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Lead Test Engineer Resume

Washington D, C


  • QA Test Engineer with 12 years of experience in the field of Software Quality Assurance (QA), Software Testing, and System Verification and Validation (V&V) in various business domains including government contracting, insurance, IT Service and Solutions, and financial industries.
  • Nine plus years of experience with Government Software Development.
  • Experienced in all aspects of Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Ability to master new technologies quickly.
  • Strong testing Quality Assurance experience within Agile Environment.
  • Specialized in gathering and analyzing requirements, writing System Test Plans, building Test Cases and procedures, Performing Gap Analysis, Peer Reviews, setting up Test Environments, preparing Test Data, Executing Test Cases, developing Requirement Traceability Matrixes (RTM), writing Bug Documentation, and developing Test Summary Report for Manual and Automated Testing.
  • Experience in working in Waterfall Model, V - Model and Agile (SCRUM) Software Development Environment.
  • Solid experience in developing and Executing Test Strategy, Test Plans, Test Scenarios, Test Data and Test Cases.
  • Experienced in Automation Testing using Selenium WebDriver, JMeter, Protractor, Coded UI, Quality Center, and ALM.
  • Used Jenkins for continuous integration (CI).
  • Experience in developing Automation Framework using C# and Java (Keyword Driven, Hybrid Driven and BDD/TDD).
  • Experienced in writing Test Cases from the Requirements Specifications and Functional Specifications.
  • Experienced in Version Control and Configuration Management tools - VSS, Quality Center, ALM, JIRA, Team Foundation Server - TFS and Bitbucket.
  • Expertise in problem solving and bug tracking reports using Bug Tracking tools JIRA, ALM, Bugzilla, Quality Center, and Team Foundation Server.
  • Experience testing application Performance using HP-LoadRunner and JMeter.
  • Experience testing webservices using Swagger, Postman, and SoapUI.
  • Solid experience in maintaining Requirement Traceability Matrices (RTM) to measure testing progress.
  • Professional experience in testing Grant Management System, Financial, Telecommunications, Insurance and Automotive Applications.
  • Strong knowledge of Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).
  • Experience in writing SQL Queries, extract data from MS SQL Server.
  • Organized, Detail-Oriented and have the ability to meet Project Milestones and Deliverable Dates.
  • Ability to prioritize critical situation, deliverable dates, work independently as well as in a team successfully.
  • Dynamic and Assertive team player with strong commitment and project management skills.
  • Ability to anticipate problems and risks and take corrective action when needed.
  • Ability to think outside the box, adapt to circumstances, and share information and experiences.
  • Experience leading Quality Assurance (QA) effort in process planning and documentations.
  • Experience in working in highly dynamic and challenging environment.
  • Strong leadership skills and able to oversee multiple parallel activities.


Application: MS Office, Acrobat Reader, ASP .NET, SharePoint

Operating System: Windows, UNIX

Language: SQL, Java, C#, HTML

Testing Tools: ALM, Quality Center, Selenium WebDriver, Jenkins, Protractor, Microsoft Visual Studio Coded UI, HP-LoadRunner, JIRA, Bugzilla, JAWS, WAVE, WAT-Toolbar, TFS, Swagger, Postman, SoapUI, JMeter, SiteImprove, Team Foundation Server, Bitbucket, Grafana, Telegraf

Database: Oracle, MS Access, SQL Server, InfluxDB


Confidential - Washington D, C

Lead Test Engineer


  • Participated in a team under 100% Agile Environment.
  • Participated in Agile Sprint Planning, Daily Stand Up Meeting, and Retrospective Meeting.
  • Responsible for overseeing a team of five (5) Quality Assurance Testers.
  • Involved in the hiring and training process of new team members/resource.
  • Advise team with regards to development standards, frameworks, and guidance to maintain consistency throughout the Software Development Lifecycle.
  • Coach and mentor, the team, provide ongoing feedback, and conduct performance management and talent development activities.
  • Participated in testing efforts and coordinates feedback of test results.
  • Coordinated with team for testing and review & weekly status report update for respective modules.
  • Identify Gaps in the process, actively encourage to the establishment and implementation of effective practice and procedures for software testing and quality assurance.
  • Created and maintained Test Plan, Test Reports, and Requirement Traceability Matrix.
  • Performed Functional/Automation Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing, Backend/Database Testing, Accessibility 508 Testing, Performance Testing, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Created Test Automation Framework as the vehicle for Regression Testing.
  • Automated test scripts using Java and C# language with Selenium WebDriver.
  • Automated tests with CI/CD pipeline.
  • Executed SQL Queries to verify the dataflow from the backend.
  • Experienced with Continuous Integration Environment - Jenkins.
  • Created a solid Performance Testing Framework using JMeter.
  • Used Transaction controllers to help define Performance requirement like SLA in test.
  • Created, schedule and run Performance Scenarios using JMeter and generate necessary Matrix for client review.
  • Extensively worked on JMeter to create Thread Groups and test Web Application for various loads on key business scenarios.
  • Identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks during the development lifecycle.
  • Used Telegraf to collect server metrics for Performance test run.
  • Utilized Grafana as a visual representation to monitor data over period of time.
  • Experienced with version control system.
  • Involved in testing GUI web interface, tested in depth the functionality of the web GUI.
  • Used Team Foundation Server as Application Lifecycle Management tool.
  • Test case design and execution with Team Foundation Server - TFS.
  • Tested the application for 508 Accessibility Standards using Site-Improve.
  • Tested Webservice API using Swagger.

