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Sr. Qa Analyst/integration Admin Resume

Piscataway, NJ


  • 10 Plus years of diverse experience in Information Systems specializing in Software Quality Assurance, System/Business Analysis, Testing in Mainframe, Client server, ERP and Web Applications.
  • Experienced in Testing Financial, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Healthcare and Retail Applications.
  • Worked in several capacities, including Test lead, Sr. QA Analyst, UAT Analyst.
  • Experience in writing System test plans, defining test cases, developing and maintaining test scripts.
  • Created the Test Data for QA and UAT environments.
  • Experienced in Agile and Waterfall Methodologies.
  • Strong knowledge in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Experience in validate the data for Inbound and Outbound interfaces.
  • Experience in customer / client interaction, deep understanding of business systems functionality and technicality.
  • Involved in maintaining Traceability Matrix.
  • Expertise and experienced in different types of metrics for various test phases.
  • Strong skills in performing and leading Regression, Load, Functionality, Front End, Back End, Smoke, Sanity, Volume, UAT, System, E2E and Usability Testing for web and Client/Server application.
  • Experience in using Mercury Interactive Automated tools such as Quality Center, RFT and QTP etc.
  • Extensive knowledge in backend testing using SQL queries.
  • Proactive participation in functional requirement reviews meetings with respective team leads.
  • Possess excellent communication and organization skills with the ability to adopt to a new environment.
  • Motivated self - starter with exceptional team building, Leadership, and interpersonal skills. Good team player with the ability to work in time sensitive environments.


  • SQL
  • PL/SQL
  • ASP
  • VB Script
  • VB 6.0
  • XML
  • Oracle 9i/10g/11g
  • Curam
  • Auto sys
  • PeopleSoft 9.1 9.08.8/7.5
  • SAP 4.6
  • SAP BW 3.0/2.0
  • Quality Center 11.0
  • QTP 9.0
  • DB2
  • Oracle SQL Developer 1.1.3
  • MS SQL Server 6.0
  • Confidential ALM11.0 12.1
  • MS SQL Server
  • FTP
  • .Net
  • Java
  • VB Scripting
  • JIRA
  • Share Point


Confidential, Piscataway, NJ

Sr. QA Analyst/Integration Admin


  • Review Foundational Data Functional and Technical specifications and created the test scripts for Products and List Prices for various Confidential & Confidential Health Care Service Orgs in ALM
  • Extract the data from MDM Database, validate the data and generate the batches for upload to Model N Data Flows.
  • From MDM extracted data converted into Output XMLs using MS Access.
  • Using WinSCP to place the Output XML files for Unix Server to pick up and process
  • Run JNJ Product Dataflow jobs from Model N to process and load the data from output Xml Files.
  • Load the Foundational data in QA, Sandbox, Break Fix, Test, PreProd and Production environments.
  • Generate and load the product hierarchy files for all Confidential & Confidential Health Service Orgs.
  • Generate and Validate the data for Product and List Price Reconciliation Reports for all Confidential & Confidential Apcos.
  • Validate the Product and List Price Data in Model N front end.
  • Generated and maintained the metrics for test cases and defects.
  • Executed Products and Price List Conversion test scripts for all Confidential & Confidential Orgs.
  • Perform regression testing for all new releases.
  • Run SQAL queries and validate the data in source as well as target database.
  • Perform mismatch analysis for Product and List Price reconciliation report for all Confidential & Confidential orgs.

Environment: Model N 5.6, ALM QA 12.1, Oracle 11g, Windows, WinSCP, MS Access, SharePoint, Unix and Xml.

Confidential, Plainsboro, NJ

Sr. QA Analyst


  • Perform regression testing for various releases before deployment to production
  • Review Specifications, User Requirements and Functional Requirements.
  • Involved in AMP Final Rule implementation
  • Update the Test Scenarios based on AMP Final rule requirements
  • Validate the Scenarios in different environments like QA/UAT
  • Involved in validation of MAMP, QAMP, NFAMP, BP, FSS & ASP calculations and data verifications
  • Validate various Cognos Reports
  • Worked on all kinds of Government Pricing Smoothing reports
  • Run SQL queries and validate the data accuracy in reports and workbooks.
  • Validate various Medicaid programs, claims and Payments
  • Generate and Implement various contracts for different states
  • Logged defects in QC and follow up with the respective developers for fast resolution.
  • Conduct daily defect status meeting and if there is any issues escalate to the respective leads.

