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Senior Network Manager Resume

Kansas City, MO


  • With over 10 years of experience in information technology from senior engineering roles to managerial roles - I have been exposed to the majority of different corporate environments from retail to healthcare to financial industries giving me a better understanding of how technology and culture interact across drastically different industries.
  • I have directly managed and delegated projects with budgets up to 5 million with cost savings from vendor negotiations reaching up to 60%. With exposure to most areas of IT - I have gained valuable expertise leveraging different engineering skill sets to bring high level multi-year projects to completion including datacenter acquisitions, network and system upgrades, and high level security initiatives including security policies and new security architectures.


  • Information Technology
  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Security Disaster Recovery Business
  • Continuity and Risk Management
  • Team Building and Management
  • Client Relationships
  • Project Management
  • Vendor Management and Negotiation


Confidential, Kansas City, MO

Senior Network Manager


  • Responsible for managing Security, VOIP and Video, Wireless, Network, and VMWare infrastructure in multi-domain international enterprise environment
  • Responsible for employee management and task delegation including training on high level tasks and processes
  • Ensured timely completion of projects with budgets up to 5 million including creative usage of current equipment for cost savings up to 500k and contact negotiations resulting in up to 50-60% savings and discounts
  • Ensuring proper controls and network separation for critical business and retail functions including point of sale and PCI environments supporting Crown Center and 1000s of retail stores local and abroad

Confidential, Kansas City, MO

Lead Infrastructure Project Manager


  • The disaster recovery project included negotiating with colocation facilities to find the best facility to host our DR site and various redundant infrastructure systems and implementing a high level plan that would span past the contract to migrate systems and network infrastructure to the site
  • The construction project was a massive process of rebuilding entire floors from the ground up including wireless, voip, and network technologies and my role ensured that as new areas were developed that all the IT infrastructure was in place for new and existing employees moving into each area
  • The security project resulted due to this company lacking all security minus barring entry to non-badged employees. My work included primarily infrastructure related security which included hardening web proxies and all the firewalls across the environment

Confidential, Overland Park, KS

IT Network and Security Manager


  • Managed group of high-level Network Engineers across multiple projects from security/PCI architecture to network/storage architecture
  • Responsible for the development and creation of security policies, guidelines, procedures and their enforcement across the business in order to reach compliance and security goals
  • Responsible for the control of all systems and networking rulesets across the DMZ and Firewall environment using Cisco ASA firewalls
  • Implemented and negotiated a new colocation datacenter site using 6509-E architecture, HA ASA5520s, F5 Big IP LTM as well as migrating a 100M circuit from Corp to the new site for added redundancy and in order to reach datacenter compliance goals
  • Deployed Websense Web Security Gateway using WCCP redirection for added security and control over how the network is used by end-users
  • Coordinated relationships and business contracts with third party vendors to obtain network equipment, training, and consulting based on specific business needs including Cisco, EMC, Dell, Electronics Supply, F5 Networks, and CDW
  • Lead role in pushing the deployment of new network monitoring systems (Orion NPM and PRTG) for added visibility and troubleshooting within the network environment
  • Deployed, configured, and maintained F5 Big IP Load-Balancers in multiple locations utilizing LTM for added security and ease of administration of the web environment
  • Controlled and managed all DNS records and coordinated with third party vendors for external DNS records.
  • Performed audits of all equipment including Cisco routers, switches, UCS, F5 Load-Balancers, HP Blade Centers to ensure best practice configuration and architecture, compliance, and that the equipment meets security goals
  • Implemented and managed Risk Analytics IDS/IPS for third party IDS/IPS visibility across our publically facing network segments with active mitigation
  • Responsible for penetration testing and scanning using Qualysguard

Confidential , Lenexa, KS 2007 - 2011

IT Manager

  • Managed 60+ IT technicians and engineers in a call center environment utilizing multiple ticket systems and administration systems
  • Responsible for managing timely completion of sensitive technical projects and support calls in order to meet SLAs
  • Provided direction for assigned staff to meet new system developments and client requests
  • Responsible for maintaining engineering solutions for clients including email and web hosting servers
  • Coordinated with clients and vendors to ensure appropriate best practice support solutions and change management processes
  • Responsible for performance reviews and employee development
  • Responsible for communicating security and technical initiatives to the executive board
  • Maintained specific technical documentation of procedures and services for each client and application for efficient troubleshooting support
  • Responded to technical, sensitive inquiries and service complaints from end-users and client executives

Confidential, Lenexa, KS

Carrier Service Network Technician


  • Provided advanced network support and troubleshooting for 60+ clients and internet service providers across the country including SOHO and Enterprise environments including DSL, Cable, T1, Fiber, Dial-Up
  • Maintained and assisted with email and spam filter configurations including Outlook and Thunderbird with spam filters including Escout, Barracuda, Postini, and Ironport
  • Assisted field support technicians with installations and troubleshooting of video, phone, and internet service
  • Assisted with troubleshooting and repair of PCs, Macs, and Linux machines
  • Interfaced with third party technical support vendors and support personnel

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