Environment: C#, Java, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Site-Improve, Windows, SharePoint, Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, MS Visual Studio, Swagger, Postman, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Selenium WebDriver, Jenkins, JMeter, Grafana, InfluxDB,Telegraf

Confidential - Washington D, C

Lead Test Engineer


  • Perform tests on various features in Agile Development process.
  • Participated in Agile sprint planning, daily stand up meeting, and retrospective meeting.
  • Responsible for conducting Functional, UI, System, Regression as well as UAT testing of client’s web application.
  • Tested application compatibility on different browser version (IE, Firefox, and Chrome) across multiple platforms (Windows, Mobile Devices, iPads).
  • Validated and analyzed application features in order to establish the required functionality in each mobile device.
  • Provided status report to project manager and worked closely with BA and Development team.
  • Utilized Jira as project management and defect tracking tool.
  • Analyzed functional requirement document, technical requirement document to prepare test scripts/test cases.
  • Collaborated with business analyst in order to create detailed test scripts/test cases.
  • Maintain Requirement Traceably Matrix (RTM) after developing and updating test cases/ test cases.
  • Involved in testing enhancement/new functionalities and coordinated with development team in fixing the issues.
  • Created automation framework for continuous delivery for application under design.
  • Developed system test plan and performance test plan.
  • Lead a team of two testers (manual/automation) - verify business and functional requirement are tested against the design test cases/scripts.
  • Automated Regression scripts using Microsoft Visual Studio Coded UI.
  • Provided support in the performance testing usingLoadRunner task includes developing test plan, test script and reports.
  • Upload and exchange of documents using SharePoint.
  • Performed APIs/Webservice testing using Swagger/SoapUI
  • Involved in testing of CRs (Change Request).
  • Used WAT-toolbar and JAWS to verify application comply with 508 standards.

Environment: JIRA, WAT-Toolbar, JAWS, Windows, SharePoint, Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, MS Visual Studio Coded UI, HP-LoadRunner, SoapUI, Swagger

Confidential -Windsor, CT

QA Test Engineer


  • CMMI Level 5
  • Analyzed Detailed Software Requirements Specification (DSRS) and Detailed Software Technical Design (DSTD).
  • Involved in setting up QA-Environment for Test Execution .
  • Help create Quality Assurance Test Plan (QATP) based on Requirement Specification and Client need.
  • Create Requirement Clearity Index (RCI) documents, ensure that requirements are clear and testable.
  • Worked with Users and Business Analysts to define and design test scenarios and test data.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Visio, Project, and Excel).
  • Created, Maintained and Executed Manual Test Scripts.
  • Created and executed automated test scripts using Selenium Web-driver and Protractor.
  • Maintained Requirement Traceably Matrix (RTM) after developing and updating Test Cases.
  • Log defects and software issues into a defect - tracking tool (Bugzilla, Jira).
  • Conduct review meetings of test design, test readiness and test completion with Offshore/Onshore Team.
  • Performed compatibility testing on various browsers and operating systems to ensure excellent user acceptance.
  • Tested the final application for Usability testing to verify whether all the User Requirements were created to by the application.
  • Worked very closely with developers and Provide feedback as bugs are found using Bugzilla/JIRA.

