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Hpe Alm Administrator Resume

Sacramento, CA


  • Software engineer/developer with 20+ years of experience in both private industry and state government
  • 7+ years as HP Application Lifecycle Management(ALM)/Quality Center(QC) administrator.
  • 13+ years as Unix application developer and validator, Perl application developer and validator. Created full Perl application environment with the use of libraries and created functions, and oversaw two junior developers in support of the application development.
  • 5 years as VB .Net developer and validator on Windows platform.
  • Full SDLC experience: gathered requirements, application architecture, code development, unit and regression testing, product release, user support, new enhancement and bug support, ensured project completion, served as project chair, communicated numerous methodologies to multiple divisions.
  • Proactive and help saved almost $32,000 in customer savings in 2 separate projects.


Software HP ALM, HP QTP, HP UFT, HP LoadRunner, Tasktop Sync, Camtasia, Parasoft SOATest, SQL/Oracle D Confidential base, Perl, MS SQL, SQL Developer, VB .NET, SQL query, MS Visual Studio 2008/2010 Team Suite, scripting, regular expressions, automation, CVS, GIT, Perforce, MS Project, MS Office Suite(version 2007, 2010), Perl Tk, PHP, C, VBA


HPE ALM Administrator


Software: HP ALM 12.50, MS SQL Server 2012, Word, Excel, Visio, SnagIt, user support

Hardware: Windows 2012 Enterprise Servers, Windows 10 PC

  • Test tool administrator and support on n - Confidential: ALM 12.50
  • Participated in re-architecture of 11+ projects/templates to the use of 3 project template standards.
  • Workflow development for ALM Template projects and maintaining 9 projects that are linked to the template project.
  • Configure global user fields and local project specific fields across 9 projects for standardization.
  • Created and validated Groups and Permissions for user groups in template projects, and propagated to linked child projects for group user standardization.
  • Configure and maintaining 100+ project dropdown lists used by both global and local fields across requirement, test and defect modules
  • Code development for access restriction on certain product area based on user groups.
  • Added and validated documentation for project Defect Workflow and transitions, restricted transition of SDLC states based on user groups.
  • Tested and validated template workflow changes on linked child projects for integrity and functionality before release.
  • Maintaining user access using ALM user d Confidential base for both internal and external users.
  • Developing SQL reports in ALM Dashboard for analysis reporting matrix
  • ALM evaluation and implementation
  • Completed analysis and implementation from moving 3 standalone projects under the ALM Template project for standardization and conformity.
  • Evaluation ALM Business Process Model feature, and on re-use of IP stored in OpenText Provision.
  • Company IP Rebranding Analysis
  • Completed company IP in ALM as part of integration into new company, and changed IP/branding in ALM to new company requirement.

HP ALM Administrator (Systems Software Specialist II)

Confidential, Sacramento, CA

Software: HP ALM/QC, HP QTP, HP UFT, HP LoadRunner, Tasktop sync, Camtasia, Parasoft SOATest, Oracle D Confidential base, SQL query, VBA, Oracle d Confidential base, MS Project, SQL Developer, scripting, Word, Excel, user support

Hardware: Windows 2008 and Windows 2012 Enterprise Servers, Windows 7 PC, Windows 10 PC

  • Test tool administrator and supported on n- Confidential: ALM, QTP, UFT, LoadRunner, and JAWS
  • Rolled out re-architect of HP ALM from single physical server to Load Balancer architecture using 2 virtual servers.
  • Installed and upgraded versions of HP ALM 11.0, 11.52, 12.01.
  • Integrate and supported HP ALM Synchronizer for HP ALM and Confidential ClearQuest on Defect management.
  • Provided daily support for multiple domains and projects, including project archive and restore.
  • Supported multiple user groups/permissions, using both LDAP and local HP ALM user features.
  • Developed scripts using VBS and SQL Developer; provide expert Workflow Scripts changes and customizations.
  • Supported user-defined fields in Defect and Testing modules, in Project Entities and Project Lists.
  • Configured the Site Administration area to optimize ALM.
  • Participated in enterprise-wide test tools strategy in n- Confidential design, implementation, configuration, maintenance, and analysis; including tools such as ALM.
  • Created a new course for ALM, collaborating with internal departments and using Camtasia.
  • Successfully managed project schedule using Microsoft Project and migrated HP ALM architecture from single physical server to a Load Balancer architecture with two virtual servers; coordinated with other agency groups in two successful testing and implementation of ALM upgrade for enterprise-wide software.
  • Trained and mentored junior staff.
  • Provided timely & day-to-day support to customers in regard to the usage of ALM.
  • ALM evaluation and implantation

Front-End Design Automation Engineer

Confidential, Folsom, CA

Software: Perl, VB .NET, SQL query, MS Visual Studio 2008/2010 Team Suite, VBA, SQL d Confidential base, XML, vi, csh, regular expressions, automation, development, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, CVS, Perforce, GIT, PHP, HTML, user support

Hardware: UNIX, Linux, SQL server 2005, SQL server 2008

  • Standardized the register management flow to enable collateral reuse across multiple divisions, with multiple methodologies; collaborated with stakeholders to work toward a common solution
  • Chaired a task force to gather design specifications from technical contributors and users.
  • Worked across the full SDLC, requirement gathering, architecture, development, QA/testing, release, user support.
  • Created Perl script for automation of mass d Confidential migration to an approved common methodology format, with Word, Excel, CSV, text input files format.
  • Developed Perl scripts and migrated customer existing Word documents to new d Confidential format and saved one project $16,000 in consultant fees; Perl scripts were used by new projects for additional benefits.
  • Used object oriented language, along with complex d Confidential structure, to store and evaluate the d Confidential .
  • Communicated with external vendors for product evaluation to determine maturity for internal use, and provided feedback on internal design bugs and new feature requirements needed by Intel.
  • Maintained source code using CVS, Perforce, and GIT for co-development with other developers.
  • Created test and QA validation environment for tool regression testing to ensure stability of the flow due to new code changes.
  • Taught classes for global users on the usage of the environment tool.
  • Trained and supported global users.
  • Trained and managed other junior level engineers by delegating different features.
  • Published DTTC technical paper in June 2011, one of the largest Intel internal conferences.
  • Owned and maintained Microsoft SQL server, and developed Windows GUI environment using VB .NET
  • Chaired a task force to gather requirements and worked toward a common solution.

Component Design Engineer

Confidential, CA

Software: Perl, Perl Tk, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, CVS, scripting, vi, regular expressions, automation

Hardware: UNIX, Linux

  • Developed design environment scripts for use by hardware mask designers.
  • Collaborated with mask designers to resolve issues in an automated script environment.
  • Maintained source code using CVS for co-development with other developers.
  • Trained and supported local users.

Design Service Engineer 9

Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Software: Perl, C, XML, Word, Excel, scripting, vi, regular expressions, automation

Hardware: UNIX, Linux, Solaris

  • Collaborated with field AE by providing silicon timing d Confidential as needed for customers such as NEC, HP, TSMC.
  • Coordinated between fabrication houses, packaging and testing vendor to analyze timing d Confidential .
  • Created automation scripts with Perl and c-shell programs to help automate computer design.
  • Gained knowledge of new test methods for computer, such as power consumption, and Multi-port RAM’s

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