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Field Technician Resume



  • Extensive years in Telecommunications
  • 10+ years Network Operations
  • 10+ years Translations
  • Network Management


Platforms: Windows 8/7/98/NT//XP/Sun Sparc


Languages: UNIX, Shell Scripting, C, SunSoft Solaris 8

Tools: Clearvision, RBS Element Manager

Ticketing Systems: WFAC, DAM Tool, HP OpenView, Remedy, REACT, Homer OMC, Siebel, NMA, BMIS, OPS, TURKS, SCS, eTraxis, DDTS, and Hotline 2

Test Systems: Remedy, Granite, Xpercom, PAC - A TEST SET, Anritsu Sitemaster, HP Access 7, NetXpert, Sentinel MGTS, Heikemian, Tekelec MGTS, INET, Geoprobe, Sunset Ghepardo, TBERD 224.


Confidential, Chicago

Field Technician


  • Commissioned and Migrated Samsung MBS CDU (Compact Digital Unit) 30 platform.
  • Migrated 800,1900, and 2.5.
  • Troubleshoot Cisco A901-12C-FT-D CSR
  • Troubleshoot Cisco MWR 2941
  • Set Environment by loading, verifying, and editing ENV file.
  • Troubleshoot live alarms such as SFP RSSI imbalance on sectors, defective backhaul fiber or copper cables, degrow and grow LTE 800,1900,2.5 Alpha Beta, Gamma sectors, high Dirty fiber high ERAB Fail rate VSWR threshold fails, ADU, LMD,LCC cards, fiber, Alpha, Beta, Gamma sector traffic issues, function fail’s on RRH’s, I/O Monitor fails, Rectifier fails, EAIU alarms, New Alarm ECM failure Over heating Fan failure battery fail alarm and cnum’s not taking traffic.
  • Performed Fiber and copper installation on Texon and Eltek cabinets.
  • Team Lead/POC/Tech Support/Project Coordinator/Project Manager.
  • Submitted daily COP ‘s including photo’s, labelling, post migration test calls and speedtests.

Confidential, Naperville, IL

Site Closeout Coordinator


  • Reviewed Closeout Packages submitted by Field Force.
  • Used tools such as IPMO, CUPS, and IFM to monitor execution of project/customer specific Site Close Out requirements.
  • Interfaced with Confidential Project Managers for feedback pertaining to contractual Deliverables criteria.
  • Contributed to improvements of Site Closeout MOP.
  • Developed proper Site Closeout Checklist for Field Force.
  • Trained Field Force in Installation Quality Standards and Installation techniques.
  • Interfaced daily with Customer Delivery Managers, Project Managers, Roll Out Managers and Vendor Management.
  • Collaborated with tools team to develop improvements and/or troubleshoot tools related issues.
  • Initialize and support measures for Site Close Out submission improvement raised from customer Site Closeout Manager.
  • Attend Operational Review meetings to gauge success of the team.

Confidential, Elgin, Illinois

Analyzer / Tester / Builder


  • Wired GTR 8000 Expandable Site Subsystems (ESS).
  • Assembled and Tested Confidential 7577A routers.
  • Assembled Hewlett Packard 2620 /24 server blades.
  • Assembled Land Mobile Base Radios (BR’s), and Outlaw GTR 3000 UHF units.
  • Configured Site Controller’s using Configuration Service Software (CSS).
  • Flashed Base Radio’s with ver. 35.0.9 using Agilent system.

Confidential, Mchenry, IL

Roof Inspector


  • Performed detailed inspections for Lane Technical High School’s five-million-dollar roof project.
  • Submitted daily updates to Project Manager
  • Supplied daily photographs of site.
  • Confirmed correct roofing procedures and products were being utilized
  • Project shut down, roofing department furloughed due to rain / weather.

Confidential, Aurora, Illinois

DC Lead


  • Installed Confidential AWS LTE’s in Confidential cell sites in Chicago market
  • The following checklist has been developed to ensure the delivery of a quality installation
  • Troubleshoot all cell site alarms including LTE, CDMA, GPS, Lucent Modcell, and microwave
  • Installed and upgraded battery systems in Great Plains market
  • De-commissioned old battery systems and replaced with new
  • Installed C&D and Dekka battery systems
  • Ran all power cable necessary for system including 350,400,500, and 750 AWG
  • Installed temporary backup batteries during installation insuring no outages due to commercial power outage