Environment: Model N 5.6, Quality Center 11.0, Windows, Oracle 11g

Confidential, West Chester, PA

Sr. QA Analyst


  • Review Program specifications, User Requirements and Functional Requirements.
  • Developed the Test Plan for Government Pricing Model N 5.7 upgrade
  • Create the Test Cases for the Government Pricing Workbooks MAMP, QAMP, BP,NFAMP, TNFAMP,PNFAMP, ANFAMP, FSS and ASP
  • Created Test Cases for interfaces inbound and outbound to Model N Applications
  • Execute the sql queries and Validated the data accuracy for interfaces
  • Validated the data for Government Pricing Workbooks
  • Validating the test scripts for all SIT releases
  • Run sql queries and validate the data in back end database.
  • Generated and maintained the metrics for test cases and defects.
  • Log the defects into quality center
  • Conduct day to day defect status meetings
  • Validate and provide support for test scripts execution in UAT environment
  • Provide Traceability Matrix to the management leads
  • Created various workbooks in 5.2 and 5.7 compare the data for accuracy

Environment: Model N 5.7, Quality Center 11.0, Windows, Oracle 11g

Confidential, Newark, NJ

Sr. QA Analyst


  • Participated in day to day defect tracking meetings.
  • Agile methodologies are using to implement the project.
  • Created the Test Data for various releases in Development, QA and Staging environments.
  • Perform Regression testing for all new releases.
  • Coordinate with the off shore teams.
  • Generated and maintained the metrics for test cases and defects.
  • Involved in Perform and support UAT Testing.
  • Knowledge in HIPPA regulations.
  • Involved in product demo sessions to Users.
  • Provide traceability matrix to the project management team leads.
  • Executed SQL queries and validate the data against the database.
  • Created and validated the Admin and Aggregate reports.
  • Created and maintained Test Data for all releases in SIT and UAT

Environment: Windows XP, Oracle 11g, Java, Smart Care, JIRA,HD Video and Audio equipment, Bluetooth capable Blood Pressure Monitor and Weight Scale.


Sr. QA System Analyst/Interface Test Lead


  • Performed System testing for all new CASS releases.
  • Reviewed the Program specifications, Detail Design documents, Business Requirements
  • Developed the Test scenarios and update the existing scenarios as per the business rules.
  • Ensure all positive and negative scenarios to cover all Business Requirements and business rules
  • Raise the defects in Quality Centre and escalate to the project managers based on severity.
  • Performed UAT Testing as well as Provide UAT Support
  • Attend daily defect status meetings and provide update for the defects.
  • Provided Status reports to the management leads.
  • Generated and maintained the metrics for test cases and defects.
  • Performed back end testing using SQL queries to make sure the data is populating accurately in the application as well as in Business Object Reports
  • Performed and validated the Case Management, Case Tracking and Eligibility Test Scenarios
  • Create Test Data to Validate Core Functionality of CURAM, Interfaces and Reports
  • Performed Regression Testing for all new releases
  • Involved in Web Service testing using Soap UI.
  • Worked closely with Business Analysts, Developers and Business Partners during UAT/SIT testing process.
  • Executed the Test Cases for Medicaid, General Assistance and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.
  • Performed on testing various SAP Business Objects Reports of NJ Department of Human Services
  • Manage and created test data for Inbound and Outbound interfaces as well as functional testing
  • Involved in Business Partner Testing and provide support to Business Partners
  • Executed and validated the data for Inbound and Outbound Interfaces.

Environment: CURAM Application, Windows 7, Oracle 11g, Confidential ALM Quality Center 11.0, SharePoint and IBM Rational Clear quest, Soap UI, SAP Business Objects 12.1 & MS SQL Server

Confidential, Orangeburg, NY

UAT/SR. QA System Test Analyst/Lead


  • Participated in design walk through for various Vision and Point Of Sales enhancement projects
  • Review the Design, Functional and Technical documents
  • Develop the Test Plans and Test Cases for assigned projects
  • Conduct the Test Plan and Test Case walk through
  • Perform system and function testing for all releases
  • Log in defects into Quality Center
  • Involved in daily defect status meetings
  • Perform the regression testing for all releases
  • As per business rules create the XML Request files to validate the Response XML via Test Me tool
  • Extensively used XML Spy for manipulate the XML Data as per the requirements.
  • Create the XML Test data files for execute the Test Scenarios
  • Provide support for UAT testing
  • Perform API Testing using DVS Test Me tool
  • Verify the Log files for request and responses for user transactions.
  • Perform back end testing using SQL

