and updating the results for different projects.

Environment: Oracle Database 10g, Windows 7, UNIX, SQL Developer, SQL, PLSQL, UNIX Scripting,Win SCP, Putty, HP Quality Center, ZIRA, SOAP, Load Runner, QTP/UFT

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