Confidential, South Barrington, IL

Telecommunications Installer


  • Performed detailed Site Surveys Confidential customer cell sites including type, physical location, and current capacity of power bays, aux panels, specific power lug types, and cable run distances
  • Verified fiber connected to Telco, microwave BH, eNodeB, EVDO, and 1x
  • Installed and configured Infinity C DC Converter
  • Installed and configured and troubleshot 7705 ALU SAR-18 routers
  • Labeled 9228 Modcell copper cables, AWS, and eNodeB fiber for move to SAR-18
  • Installed fiber guide
  • Labeled newly installed equipment referencing the equipment name, technology, origination and termination end.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

RF Engineer


  • Completed successfully conversion and integration MOP of Samsung Baseband RAS
  • Installed SAMSUNG 850 baseband RAS unit SPI2213 in Confidential cell sites
  • Review test output results ensuring minimum specifications are met
  • Update WSM, Plex, and Clearvision databases
  • Install power from Micrin 12 channel PDU to Samsung RAS, and power to antennas
  • Configure Asentra Site boss 570 site controller
  • Interface with World Wide Packets Lightning Edge 311V Ethernet switch
  • De-commissioned Confidential iDEN’s DAP/GAP WiMax systems removing any/all fiber and RF jumpers
  • Loaded ENV file in Samsung RAS
  • Run VSWR and RxPath tests
  • Perform RF validation testing
  • Review test output results ensuring minimum specifications, and KPI’s are met
  • Verified Golden specifications are correct and meet Samsung specifications

Confidential, New Berlin, WI

RF Cable Technician/Cell Site Installer


  • Install and configure Aviat Eclipse IRU 600 Microwave system
  • Verify commsearch data is loaded correctly in Eclipse
  • Configure SAR-F and SAR-8 routers ensuring correct network configuration
  • Troubleshoot any/all alarms in Aviat IRU 600, CDMA and 6601 LTE

Confidential, Illinois, Wisconsin

LTE Integrator


  • Performed adequate risk assessments to identifying hazards and developed appropriate measures to mitigate identified hazards while performing work on this project to safeguard employees, authorized site personnel, and the public.
  • Submitted photos of Newly mounted antennas with connectors, weatherproofed, antenna Manufacture back plate tag showing, manufacture, make, model, fixed downtilts top and bottom connectors - before and after weatherproofing, top and bottom jumpers to depict color code, routing, drip loops, weatherproofing, supports, main line coax runs and mounting, new main line coax grounding Confidential top and bottom of tower, new main line coax drip loops Confidential base of tower, new TMA’s with connections, if applicable, any additional, grounding augmentation, existing antenna mounts or new mounts after install, new antenna down-tilt measurement both electrical and mechanical (electrical, a picture of the control setting. If manual, a picture of the digital level reading on the antennas.) Photo will also show antenna labeling, plumb on the antenna and mounts clearly showing the digital level reading. Photo will also show antenna labeling, diplexers, installs and connections including mounting, if applicable, hoisting Grips photos, any new grounding or bus bar installation, completed Ericsson Construction Quality Checklist,
  • Project lead for integrating Confidential Wireless AWS band 4
  • Installed “final connection” including, Confidential, 4th PSU, and Power Distribution Unit (“PDU”) high powered unit required for remote power to RRUS’s or AIR (antenna integrated radio units)
  • Install Commscope Raycap Strikesorb fiber power distribution unit
  • Install DF OVP and associated cabling
  • Run fiber from 2nd DUL SFP to CSR
  • Take screenshots and clear any/all alarms relevant
  • Install, activate, and tested 100 AMP breaker in power bay

Confidential, Madison/ Milwaukee, WI

LTE Integrator / Crew Lead


  • Performed Quality Assurance and Quality Auditing and updated in Site Handler and AMS
  • Added 3rd sector for 2nd carrier on an existing eNodeB
  • Worked with NIC technical support troubleshooting service disruptions during / after integrations
  • Installed new PDU AND PSU in 6601 power magazine to support 700 850 MHz 2nd carrier
  • Connected #6 AWG power from PDU to LTE PSU and activated 100A breaker for LTE in Emerson and Marconi, and Lorraine power bays
  • Followed all Confidential quality, security, and operations guidelines
  • Submitted COPS (close out packages) for all sites integrated
  • Properly dressed all cables accordingly and to code
  • Interfaced with Technicians meet and deal with a whole range of customers; engineers, craftspeople, office staff, security guards, maintenance specialists, and on occasion, senior executives
  • Labeled newly installed equipment with P-Touch, referencing the equipment name, technology, origination and termination end.

