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Senior - Network Support Resume


  • Professional - Software Development Data Scientist seeking a Senior Software Data Scientist Level position or a Technical Director level position within a corporate setting.
  • I am very capable of triaging a multitude of WAN/LAN network elements and capable of technically verbalizing impact management to executive level staff.
  • I am confident in directing teams from a technical standpoint concerning impact management and will push to resolve service affecting impacts to the customer.
  • Very well versed in switch/routing concepts, Unix/Linux server language, Hadoop, C++, Python, CSS, HTML, Java Script, Data Mining and Software and Computer Engineering theories.
  • Strong written and oral communication skill, extremely analytical, very process oriented and will improve any process documentation over time.
  • Senior key contributor to my team on a management level but also on an interpersonal level.
  • I will always lead by example by setting a positive work environment for my subordinates and peers alike.
  • I will peruse and drive cultural change that will build and foster organizational effectiveness and propels revenue growth as well.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Methodology Development
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Corporate Development
  • Business Process Engineering
  • Emerging and Advanced Technologies
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
  • Ignites Change


Senior - Network Support



  • Daily shift attendance reports.
  • Generated end of shift system health reports.
  • Overseen completion of compliance training within team.
  • Provided two way communication between upper level executives and engineers concerning services impacted within the Confidential & Confidential environment.
  • Provided professional updates to leadership.
  • Correlated impacts to multiply platforms.
  • Provided motivational guidance to team members to keep moral Confidential a high levels.
  • Provided Senior support too both Data Core and Services teams within Tier 1 pertaining too daily activities, particularly identifying and escalating multiple tier service impacts.
  • Trained off-shore (Bangalore/Bruno) team members to perform daily MSO tier 1 function through process documentation and teleconference leader led web training.
  • Performed weekly teleconference meetings with off shore (Bangalore/Bruno) teams to ensure that information was reinforced.
  • Was a key factor in the interview process when choosing candidates to be a part of the off shore ( Bangalore/Bruno ) group.
  • Responsible for the rapid assessment of both the nature and severity of customer problems to evaluate appropriate response and engages various support organizations to provide that response.
  • Performed fault isolation, validation, and various repair for supported network nodes, through actions of escalation, tracking the onsite repair until completion.
  • Supported, analyzed and tracked KPI/KCI data concerning these various network nodes: SGSNs, GGSNs, Routers, Switches, Firewalls, VPN Concentrators, Load Balancers, Terminal Servers, and Circuits.
  • Responsible for Monitoring, analyzing, and resolution of faults occurring in Network Elements that are managed by the Mobility Service Ops organization.
  • Interacting with various platform teams to trouble shoot different network elements.
  • Analyzed all cati data, Mag traffic within graphical complexes in the Confidential & Confidential network element to correlate the data with past graphical representation.
  • Logged into a multitude of device nodes to complete a daily comprehensive health check.
  • Tested the environment once all trouble shooting has been completed before closing out Conference Bridge.
  • Studied and provided improvements concerning MAG, SMS, MMS graphs.
  • Able to active drill down into a graphical representation to observe more granular data.
  • Has an intermediate level understanding of the Confidential & Confidential network element.
  • Daily logging into routers, switches to trouble shoot all core network related issues.
  • Daily engaged in certain GPRS, switching and router/firewall issues with the ability to explain the topology of the network.
  • Active team member in the Tier 1 initiative push in revising all processes, documentation and metrics within our tier 1 org.
  • Senior team led in revising processes, documentation and metric tables.
  • Senior team led in training concerning processes and documentation within the classroom setting.




  • Completed overview and hands on training of vendor product Netscout.
  • Has an immediate/advance understanding on the LTE network.
  • Intermediate/advanced knowledge in Linux, shell and perl scripting.
  • Advance knowledge in the behavior of the server itself.
  • Transferred and parsed data files using our internal data base system.
  • Provided current Database updates using SQL.
  • Tier 2 on call every 5 weeks.
  • Able to deep packet probe internal devices.
  • Directly works with vendor during all trouble shooting events.
  • Maintained a top tier relationship with two major mobile roaming vendors and several Location Based Service vendors.
  • Heavily involved in Conference calls to discuss network up-grades (Hardware/Software) and cost decisions.
  • Supervised conference calls to discuss open and closed tickets.
  • Competed maintenance operation plans to further optimize and reengineer for optimal performance.
  • Created process documentation that provided key understanding concerning the platform Confidential an engineering level.

Software Development Data Scientist



  • Cloud Infrastructure decisions that support AIC/Domain 2.0
  • Involved intensively in decisions pertaining to the AIC and software environment.
  • Extensive time using Java Script troubling shooting Java Script issues
  • Created and developed code using Eclispe and the Aptana GUI.
  • Very proficient using both Aptana, Eclipse and Dreamweaver.
  • I intermediate understanding in Java Script.
  • I have advance knowledge in programing language of C++, CSS and HTML.
  • I have intermediate experience using R and Python programming language.
  • I have beginner’s level experience using Hadoop.
  • I have also dedicated 200 + hours to assist with reinforcing the Data Science role.
  • Big Data Architecture and concept development
  • Experience with Hadoop and Map Reduce
  • Great understanding on Machine Learning.
  • Great understanding in using Tableau.
  • Senior leader in development software projects and overview architecture.

Network and computer systems administrator

Confidential, Fort Carson, CO


  • Supervised small unit personnel in establishing locations for remote satellite networks. Rewired building to accommodate networks for computers and Cisco devices.
  • Established link with remote satellite and space satellite.
  • Established and maintained category 5 lines for LAN (local area networks) and WAN (wide area networks).
  • Provided service for over 60 users by monitoring phone and computer networks on SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol); used in network management systems to monitor network-attached devices for conditions that warrant administrative attention.
  • Established links through fiber optic from one remote satellite to another one.
  • Provided weekly preventative maintenance on remote satellite, switches and routers.
  • Trouble shot the entire WAN (wide area network) and LAN(local area network) including Cisco switches, routers, phones, mega bit modems, dumb hubs and switches
  • Maintained and administered computer networks and related computing environments; including computer hardware and software systems, applications software.
  • Diagnosed hardware and software system failures; actively replaced defective components and reconfigured Ethernet internet connection links.
  • As the assigned Information management officer; Performed routine network startup and shutdown procedures, and maintained control records.
  • Monitored network performance to determine current adjustments and future changes.
  • Recommended changes to improve systems and network configurations.

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