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Engineer Ii Resume

Snoqualmie, WA


  • I bring a diverse array of experience, leadership, technical skills, industries, and engineering disciplines to every challenge I solve.


Design Engineering:, 10 years: Solidworks, Solidworks PDM/EPDM Admin, AutoCAD, Pro/ENGINEER, Material specification, Adhesive specification, Design for injection mold, Manufacturing tool design, Control systems design, Electrical power systems design, Pneumatic systems design, Driveworks Express, Driveworks Solo, and Driveworks Professional.

Test Engineering:, 10 years: LabVIEW Data Acquisition, Test fixture design, Transducers, Calibration.

Mathematical and Statistical Modeling:, 10 years: Design of Experiment (DOE), Minitab, Maple, MathCAD, HYSYS, Excel, MatLAB.

Technical Writing:, 10 years: Project proposals, Test reports, Policies, Procedures, Work Instructions, Design Requirements/Specifications, Software support manuals.

Machine Shop and Fabrication:, 8 years: Laser cutter/engraver setup and operation, Mill operation, Lathe operation, other machine shop tool operation, machine shop safety, Wiring, Electrical Soldering, Piping assembly, Pipe soldering, Pneumatic assembly.

Software and Web Development:, 14 years: Visual C#, Visual Basic, C++, Java, LabVIEW, .NET, HTML, CSS, DHTML, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX.

Macro and Script Programming:, 20 years: OLE Automation, VBA, VBScript (VBS), JavaScript, ActiveX, COM.

Network Administration:, 10 years: Windows Server, Exchange Server, Active Directory, IIS, Windows Clients, Apple/Macintosh Clients.

Database Administration:, 10 years: Oracle SQL, MSSQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access, ADO, DAO.

Leadership:, 8 years: Coaching, teaching, tutoring, team building, communication, safety, working with children, youth, and adults.

Microsoft Office:, 20 years: Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Project, Visio, Word. Master user, technical support to colleagues, friends, and family.


Engineer II

Confidential, Snoqualmie, WA

  • Designed eddy current and remote field probes including electrical and magnetic field calculations, and mechanical stress requirements.
  • Automated CAD design by creating configuration tools to automate the creation of 3D models and drawings in Solidworks for Confidential 's probe families using Driveworks Express, Driveworks Solo, and advanced Driveworks Professional techniques.
  • Completed Driveworks Professional advanced training at Driveworks World 2016.
  • Joint winner of the Roper Challenge award 2016 for probe CAD automation.
  • Trained other engineers in the use of Driveworks automation tools.
  • Solidworks PDM Professional Administrator.
  • Supported and trained engineers in using Solidworks.
  • Supported quality assurance and probe production to troubleshoot probes not passing inspection.
  • Supported sales engineers in selecting probes for customers.
  • Authored procedures, work instructions, and test reports.
  • Developed macros in Solidworks API, Excel, SQL databases, and other automated systems to promote lean process management.
  • Developed a web page for helping sales engineers and customers select the correct probes for their unique needs.
  • Created internal web pages displayed on televisions as status boards for visually and automatically tracking the status of engineering design tasks to keep the team accountable.
  • Collaborated with management and engineers on multiple projects related to designing and testing new probes.
  • Collaborated with the IT department to specify engineering computer and server needs, and acted as a server and database administrator of the engineering specific servers.

Senior Engineer

Confidential, Redmond, WA

  • Used Solidworks and AutoCAD to design instruments and disposable microfluidic cartridges that perform PCR molecular biology, Immuno Elisa assays, Bio threat detection, hematology, and many other biological assays. Cartridge interfaces included pneumatic air and fluid delivery systems, heaters and thermo - electric coolers, and magnetic fields for micro-metallic bead control and mixing.
  • Led a team using design of experiment techniques and scanning electron microscope to improve Confidential ’s microfluidic valve design to no failures in over 100,000 parts. The finished laser welded pneumatic diaphragm valves were mass producible, smaller than 0.125”, and could seal air at an immeasurable leak rate.
  • Organized and authored traceability requirements, specification, and design documents for product verification, validation, and FDA submission.
  • Machined and fabricated parts and fixtures in the machine shop, production facilities, and electronics bench. Trained in and followed safety procedures.
  • Developed and optimized manufacturing processes.
  • Specified laminate and molded plastics, adhesives, and membranes for biological compatibility and structural integrity for cartridge design.
  • Engineered test fixtures and test methods for FDA validation of Confidential products.
  • Wrote LabVIEW and Visual Studio C# software for instrument control and Test Engineering.
  • Developed Solidworks and AutoCAD macros to enhance and accelerate the design process.
  • Solidworks EPDM Administrator.
  • Maintained the intranet web site using Oracle SQL, ASP, HTML, and JavaScript with Visual Studio Web Developer, for fabrication order processing and design control.
  • Provided engineering and software support to the Confidential scientists, engineers and clients.
  • Authored installation manuals, user manuals, and training documents for software and engineering procedures.
  • Presented test data and work to peers and supervisors.
  • Supported and repaired Confidential hardware and instruments.

Information Systems Administrator

Confidential, Redmond, WA

  • Authored Information Systems policies and procedures.
  • Managed 4 Windows 2003 Servers with Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory.
  • Managed network storage and backup systems.
  • Provided technical support, Computer Repair and Maintenance for about 40 employees and computers.
  • Administrated company databases.

Research Scientist/Engineer

Confidential. Mercer Island, WA

  • Researched new purification and liquefaction systems for natural gas. Areas of research: Regenerative refrigeration including active magnetic and active gas, Hydrocarbon mixed refrigerant systems, Adsorption purification.
  • Designed small prototype systems, HYSYS process flow diagrams, Pro/E Wildfire 3D models and 2D machine drawings, Visio process flow diagrams and piping and instrumentation diagrams.
  • Prototype systems included, control and electrical systems, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, liquid and gas flow systems with piping and pumps.
  • Developed Excel and MathCAD calculations, scripts, macros and numerical models.
  • Wrote LabVIEW programs for electrical controls and data acquisition.
  • Assembled and fabricated prototype components in the workshop.
  • Presented data and work to peers and supervisors.
  • Assisted in authoring grant proposals for US Department of Energy contracts.
  • Illustrated diagrams for patent applications.
  • Assisted the IS administrator, providing technical support for ~30 employees.

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