Environment: Oracle 11g, Confidential ALM Quality Center 11.0, XML, DVS Test Me

Confidential, Morristown, NJ

Sr. QA Analyst/Lead


  • Developed Test Plans for Peoplesoft 9.1 Upgrade Modules.
  • Participated in FRD/BRD walk thru meetings.
  • Developed the Test Cases and Imported to Rational Quality Manager.
  • Executed the Test Cases in Dev/QA/UAT environments.
  • Involved in automate functional Test Cases in Rational Functional Tester.
  • RQM is used for defects tracking.
  • Conduct and coordinate the defect status meetings.
  • Generate day to day QA status reports and provide to the respective managers.
  • Performed User Acceptance Testing on PeopleSoft HCM & Financial Modules
  • Validate the Customer Interface between Peoplesoft to CRM and vice versa.
  • Validate the data in CRM as well as Peoplesoft
  • Involved in Functional, system and integration testing.
  • Performed Regression testing for various builds (Test Moves).
  • Validated the inbound and outbound data files for accuracy.

Environment: Windows XP, Oracle 11g, Peoplesoft, RQM 2.0, RFT 8.2

Confidential, Warren NJ

Sr. QA Analyst/Team Lead


  • Coordinate Offshore and Onshore QA Resources.
  • Review the Business Requirements, Program specifications and Functional requirements.
  • Develop the QA Test Plan and Provide the QA Project status day to day to the Management.
  • Validate the Financial Data for Various EDI formats like ISO XML, Finsta V1.1, ISO XML Camt 53, ISO XML Camt54,BAI2, SAP MT940, SWIFT MT940, DEBMUL and CREMUL.
  • Involved QA and Development walk thru review meetings.
  • Performed User Acceptance Testing and provide support to users.
  • Validated the EFT transactions within Confidential branches all over the world.
  • Validate the reports and make sure the EFT transactions are populating accurately.
  • Provide the Test matrix to the Management.
  • As per the business rules create the XML test data to validate the test scenarios.
  • Upload the Test Scenarios into Quality Center.
  • Performed back end testing using SQL queries.
  • Validated Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Financial Statements
  • Conduct the daily Defect triage meetings and follow up with the respective teams for faster resolution.

Environment: Windows XP, Oracle 10g, .Net, XML, Confidential Quality Center (9.0), compare it, UNIX, Java, and IE.

Confidential, Washington DC

Sr. QA/UAT/BOT/Team Lead


  • Reviewed the Functional requirements and Business Requirements and developed Test Plan and Test Cases.
  • Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Data and Test Results for all releases are uploaded to SharePoint.
  • Validated Financial Reporting Model Reports and Financial Reporting Model reports for all new releases.
  • Run the SQL queries and compare the data against the FRC/FRM Reports.
  • Involved in performing regression testing for all releases.
  • Prepare the Test data for all releases.
  • Performed manual testing and validated the FRM and FRC reports for all releases.
  • Schedule the Test assignments among the group.
  • Log the defects into the Rational Clear Quest.
  • Involved in UAT Testing and provided support
  • Perform Triage and Coordinate with business, system, development leads to resolve the sever defects.
  • Create RTM (Requirement Traceability Matrix) Report and send it to the QA Manager.

Environment: Windows XP, Oracle 10g, .Net, MS SQL Server, XML, share point, Hyperion Sybase (9.3), Quality Center (9.1), Rational Clear Quest (7.0), Doors, PeopleSoft GL (9.0), Business Objects (12.1), and Crystal Reports

Confidential, CA

Sr. QA Analyst


  • Conduct daily status meetings within the group and provide updates to the QA Manager.
  • Created User Acceptance Test Plan and Test Scenarios.
  • Validated the data after Extraction from different sources.
  • Validated the data after Transformation applying business rules.
  • Validated the data after Load to the Stage, Operational Data Store and Data Mart.
  • Validated the Inbound and Outbound data.
  • Provided UAT support during User Acceptance Testing.
  • Maintain Quality center for creating user, projects, requirements and defects.
  • Performed back end testing using SQL queries.
  • Involved in performing System and Integration Testing for Billing/AR/AP/GL Modules.
  • Performed regression testing for various builds before goes to the production.
  • Participated in Functional and Technical Specification reviews.
  • Performed Inbound and Outbound Interface testing for GL, AR and AP Module.

Environment: Windows 2000, Oracle 9i, PeopleSoft 8.8, People tools 8.4, Test Director 8.0, Quick Test Pro 6.5, DataStage Ascential (7.1)

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