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Functional And Automation Engineer Resume



  • Committed and highly analytical test lead - cum-manager, looking forward to lead or manage and develop skills in areas of deployment, virtualizations, cluster, topological configuration design and implementation. Have delivered test projects in storage infrastructure with my dynamic, adaptable and organised attitude and leadership qualities. Possesses strong technical, managerial and communication skills
  • Team management - Provided direction and motivation to ensure optimum performance, enhance professional and soft skills in the team.
  • Test optimization - Derived effective strategies with goal to achieve optimal method of execution within a given period of time.
  • Test Automation - Leading and implementing Keyword, Hybrid, and AITF automated frameworks to align with agile methodology nter-teams communication and escalations - Discussed and resolved technical and managerial issues with different teams, locally and globally.
  • Process Improvements - Won many process improvement awards and have successfully implemented such improvements in the team.
  • Recruitment and Training - Well-versed in rendering systems for identifying strong-profiled candidates and recruiting suitable engineers in line with team requirement and train them with appropriate requirements.
  • Technical Leadership and Troubleshooting - Strong technical knowledge on firmware stack and its associated protocols. Good understanding of storage components and concepts.
  • Lab design and administration - Participated in Lab design and administration of test environment.
  • Over all 12 years of experience in IT field as a QA in Storage components and Application Testing.
  • 1+ years of experience in Functional Automation testing using Selenium with Java.
  • 6 years of experience in Managing a team of engineers in various projects
  • 3 years of experience in Python Scripting
  • Involved in designing automation Test Framework using Selenium Web driver with Java.
  • Experience in Product based application Testing & Very Good Experience in testing Web based applications
  • Expertise & good understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in Agile and Waterfall with emphasis on Black box, Functional, GUI, System, regression, Smoke Test, Integration Testing and compatibility testing of windows & web based Applications.
  • Expertise in Developing /Reviewing /maintaining the Test Plan, Test Cases (Automated Test Scripts using Java, python and manual), Test Results, Bug reports and Test Deliverables.
  • Well versed with quality processes like inspections, reviews, metrics based reporting
  • Strong ability to lead and motivate high-potential project teams to ensure timelines and quality of deliverables
  • Proficient at leading and implementing Keyword and Hybrid automated frameworks to align with Agile methodology
  • SNIA Certified Storage Professional from Storage Network Industry Association(SNIA)
  • Expertise in handling end to end Product Quality for storage system Components ( RAID Controllers, Storage Arrays and SSD Hard drives)
  • Expertise in Project scheduling and executions for parallel Projects
  • Expertise in managing, planning, conducting and initiating training programs within the team.
  • Hands on experience in Cross Functional Program Reviews
  • Expertise in Communicate/Report on Key Program Metrics
  • Hands on experience in Highlighting Risk Analysis for the Programs
  • Well versed in rendering systems for prospecting of good profile candidates and recruiting suitable engineers for Team requirement.
  • Hands on experience with teams in geographically dispersed locations ( US and India )
  • Expertise in Testing SSD Hard drives and SSD Storage systems with SES
  • Hands on experience in Test Automation tools using Python and Selenium
  • Functional Testing expertise in SAN ( Storage Area Network) and DAS ( Direct Attached Storage) Environment
  • Hands on experience in High Availability Cluster Testing
  • Hands on experience in IO Virtualization (SR-IOV)
  • Hands on experience in Converged infrastructure, which combines compute, storage and networking resources with infrastructure management into a virtual or physical integrated system
  • Expertise in Testing Storage Protocols like SCSI,SATA,SAS,FC and iSCSI
  • Hands on experience in Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, Netware, FreeBSD, Solaris and VMware
  • Hands on experience in WHQL certifications ( HCT) for Raid Controllers and Hardware Certification Kit (HCK) in SSD Storage system
  • Hands on experience in SAS and FC Analyzers


Testing Components: Firmware, Driver and Management Applications for Storage Products and Web Based Applications

Flash Testing: SSD Hard Drive and Storage Enclosure

Storage Protocols: SCSI, SATA, SAS, FC and iSCSI

Storage Products: Confidential RAID Controllers, Confidential Storage Subsystems, Confidential SSD Hard drives and Storage systems

Storage Management: Confidential SANTRACITY and Confidential SIMPLICITY

Storage Features: Snapshot, Volume copy, Remote Volume Mirroring, SES (SCSI Enclosure Service)

RAID Levels: RAID(0,1,5,6,10,50,60 and PRL11)

Test IO tools: VDBench, FIO, Chaos, IOMeter, IObasher, win smash, SQLIO

Test Automation Tools: Python, Selenium Web driver, Eclipse, RESTAPI

Programming Languages: JAVA

Test Validation Tools: OAKGATE Server

Test File Systems: NTFS, EXT,XFS,BTRFS ReiserFS, and VMFS

Operating Systems: Windows Enterprise Servers( 2003,2008,2012), Linux( RHEL6.5, 7.0, CentOS 6.5, Ubuntu 14,04), Netware, FreeBSD, Solaris and VMware( esx4 and 5i)


