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Sqa Engineer Resume

Santa Clara, CA


  • 5 years experince in manual multi - browser testing for PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet, and Game consoles. SQA work done at Siebel (Automation Tool development) HP, Confidential, YouTube Extensive use of social media Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and others
  • Web development experience since 1984: Content writing. HTML coding, integration of Java Script and video applications. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Using Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 and Adobe Photoshop daily.
  • Using Cyberlink’s Power Director to edit videos
  • Synergy of skills control system engineer, tech writer, SQA engineer, Programming languages coding, Ecommerce and management Multilingual skills come handy in a world where Ecommerce is internationalized.
  • Experience in tech and artistic writing


Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

SQA Engineer


  • Writing web pages content and developing multimedia web sites. Testing funcionality on multi-browsers. Integration of Java and Java script into web pages. Promoting websites on social media: FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Using SEO techniques
  • Keyword selection descriptions, blog creation and coordinating work wif SEO professionals to increase web traffic and optimize search results for keywords. Corresponding in English, Spanish, Italian French and Portuguese wif business associates.
  • Writing video scripts and editing videos by adding Music, fixing illumination and shaking issues, writing English subtitles.

QA tester

Confidential - San Bruno, CA


  • Internationalization testing and test planning of YouTube application on Desktop, Mobile, TV and Blu-Ray Player for 60 languages.
  • Writing Bug reports. Used Buganizer and JIRA for bug tracking. Setup of testing environment for PC, Mac, Mobile and Game consoles

Data Analyst

Confidential - Palo Alto, CA


  • Writing reports in English from non-English sources to document teh Hardware/Software HP servers failures. Participate in weekly management meeting to review server failures

Confidential, Redwood City, CA.

Sr. Software Engineer


  • SQA development for eCommerce. Developing automated test tools using Visual Basic and WinRunner

Confidential, Los Gatos, CA.

Control Systems Engineer


  • Quintus Wrote a specification for a self-configuring software used in internationalized banking systems. Discovered a way for C++ to dynamically create VB applications
  • MultiGen Quality assurance for graphic simulators used by teh military
  • Harris GCS Division Writing specifications for control systems for missile launchers stations
  • Lockheed Martin Missile & Space Writing specifications for a microfilm printer used for space communication
  • Network General Create online graphic help manual for Network Sniffers using RoboHelp
  • Cirrus Logic Writing C++and Visual Basic program for graphic adapters
  • Davy International Creating a Database for control systems used im coal power plant
  • Bay Financial IT support for Insurance Office
  • Dryers Ice Cream Pascal programming for machinery used in manufacture of ice cream
  • ACWD Design of PLC (Programmable logic controller) used to control teh vales for teh water treatment for teh Alameda County Water District 1 year
  • Olin Mesa Design for a control panel used to control a thin foil semiconductor
  • General Electric Control Systems Engineer 5 years . Documentation review for Control Systems redundant safety to comply wif CFR51 (Code Federal Regulations) requirements by teh NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission). Editing of a multiplexing manual to make it better translatable in Japanese. Writing specifications for Multiplexing control systems used in nuclear reactors 10 years
  • Gibbs & Hill Control Systems Engineer San Jose, CA Writing specifications for control systems and instrumentation, including control panels used in geothermal power industry
  • Fluor Engineers . Control Systems Engineer San Bruno and Redwood City, CA Writing specifications for control systems and instrumentation used in mining industry: conveyor belts, valves, motors, sensors, etc. Also programmed teh PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) to control teh facility
  • Bechtel Corporation San Francisco, CA. Writing specifications for control systems valves and instrumentation used in nuclear reactors. Designing pipe supports. Engineering Liaison among vendors, clients. Government agencies, field engineers and engineering specialists. Designing instrument installation for petrochemical refineries

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