Confidential, Madison and Milwaukee, WI

LTE Integration Engineer / Crew Lead


  • Project lead for Confidential ’s Band 5 eNodeB LTE quality, integration, and installation
  • Tiger Team lead directing leased tower crew Confidential $4,000 00 per day fee troubleshooting alarms such as cross sectoring, RET (remote electronic tilt), VSWR, Antenna azimuth orientation and horizontal/vertical tilt alarms in EnodeB, Antenna mechanical down tilt
  • Verified site plumbing matched Data Sheet
  • Resolved scripting issues affecting IP addresses, incorrect product serialization, and remote connection to OSS platform issues
  • Configured, verified, and troubleshoot initial configuration issues per RFDS specifications
  • Used Confidential site drawings and schematics to locate correct LTE frame location
  • Configured SAR-F router using CSM Management (Out of Band) Ethernet port
  • Performed scratch load on ENodeB if appropriate
  • Installed safely, 24v power runs from Emerson PDU to Telect Fuse Panel and LTE 6601 power magazine PDU
  • Installed and activated power to Alcatel Lucent SAR-F (site aggregate router), and eNodeB frame

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

LTE Integration Engineer


  • Integrated, installed, and delivered Ericsson RBS 3106,3206, CDMA / UMTS nodes in Pittsburgh market
  • Installed 9595i Battery Backup Unit
  • Integrated and Installed RBS 3418, and 3518 UMTS
  • Installed Power and Battery Backup System PBC-02

Confidential, Dallas, TX

LTE Integration Engineer


  • Team member performing primary node integration and installation in Ericson LTE RBS 6601, and 6201 ODE LTE eNodeB Nodes in North Texas market
  • Connected power, ground, mounted, fused, and loaded scripts in Cisco SIAD router
  • Run and Terminate DC power cables to RRUS
  • Run and Terminate OIL cables to RRUS
  • Connect transport, RF jumpers, and RET Control Cables
  • Removed existing Nortel CDMA GPS Installed 1:4 splitter, reconnect CDMA verifying GPS in lock mode Connected EnodeB off other splitter port mode with no service interruption
  • Ran scratch loads on ENodeB and corrected eNodeb scripts
  • Ran, terminated, and tested newly installed backhaul (BH) T1’s
  • Used Element Manager to configure and Integrate RBS 6601 indoor, and 6602 outdoor ENodeB
  • Troubleshoot critical HUB sites during maintenance window
  • Ran and installed power to Emerson, Marconi, and Lorrain Power Distribution Panels

Confidential, Naperville, IL

Network Engineer


  • Installed Confidential and HP Net Aggregate, Branch, and Admin Managers.
  • Installed Confidential branch servers in Syniverse Dallas site
  • Installed Confidential Telecomm Protocol Network Analyzer System’s (Network Aggregate Servers) 3000’s
  • Set up trace/traps to monitor SS7 data for LEC’s, CLEC’s, RBOC’s, and IXC’s
  • Set up filters and traps on Point Codes, IP Addresses, TRIDS, DPC’s, OPC’s, LRN’s and SCP’s
  • Configured Windows Server
  • Performed roaming and switch-based billing protocol analysis
  • Performed Acceptance Test Plan ( ATP ) completing sign off with Confidential MSO Customer Engineer
  • Create, resolve, and escalate Remedy trouble tickets
  • Troubleshoot SS7 and CDMA protocol and routing issues
  • Used Granite, Xpercom, and Remedy test systems to troubleshoot T1, SS7, and other network troubles
  • Installed, operated, and troubleshoot SS7 routing issues in Nortel MTX, Media Gateway 465, and Alcatel RSP ATM mobile switch
  • Supported Confidential Data Engineer Translations personnel to resolve Intelligent Network (IN) issues
  • Turned up T1’s to BTS’s, RBS’s, CSU’s, smart jacks using REACT, CITIX, and HOMER systems
  • Performed routine maintenance on Nortel MTX Mobile Switch, Alcatel Spatial, and Titan 5500 / 550SL DACS
  • Performed MSC daily routine maintenance and daily backups
  • Resolved trouble tickets utilizing REMEDY trouble ticket system
  • Utilized Confidential -Mobile’s troubleshooting platform suite to resolve live call setup issues
  • Resolved Customer Care trouble tickets on Comverse Insight voicemail system
  • Administered IP databases and spreadsheets
  • Performed live surveillance and monitoring of Confidential -Mobiles national mobile GSM network
  • Interface with Network Operations (NOC) team to resolve Mobile Telephone and network troubles

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