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Sw Architect/sr. Technical Lead Resume

San Jose, CaliforniA


Senior management professional with over 20 years of leadership experience in organization management, SW architecture, design and delivery of products in Networking, Consumer Electronics, Mobile, Wireless, PC, Storage Area Networks, Multiprocessor Server and Graphics industries.


Patents: One system engineering and two AI/ML related, under review at Cisco

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: classification, regression, dimension reduction, regularization, clustering, deep and reinforcement learning, text classification & d Confidential preparation with SciPy, NumPy, Scikit - learn, Pandas, Keras, Keras-rl and RapidMiner.

Protocols: Macsec, MKA, Ethernet, MHL, HDMI, DVI, WiFi, WiHD, WiGig, HDCP, DTCP, MIPI, MPEG, H.264, OCAP, S Confidential, PCI, UPNP, USB, I2C, GigE, FC, TCP, IP, SCSI, iSCSI, SONET, ATM, IMA, Frame Relay, Circuit Emulation and SNMP.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac, IOS4, Android, VxWorks & ThreadX.

Languages: Python, C, C++, C#, X, Motif, Perl, Java, OpenGl, Microcode & Assembly.

Processors: MIPS, Motorola, Intel, ARM & SUN.

Networking: SONiC, Confidential, Multi-service Switch, LAN, WAN, Shelf, Network and Element Management Systems.

Storage Area Network: Enterprise-class switch and appliance, NAS, SAN, Volume management, Virtualization, Zoning, RAID, NFS & CIFS, switch and storage management application.

Cloud: Infrastructure, applications, security, SAAS, HADOOP, JSON, REST & SOAP.

Home automation: CE devices connectivity solution, user experience d Confidential collection, cloud infrastructure for analytics & report generation.

Security: PKI, RSA, AES, SHA1, HMAC, SSL, IPSec, robustness rules, authentication, privacy, integrity, non-repudiation, user ID, password & secure boot.

Embedded System Software Concepts: HW and SW tradeoffs, reusable components, RAID concepts, High Availability, Fault Tolerance, Non Disruptive Upgrade, Three-tier Boot, RAS, Operating System Abstraction, HAL, Device Drivers and Multiplatform development.

Application SW Framework: Container, Docker, Android App Framework, .Net & QT.

Computer Architecture: Symmetrical/Asymmetrical Multiprocessor systems, NUMA.


Confidential, San Jose, California

SW Architect/Sr. Technical Lead


  • Contributor of feature architecture and specifications to the OCP Networking/SONiC/SAI working group.
  • Responsible for the architecture, design and implementation of SONiC/SAI compatible platform SW. Network Operating System Confidential (d Confidential analytics & machine learning, security, telemetry, HAL) & SOC driver for the N7K and N9K series products for the L2/L3 d Confidential center switching market.

Confidential, Sunnyvale, California

Director of SW Engineering


  • Managed SW/QA organization and products with revenue over $300 million annually.
  • Managing annual budget of ~$6 million.
  • Built the SW and QA engineering organization in USA, China & India including talent acquisition and retention, compensation & succession planning.
  • Maintained full responsibility for creating and maintaining the Product Life Cycle Management process for the company.
  • Defined the SW architecture for reusability, performance, API, HW/OS abstraction and ease of integration with SOC SW resulting in shorter customer SW integration time and reduced post production issues.
  • Defined and implemented the SW/QA development and release process. Consequently, improved the product quality and reduced the development time by 1 quarter.
  • Substantially reduced the problem turnaround time, resulting in stronger customer relationship and multiple iterations of repeat business.

Confidential, San Jose, California

Director of SW Engineering


  • Managed technical planning, system integration, verification and validation, cost and risk, supportability and effectiveness analyses for the systems.
  • Responsible for coordinating employee recruitment, selection and, performance assessment etc.

Confidential, San Jose, California

Director, Embedded Software Development


  • Responsible for the SW architecture, design, development and delivery of a carrier class OC48 to OC192 Add/Drop Multiplexer.

Confidential, San Jose, California

Manager, Software Development


  • Managed a team of 15 engineers and delivered MGX 8850 a carrier class multi-protocol (ATM, IMA, Frame Relay, and Circuit Emulation) switch software.

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