Environment: SharePoint, Bugzilla, Jira, Selenium Web-Driver, Protractor, SVN, IE

Confidential - Alexandria, VA

QA Test Engineer


  • Involve in gathering/analyzing the System Requirement Specification (SRS), Functional Requirement Specifications (FRS) software design document, Use cases and any project related documents.
  • Participate in Sprint planning, Sprint retrospectives,and Sprint demo.
  • Collaborate closely with engineers and developers as product owner in fullyagile/scrum environment.
  • Conduct review meetings of test design, test readiness and test completion.
  • Provide timely feedback to developers as bugs are found using JIRA.
  • Manually retest the application functionality after any modification or update on the application.
  • Gather and analyze tests logs, defects and implement final test summary reports.
  • Involve in preparation of the test data required for executing test cases.
  • Involve in System Testing, UAT Testing, Regression Testing, and Functional Testing.
  • Facilitated defect review meetings involving all stakeholders to review defects, identify severity and set priorities as per client requirements, ensuring accuracy and deadlines were met.
  • Maintain Requirement Traceably Matrix (RTM) after developing and updating Test Cases in HP ALM/ Quality Center.
  • Created and executed automated test scripts using Selenium Web-driver.
  • Create test data for validating scenarios based on functional requirements specifications.
  • Create Test cases to verify application comply with section 508 regulation.
  • Involve in proactively communicate to development team regarding the status and potential impacts on the delivery date and/or expected quality of the tasks and/or the projects.
  • Facilitate resolution and communication of cross- functional team on issues and decisions.
  • Participated in peer reviews of functional specifications, application previews, and test plans/test cases.
  • Involved in writing and executing SQL queries for Backend Testing.
  • Use WAVE and JAWS to verify the 508-accessibility compliance.
  • Use JIRA for issue tracking and project tracking for software development teams to improve code quality.
  • Participate in design Walkthroughs and Inspection meetings to review Test scripts and results.

Environment: JIRA, Selenium Web-Driver, HP ALM, Oracle, TOAD, GIT, SVN, JAWS, WAVE

Confidential, Washington, DC

Test Analyst


  • Analyzed the software functionality.
  • Developed test plans based on the business functionality of the application.
  • Performed System Testing.
  • All the issues that came up during the testing process were tracked and logged in Quality Center as defects.
  • Used Quality Center for execution of manual test scripts.
  • Developed a test plan and modified the test plan when required in later stages of testing. Tests were tracked, reviewed, analyzed and compared using Quality Center.
  • Conducted Multi-User, Smoke and System testing.
  • Supported testing and development environments (i.e. backups, restores, version control of source, targets, and data), Liaison with the systems administrators.
  • Wrote SQL Statements to extract Data from Tables and to verify the output Data of the reports.
  • Performed extensive functional GUI level testing and wrote /modified tests from scratch.
  • Involved in User Interface testing, Usability Testing, Functionality Testing and Smoke Testing of the application.
  • Conducted User Acceptance Testing before the initial release when the project reached the final phase prior to deployment.
  • Monitored and planned tests and test scripts using Quality Center, and also used its bug reporting capabilities to track document bugs.
  • Provided complete information to the developers to understand the bug, get an idea of its severity and about its reproducibility.
  • Performed compatibility testing on various browsers and operating systems to ensure excellent user acceptance.
  • Tested the final application for Usability testing to verify whether all the User Requirements were created to by the application.
  • Monitored the defect tracking process using Quality Center, trouble shooting and generating customized graphs and reports for the client.
  • Maintained Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM).

Environment: Oracle, Windows NT, UNIX, Quality Center, TOAD, SQL, XML, IE.

Confidential -Washington,DC

Software Test Engineer


  • Involved in understanding of functionality and design of different applications based on the Requirement Specification Document.
  • Captured Test Cases and Test Results in Quality Center and documented and prepared the release notes as part of the project deliverables.
  • Investigated Software bugs and Interfaced with developers to resolve technical issues and reporting the bugs to all concerned.
  • Investigated requirements and interfaced with developers to resolve issues and reporting the issues to all concerned. Outstanding issues are documented and managed through Quality Center.
  • Reviewed the requirement and design documents, ensure that requirements are clear and testable.
  • Reviewed software Test plan for defining test scenarios and writing manual and automated test scripts
  • Maintained Requirement Traceably Matrix (RTM) after developing and updating Test Cases
  • Created, Maintained and Executed Manual Test Scripts in Quality Center.
  • Analyzed and identified defects and logged defects with detailed specification into Quality Center as they relate to Test Cases.
  • Analyzes test results to ensure existing functionality and recommends corrective action.
  • Worked with Users and Business Analysts to define and design test scenarios and test data.
  • Used the data driven testing and database accessing techniques to support the scripts.
  • Wrote SQL queries to test Data Integrity, Referential Integrity and performed Database Testing for the Application.
  • Review meetings and walkthroughs and prepared the defect progress reports during defect meetings.

Environment: Quality Center, SharePoint, SQL Server, UNIX, Windows XP.

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