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Information Security Manager Resume

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Dallas, TX


  • Expert cyber security and hands on building and managing information security programs, wireless pen testing, malware analysis, and incident response.
  • Hands on IT audit, risk identification and risk management.
  • Hands on AIX and AIX security, Linux and Linux security.
  • Hands on business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Hands on project management.
  • Hands on in Cloverleaf interface Engine and HL7 and trainer.


  • Business Change Management Project/Program Management Technology Planning Budgeting
  • Client needs Assessment IT Infrastructure Vendor Negotiations
  • Conflict resolution SW Application Development Vendor Mgmt.
  • IT Governance/Leadership Risk / Issue Management Financial Cost Mgmt.
  • Portfolio Mgmt. Systems Integration QA and CM


Computer Science: Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Network Security, Computational Complexity, Relational Database, Fiber Optics, Computer Graphics, and Analysis of Algorithms.

Optimization: Operation Research, Linear, Non - linear, and Integer programming.

Cryptography: SSH, SSL

Protocol Suite: TCP/IP, OSI

High Level Languages: C, KSH, Tcl, Perl, SED, AWK, and HTML

Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, MS Project, Access, and Excel.


Firewall: Checkpoint

UNIX: AIX System Administration & Power HA



Information Security Manager


  • Manage the client side of the security operation center (SOC) including monitoring, reporting, threat analysis, and incident management.
  • Daily and weekly SOC report on threats and state of security.
  • Follow up and track cases using ServiceNow.
  • Insure the SOC performance meet the SAL.

Confidential,Coppell, TX

Sr. IT Project Manager


  • Eliminated the software license waste and make sure access to licensed software is well controlled.
  • Analyzed the security database by fixing the error data flow from different feeds.
  • Wrote several Visual Basic programs filters to manipulate data in Excel.

Confidential,Dallas, TX

Information Security Risk Analyst

  • Protect the IT operation and business continuity by preformed risk based audit plans based on the risk ranking. The higher the risk area get covered first and more frequently.


Information Security Officer

  • Established the information security program from ground up. In charge of network, application, and operations security.
  • Managed all aspects of information security program.
  • Manage the implementation PCI compliance.
  • Managed a team of five information security professionals who were responsible for safeguarding the bank's business and mitigating potential risks to its computing environment, assets and intellectual property.
  • Planned the yearly security budget ranged from one to five million dollars.
  • Managed risk assessment and risk mitigation programs.
  • Ensure separation of duties of critical the operations such as SWIFT operations to prevent fraud.
  • Developed and managed the implementation of information security policies, standards, guidelines and procedures to ensure the ongoing practice of security as a process within the bank.
  • Developed a framework for auditing the compliance and ensuring compliance with security policies.
  • Respond to the audit report with proper remedies.
  • Enforced network security measures including VPNs, stronger encryption (e.g. change from DES to 3DES or AES wherever possible).
  • Created and managed the security awareness training program.
  • Managed several projects to ensure better access control, accountability, and log monitoring.
  • Ensured operational efficiency is aligned with business requirements.
  • Conducted incident response for incidents and took the proper measure.
  • Ensure the backup site is up and running and the bank's operations could be restarted safely and reliably on the backup site (failover).
  • Ensured privileged accounts were monitored and the logs were saved.

Confidential,Dallas, TX

UNIX System Administrator

  • Worked as a system administrator in a complex environment, with more than 36 RS/6000 systems including two SP frames with two switches and ten nodes and more than 600 desktops connected through the network to the IBM servers running Aix 5.3.x with Oracle as the main database.
  • SSH solutions.
  • Install and upgrade Aix on different RS6000 and P5 platform.
  • Troubleshoot systems hardware and software.
  • Monitor systems performance and resource utilization.
  • Perform backup and restore on regular basis.
  • Wrote Korn Shell, AWK, SED, and Perl scripts to automate repetitive tasks.
  • In charge of the interface engine (Cloverleaf) for message exchange between different department in Parkland Hospital.
  • On call for technical support.
  • In charge of planning, documenting and implementing the disaster recovery procedures.
  • In charge of implementing security audit requirements, including user's login and passwords restrictions, access and remote login controls.
  • Installed and Configured PowerHA for many critical applications.
  • Wrote the complete documentations for hardware and software configurations for over 30 servers.
  • Troubleshoot hardware, software, and the networks.
  • Implemented security on all AIX servers (servers hardening)
  • Installed and administered Linux (Red hat).
  • Managed three datacenters main and the backup datacenters

Confidential,Dallas, TX

Technical Instructor

  • In charge of training customers on all levels of Cloverleaf.
  • Advance network integration and security, Unix System Administrations, and HL7.
  • This involves TCP/IP configurations, troubleshooting Perl scripting and TCL/TK programming and testing.

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