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Senior Linux Build Administrator Resume



To obtain middle to high level career as a Linux/AWS administrator creating a stable, secure, cost - efficient, and quiet running environment by enhancing documentation, facilitating training, planning for the future, researching better ways to maintain the environment, keeping communication a top priority, learning new skills, and automating monitoring.


Languages: Java, Korn Shell, C, C++, awk, Perl

Operating Systems: CentOS, Red Hat 5, 6, & 7,AIX v4, AIX v5.1 - 5.3, AIX 6.1, HACMP, VIO Server

Software Tools: WebSM, smitty, NIM, lprng, Puppet, git

Network Services: Apache, postfix, Tomcat

Security Clearance: Active security clearance to work on federal servers GSA, EPA, NRC, USC, and OLDE

Training: VMware vCenter 5.5, Red Hat 5, 6, & 7, iPhone Dev. (iOS 9), Puppet



Senior Linux Build Administrator

  • Updating OSes on Red Hat Linux servers. Attaching SAN storage to Linux, and AIX servers. Managing file systems on Linux, and AIX servers. Supporting Linux, and AIX servers. Installing, and updating McAfee on Linux, and AIX servers. Maintain GPFS cluster on AIX, and Linux servers. Performing quarterly security testing on Linux, and AIX servers. Performing snapshots, and server reboots of Linux servers via VMware vCenter. Creating shell scripts to monitor systems to reduce downtime on both AIX, and Linux severs. Resolving Nagios alerts. Training other team members. Creating documentation for all team procedures. Configuring VIO servers. Participate in twice yearly DR testing. Updating OS on AIX servers. Performing alt disk copy installs. Setting up audit logging. Setting up NIM server. Using Blade Logic to gather system info, and push out updates.

Confidential,Lexington, MA

Senior Linux Admin/Operations Support

  • Researching requirements, and planning for future CentOS OS upgrades, and virtualization to VMware. Reviewing Linux (CentOS) environment to improve security, architectural layout of applications, OS stability, and machine performance. Providing 24 hour support for commercial applications. Resolving Nagios alerts. Setting up Nagios alerts. Leading team to review, and improve coding standards for Python, Perl, and shell scripting. Developed python script to determine database needs of storing, and retrieving lightning strike data. Performing minor mysql database configuration, and queries.

Confidential,Remote Work

Senior AIX Admin

  • Researching, and planning firmware, and AIX upgrades to large (1,000+ server environment). Upgrading firmware, VIO server OS, and applications. Creating, and updating documentation to upgrade firmware, VIO servers, and applications. Resolving day to day configuration problems. Reporting known issues to management, and AIX architects. Documenting procedures to upgrade firmware, and OS.

Confidential,Boston, MA

AIX/Linux Systems Admin

  • Added, and configured SAN storage to Power-6, and Power-7 blades, and P550 server. Configured P550 server with multiple LPARS using MPIO, and dual VIO servers for DB2, and Websphere teams. Configured NIM server on IVM LPAR on Power-6, and Power-7 blades. Standardized system logging. Migrated multiple LPARS from AIX 5.3 to AIX 6.1 including patching AIX technology levels, and service patch updates. Assisted in migrating IVMs, and VIOS servers on Power-6, and Power-7. Updated Perl script to automate database record updates. Documenting procedures. Migrated LPARs on IVM, and VIOS from local storage to SAN storage including setting up redundancy.

Confidential,Boston, MA

Senior AIX/Linux Systems Admin

  • Performed on call support for 250+ server environment focused on AIX, Red Hat, and Suse. Perform OS, and security patching on Linux servers. Set up Nagios alerts. Resolve Nagios alerts. Created, and maintained AIX VIO servers, and LPARs in AIX 5.3, and AIX 6.1. Performed LPAR OS maintenance with NIM. Migrated LPARs from AIX 5.3 to AIX 6.1. Assisted in hardware upgrade from Power-5 to Power-6. Assisted in setup of live partition mobility on Power-6 systems. Used VMWare to create, and maintain Linux (Suse, and Red Hat) environment. Documented printer setup procedures. Updated HMC OS. Performed VIOS OS updates. Updated firmware on Power-5, and Power-6 series boxes. Assisted in setup, and maintenance of HACMP clusters on AIX.

Confidential,Boston, MA

Senior AIX/Linux Systems Admin

  • Administrating Red Hat Linux servers. Performed security, and OS patching on Red Hat Linux servers. Maintaining RAID disk configuration on Linux servers. Automated monitoring of system resources on both Linux, and AIX servers. Examples include: automatically mailing of errors from error report, scripting monitoring disk usage on Linux boxes, using WebSM to monitor process availability, scripting monitoring print queue status, scripting monitoring of invalid login attempts. Led physical system, and OS migration to p570s/5.3. Performed this directly after joining the company. Documented, and revised all procedures for Linux, and AIX servers. Participated in annual DR including updating documentation, and improving process. Automated daily tasks through Korn, and Perl scripting. Examples include: reporting invalid login activity, mailing errors from error report, removing old print files. Trained junior AIX administrator. Managing OS, and firmware updates to pSeries, and HMC.

Confidential,Medford, MA

AIX Systems Admin

  • Led project to use NIM to update, and install systems including set up of NIM master/client environment. Wrote Korn, and awk scripts to analyze security of AIX pSeries boxes. Led project to standardize security across AIX platforms. Led project for mirroring disks, and maintaining bootlist in production environment. Led project for updating the micro-code for AIX, and HMC machines. Maintained user environment including adding new users, and groups, and creating file systems. Installed, and maintained LPARs. Resolved daily problems found in the system logs, and reports including designing solutions to eliminate root cause. Documented procedures such as NIM installation. Provided training for other team members. Debugged Perl, and Korn shell scripts.

Confidential,Braintree, MA

AIX System Admin

  • Supported RS/6000 servers running AIX 4.3.3, and 5.2. Worked closely with Retail Help Desk, and application development teams to provide level 2+ support in the diagnosis, and resolution of technical problems escalated from the stores. Performed AIX system administration functions including user management, error report analysis, and hardware configuration. Installed new hardware, and software as required. Scripted in Korn shell to automate system information gathering, and administrative procedures.

Confidential,Austin, Texas

Quality Assurance, and Tester

  • Worked with various Power PC architectures including P-Series, and performed acceptance testing on the AIX Unix builds. Environment was 200+ servers. Provided weekly status reports to senior management regarding the acceptance testing. Tested remote installation (NIM), and IBM’s system management tools (WebSM, and SMITTY) on AIX, and Linux platforms. Automated the testing using Rational XDE Tester reducing human intervention, and testing time by 25%. Performed migration testing from AIX 4.xx, and 3.xx to current development levels of AIX - 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3 on RISC, non-RISC, and Regatta hardware platforms. Automated the testing process shortening it from four weeks to four days which saved the company a minimum of $70,000 annually. Assisted development team with resolving UNIX kernel defects, applied operating system patches, and provided status reports on software defects, and functionality. Created test plans, and documentation for LDAP installations, and UNIX operating system migrations. Installed, and tested LDAP directory client-server software on IBM AIX including encryption components.

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