Confidential, VA

Functional and Automation Engineer


  • Created, updated, and reviewed Automation Framework using Selenium with Java
  • Worked on Automation Test Plans and Test Strategy preparation and Test Plan reviews, and updated the Project Plan and Work Plan
  • Gathered and reviewed the Functional Specifications
  • Review the user story description interns of clarity and correctness
  • Participated in Scrum planning and Scrum meetings
  • Coordinated with Development and client team to resolve project impediments
  • Test web services using Rest API
  • Execute all test cases and record test results for each User story.
  • Raising Defects, performing regression testing once defects got fixed
  • Perform Smoke test for Product builds

Environment: Windows Client/Server, Firefox, IE 11, Java, Eclipse, Test NG, Selenium Web driver, Clear Quest., RESTAPI


Senior Test Development Engineer


  • Analyze business requirements and raise observations on them
  • Attending planning, daily Scrum, Review and retrospective meetings and provide update on progress of execution status
  • Identifying Test Scenarios, prepare Test Specification document and Test cases
  • Define and Design the test plans and test scopes for product testing.
  • Performing BVT, SRT and TRT profiles for BSSD validation.
  • Execute the test cases and log the defects
  • Track and monitor test execution and defect tracking
  • Communicating between development, product management and customer support teams
  • Performing smoke test, functional testing, system testing and regression testing
  • Analyzing and recreating customer scenarios for field issues
  • Do Root Cause Analysis for the product and recommend quality improvements
  • Run test suits InfiniFlash product for performance numbers and publish to core team
  • Windows Certification (HCK) for InfiniFlash product line and the Board SSD (BSSD)

Environment: OAKGATE Server, Windows Enterprise Servers (2003, 2008, 2012), Linux (RHEL6.5, 7.0, CentOS 6.5, Ubuntu 14, 04)


QA Consultant


  • Testing functionalities of SSD drive.
  • Qualifying SSD drive firmware from basic verification till the firmware gets stable.
  • Qualifying SES firmware for IF100 enclosure.
  • Testing CLI for IF100 enclosure
  • Testing SSD Drive firmware with Oak gate test tool.
  • Developing test case for SSD drive with Oak gate tool and directed test for many key features.
  • Analyzing drive logs and finds the root cause of the issue.
  • Inter-operability testing for IF100 enclosure.
  • Hands on experience on 6Gig, 12Gig expanders (PMC) and Confidential adapters.
  • Test case writing for new features on drive and SES firmware.
  • Maintaining test beds and running longevity test for checking the drive stability

Environment: IF100, Oak gate server, Vdbench, Windows, Linux and IFCLI


Team Lead


  • Creating Domain Controllers and configure DHCP and DNS
  • Creating cluster environment using the client nodes
  • Creating iSCSI based shares for IO
  • Creating SMB based shares for IO
  • Writing new test cases and Executing test cases
  • Troubleshooting cluster and hardware related issues
  • Guiding India team members on their executions
  • Participating in Cross Functional Program Reviews
  • Technical communications within the team and with other groups associated with specified projects

Environment: Windows 2012, VMware, SR-IOV and High Availability Cluster


Team Lead


  • Responsible for End to End Product Testing.
  • Participating in Schedule Changes and Tracking
  • Participating in Cross Functional Program Reviews
  • Highlighting the Risk Analysis of the Programs
  • Communicate/Report on Key Program Metrics
  • Creating test plans, Preparing test reports and summaries.
  • Participate in test case reviews and make recommendations for product improvements.
  • Technical communications within the team and with other groups associated with specified projects.
  • Testing Invader features along with the monitoring the team execution

Environment: Windows 2012, VMware, Linux, Free BSD and Netware, RAID Levels


Senior Tester


  • Participate in continuing technology analysis and update with technology trends as well as industry standards.
  • Ensure to operate as infrastructure project’s technical expert related to storage, systems management and virtualization.
  • Conduct storage implementations, performance optimization and analysis.
  • Monitor storage systems, resolve problems, upgrade planning and implementation and ensure to process development plus documentation.
  • Ensure all new storage technologies are sufficiently tested as well as integrated with Application and Infrastructure Services.
  • Recommend improvements on basis of best practices, technology or changing needs.
  • Provide updates on regular management advantages along with prospective opportunities for automation and new technologies.
  • Creating test plans, Preparing test reports and summaries.
  • Participate in test case reviews and make recommendations for product improvements.
  • Technical communications within the team and with other groups associated with specified projects.
  • Testing Invader features along with the monitoring the team member execution.
  • Tracking the Defects Trends and identifying the focus areas of testing.

Environment: Windows 2008, Linux, FC, SANTRACITY, Snapshot, RVM, Volume copy


Senior Test Engineer


  • Establish professional relations with Project and Operations Management.
  • Support operations with testing and execution of new technologies as well as services inclusive of policies and procedures for management, installation, monitoring plus support.
  • Perform with as well as manage beyond consulting technical subject matter expertise.
  • Facilitate to resolve complicated IT issues in given Tier 3 capacity.
  • Guide and train all junior staff members as suitable.
  • Interact with IT vendors to know their storage pertinent system solutions.
  • Develop and maintain regularly all presentations as well as briefings


Test Engineer


  • Writing the test cases based on the requirement specification
  • Configuring the test configuration based on the requirements.
  • Executing test Cases as per the test plan.
  • Logging defects in defect tracking system
  • Reporting the progress to team management

Environment: Windows, Linux, MSM, SCSI 320 RAID Controllers

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