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Network Architect Resume

Vienna, VA


Detail - oriented engineer with 18 years of experience designing, implementing, securing and troubleshooting cutting edge innovative networks, systems and applications.


  • Network engineering and design
  • IP, MPLS, OSPF, BGP, IGRP, MPLS VPNs, VLANS, Multicast technologies
  • Juniper router and Cisco devices
  • Security device IDS/IPS, Firewalls
  • VOIP/Legacy Phone Systems
  • Linux/BSD Administration
  • DevOps, App development
  • Cloud/Virtual Machines (XEN, VMware)
  • Windows server
  • Active Directory/Exchange
  • Ethernet, T1, DS3, OCx, Wiring


Network Architect

Confidential, Vienna, VA


  • Analyze current network utilization, functions, and security.
  • Create a 3-year architecture guide for the network, data center and systems.
  • Run requirements analysis for customer network and systems.
  • Design customer networks/ systems or update network/systems to be more robust, secure and scalable.
  • Provide customers with new architecture integration/migration plan. Oversee change order implementation.

Network Engineer

Confidential, Herndon, VA


  • Collaborate with engineering group, providing input into network architecture for network design, device function and protocols.
  • Provide input for architecture plan on integrating new Charter Network.
  • Lab test and certify new vendor software and hardware for different versions of code and network device functionality.
  • A specific device may perform different functions and utilize different protocols at different layers/levels in the network.
  • Protocol interoperability testing between different devices.

Director Network Engineering and Operations

Confidential, Vienna, VA


  • Maintain a single cohesion among all technical groups to effectively provide customers with the utmost technical solutions and support. Supervise Operations group and Engineering team managers. Work with Operations and Engineering Managers to prepare budgets. Analyze Operations, Engineering and Data Center manager reports.
  • Work with internal Executive, Sales, and Marketing departments to budget, develop, test and implement new network features, and application ensuring security, reliability, recoverability, and optimum performance to meet the needs of customers. DevOps lead in development of enterprise applications on internal virtual Data Centers for both internal and enterprise customer use.
  • Maintain integrated system wide IDS/IPS that automatically reacts to security violations. Analyze network and security trends. Provide support to new internal virtual datacenter solution pushing HPC to the virtual environment by adding HPC system calls into XEN and KVM.
  • Provide onsite IT Support for certain high level enterprise customers. Conduct Business analysis and discovery for customer IT requirements and provide network and security analysis as needed. Provide customers with the best of both worlds, being onsite and offsite auto failover disaster recovery solution (onsite cloud and offsite cloud).
  • 5th Level Support to operations engineers for network and systems application trouble shooting.
  • Design, document and build nextGen multigigabit network on new leased fiber, integrating existing network into said new network and eventually the shutdown off old network.
  • Negotiate vendor contracts, and verify compliance with required or stipulated needs.
  • I started at Confidential as VP of Engineering with 10 employees. As we grew the company and the upper level positions got farther away from a technical position, and more administrative, I changed positions to be able to work on systems. This is not to say I did not do required administrative tasks association with the different job tittles I possessed.
  • My passion is networking not managing.

Senior Network Engineer

Confidential, Ashburn, VA


  • Collaborate with other team members on the design, deployment and testing of new product offerings.
  • Core team member in the design, testing and implementation of the first MPLS VPN based service offering that provided any-to-any IP connectivity, as well as multicast over an MPLS VPN network.
  • Play a key role in the design and testing of the Defense Research Engineering Network (DREN) that supported ATM over MPLS, IP Multicast, L2 and L3 IP and MPLS services. Provide network migration/integration procedures and documentation for DREN customer to cut over to vBNS+ network and move off their current network.
  • Guide other engineers in the design of the Washington Mutual Bank ( Confidential ) MPLS network. Create procedures for Confidential to migrate/integrate from current network to vBNS+ MPLS solution.
  • Create a proof of concept and test for an IP MPLS VPN carrier to carrier internetworking solution between Cisco and Juniper devices, which became the first commercial network offering of its kind.
  • Test vendor code and hardware, in a lab environment, and verify if it conforms to RFC standards and designs of the vBNS network. Interoperability testing between router vendors.
  • Provide 5th level support to operations engineers, as well as train operations group on the network setup and troubleshooting of the network. Document network designs, use, changes, and troubleshooting guide.

Mid Atlantic Network Engineer

Confidential, McLean, VA


  • Troubleshoot network issues. Monitor networks for outages and respond as needed. Manage Mae East presence (BGP peers), and all MD, DC VA pops. Provide 3rd Level support to local NOC personnel and supervise other engineers.
  • Resolve system issues such as DNS and web applications and Linux OS troubleshooting.
  • Decrease monthly open tickets by 65%.
  • Verify functionality of all Data Center systems; including HVAC, UPS and Generator. Provide customer onsite support as required.
  • Deploy and maintain network based IDS. Analyze network threats and react accordingly.
  • Wire configure customer phone systems, data circuits (Ethernet, T1, DS3, Fiber)

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