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Devops/platform Engineer Resume

Redmond, WA


Confidential, Redmond, WA

DevOps/Platform Engineer


  • Setup gated Jenkins CICD pipelines for various projects performing unit tests, code coverage, BVT, and product integration prior to promoting builds to release.
  • Created process allowing devs and QA to trigger builds for faster code experimentation and devised way to quickly rebuild testbed devices.
  • Configured and setup automated deployment of device monitoring using cAdvisor and Confidential stack enhancing QA coverage.
  • Worked closely with test engineer to identify errors, resolve bottlenecks and integrate jMeter tests into CI process.
  • Instrumented deployment solutions using open source and AWS tooling.
  • Designed, tested, and deployed an Ubuntu OS security patch delivery solution using apt - mirror - which met business requirement of gated and deterministic updates to IoT products at scale.
  • Reduced cloud costs and AWS deployment build time for stage environment by automating AWS deploy/ delete-stack, mongo data seeding/backup/sanitization/startup, and other configuration management tasks.
  • Created a bulk order provisioning process using Postman collection runner using JavaScript tests resulting in less errors/ complexity and improvement in provisioning time by 10 mins/per unit.
  • Minimized technical debt to support teams and increased visibility into business logic anomalies via test scripts.
  • Helped build/upkeep of IoT product infrastructure and delivery solutions.
  • Helped build a hardware agnostic Docker orchestration platform designed to safely manage a multi-regional fleet of 20,000+ IoT devices running light-weight containerized micro-services.
  • Designed an idempotent method to run host-side tasks at scale bypassing container/host opaqueness, which allowed successful OS adjustment on IoT units. Worked with devs on building effective strategies to remotely control variety of processes, services, throttling, unix socks, and components while maintaining zero downtime.
  • Helped secure micro-services using Polyverse.io technology - providing moving target mitigation against memory based exploits and zero day.
  • Increased visibility into security risks for OS, Containers, and code/libraries by integrating vulnerability analysis into CICD (used Nessus, AquaSec, Snyk/NSP, RKHunter) and setup risk alerting. Aggregated historical Confidential data/charts/graphs to all be easily accessible from Jenkins.
  • Automated build, provisioning, image creation/SHA validation, and S3 upload process (using Confidential and bash) for IoT product.
  • Understanding of general orchestration workflow, troubleshooting failures in a Linux environment running REST API’s built using Go/Node.
  • Experience in configuring and deploying code/projects using orchestrators: ECS, Mesos/Mesosphere, and docker-compose.
  • Understanding of source code control (Git), NPM(Sensu), APM(AppDynamics/Dynatrace), log aggregation (Sumologic and Confidential stack), variety of Linux utilities for root cause analysis, and debugging code upon deployment failures.
  • Providing solutions to business problems by performing PoC’s for various SaaS products.
  • Leveraged Cloudformation and setup a template build process expediting uptime for future infrastructure creation and testing.
  • Worked with various AWS tools: AWS SDK, Route53, Cloudfront, ElastiCache, Cloudtrail, SQS/SNS, etc.

Network Support Engineer



  • Optimized product troubleshooting process by designing, building, and releasing a .NET troubleshooting app. Successful adoption of app lead to consolidation of toolset into a single UI, reduced tier 3 escalations by 80%, decreased accumulated technical debt, and helped eliminate the tier 3 department altogether. Visual Basic/Cygwin/Node/Bash/Batch.
  • Created Windows network verification tool for each audio/video product - shortened troubleshooting duration by 95%, eliminated manual steps, introduced consistency in diagnosing problems, and empowered installation teams, field technicians, support staff to quickly and successfully handle network escalations. Netcat/Telnet/fping/Batch/CSS/HTML.
  • Identified and resolved system issues - example: fixed NOC monitoring bug, which eliminated monitoring blackout disruption and allowing ability for consistent 24/7 monitoring/troubleshooting of 30,000+ Linux systems.
  • Determined root cause of CDN outage and scripted fix that increased uptime by 20% - yielding reliable 24/7 delivery of music to legacy products.
  • Setup agent/agentless monitoring, thresholds, and alerting for on-prem servers. Responded to alerts/outages, managed VM snapshot backups, and security updates(used vSphere/Rancher/SolarWinds IPmonitor/OpenNMS/SNMPwalk/ WMI/SNMP).
  • Configured Nessus and installed OpenVAS to generate monthly PCI scans of servers and current products.
  • Setup PoC for high risk Confidential ’s using Kali Linux tools and offered remediation steps to appropriate engineers.
  • Designed a lab for product/firewall/network/audio testing. Configured Cisco ASA, Meraki, SonicWall/VPN to test old and new products in various network configurations. Scripted packet capture and analysis using TCPdump/Wireshark.
  • Created a .NET tool to automate QA tasks - centralizing troubleshooting/testing into single tool.
  • Setup multi-track recording/monitoring studio to quickly identify audio malfunctions increasing product test coverage.

Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Helpdesk Shift Manager and Support Lead


  • Coordinated administrative duties and workload with other managers between shifts.
  • Acted as technical escalation lead.
  • Maintained internal documentation; updated KB and FAQs.
  • Drove continuous improvement in customer experience by improving support workflows - auditing calls/tickets, analyzing performance metric to identify opportunities, and providing feedback to employees - reduced SLA breaches by 8% in Q1 2015.
  • Streamlined onboarding process - decreased coaching time from 12 to 9 weeks and improved knowledge transfer of tribal info by creating training material/documentation. Mentored technicians, tracked their progress, and provided improvement plans.
  • Involved in test phase of SDLC; assist engineers in improving new Linux features in pipeline; creating test cases, evaluating reliability/performance/functionality, and tracked bugs via BugZilla.

Helpdesk Support and Technical Sales



  • Resolved tickets related to SAN/NAS, networking, cloud services, security, and built-in Confidential apps/features.
  • Guided client engineers in better understanding of various solutions/features/tools, best practices, capacity planning, and performance optimization in variety of environments.
  • Attended 6 major tradeshows as a technical sales tech, including CES 2014 (Las Vegas) and GovTech 2014 (Norfolk). Worked closely with reseller, vendors, and clients at tradeshows to evangelize product - contributed to increased sales numbers for 2014 totally 22% growth between Q1 to Q4.
  • Provided IT/engineering group with feature recommendations - helped identify end-user needs and provided pseudo code ideas.
  • Performed VoIP QA testing - helped with successful migration from NWVOX to 3CX.

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