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Sr. Cloud/devops Engineer Resume

New York City, NY


  • 8 years of experience in Systems Administration , Software Development , Configuration , Build and Release Engineering , DevOps Engineering , Automation , and Cloud Computing Platforms like AWS , Microsoft Azure , Google Cloud .
  • Hands on experience on DevOps /Agile operations process and tools area (Cloud Services, Code review, unit test automation, Build & Release management, Automation, Containerization, Incident and Change Management and Linux administration).
  • Good understanding of the principles and best practices of Software Configuration Management (SCM) in Agile, scrum, and Waterfall methodologies.
  • Extensively worked using AWS services along with wide and in depth understanding of each one of them.
  • Experience in automation tools like Git, Subversion, Maven, Jenkins, Bamboo, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Nagios, Splunk, ELK stack
  • Highly skilled in deployment, data security and troubleshooting of the applications using AWS services.
  • Created SCM Process, policies and procedures to follow Development and SQA team to Release or Deploy highest quality product for the enterprise.
  • Knowledge of High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) options in AWS.
  • Experienced in Branching, Merging, Tagging and maintaining the version across the environments using SCM tools like Git and Subversion (SVN) on Linux platform.
  • Expertise in Jenkins / Hudson by installing, configuring and maintaining for continuous integration ( CI ) and for Continuous Delivery ( CD ).
  • Installing, configuring and administering Jenkins Continuous Integration tool on Linux machines along with adding/updating plugins such as SVN , Maven , and ANT .
  • Proficient in writing Cloud Formation Templates (CFT) in YAML and JSON, Python, Ruby, Shell, Power Shell format to build the AWS services with the paradigm of Infrastructure as a Code. Gained experience in deploying applications on to their respective environments using Elastic Beanstalk.
  • Experience in supporting Chef Environment with 40+ servers and involved in developing recipes and cookbooks .
  • Worked with Chef Enterprise Hosted as well as On - Premise, Installed Workstation, Bootstrapped Nodes, Wrote Recipes and Cookbooks and uploaded them to Chef - server .
  • Worked with Ansible On-premise like writing the script in workstation and pushing that on to the server.
  • Good understanding of the principles and best practices of Software Configuration Management ( SCM ) in Agile ( scrum ) and Waterfall methodologies.
  • Experienced with Nagios , Cloud Watch as IT Infrastructure Monitoring tool and knowledge on Splunk .
  • Experienced in Installing, Configuring and Managing Docker Containers, Docker Images for Web Servers and Applications servers such as Apache , Tomcat using Docker and integrated with Amazon MySQL RDS database.
  • Research and implemented new tools such as Kubernetes with Docker to assist with auto-scaling, continuous integration, rolling updates with no downtime.
  • Expertise in using Docker including Docker Hub, Docker Engine, Docker images, compose, swarm, and Docker Registry and used containerization to make our applications platform to be consistent flexible when they are moved into different environments.
  • Involved in the functional usage and gained working knowledge of web servers like Tomcat, HTTP and Nginx.
  • Experience in software build tools like Apache Maven , Apache Ant to write Pom.xml and Build . xml respectively.
  • Exposed to build tools like ANT, MAVEN and bug tracking tool Bamboo in the work environment. Experienced with installation of AWS CLI to control various AWS services through SHELL/BASH scripting. Experienced in writing complex SQL queries and scheduled tasks using croon jobs.
  • Gained a Good Knowledge with AWS Devops tools like Vagrant, Kubernetes, Packer, Docker, Wrecker, Jenkins. Experienced in working with CICD Code PIPELINE.
  • Experienced in AWS Cloud Computing services, such as EC2, S3, Lambda, API, Dynamo, EBS, VPC, ELB , Route53, Cloud Watch, Security Groups, Cloud Trail, IAM, Cloud Front, Snowball, EMR, RDS and Glacier also worked on DNS, SSL and Firewalls .
  • Implemented Amazon EC2 setting up instances, virtual private cloud ( VPCs ), and security groups .
  • Set-up databases in AWS using RDS , storage using S3 bucket and configuring instance backups to S3 bucket.
  • Created AWS S3 buckets, performed folder management in each bucket, Managed cloud trail logs and objects within each bucket.
  • Experienced in set up and maintenance of Auto - Scaling AWS stacks.
  • Created alarms and trigger points in Cloud Watch based on thresholds and monitored the server's performance, CPU Utilization, disk usage.
  • Good Knowledge in creating policies, users in IAM, launching instances in EC2, creating a S3 Bucket and uploading objects in S3 Buckets.


Monitoring Tools and Testing: Nagios, Splunk, Selenium

Operating systems: Linux AMI, Windows, Ubuntu, CENTOS, RHEL, Solaris

Web and Programming Technologies: C, C++, Java, HTML, JavaScript, XML, CSS, Spring

Build tools & Artifacts: MAVEN, ANT, Nexus.

Version and Subversion Control Tools: GIT, SVN, Git Bucket.

Automation container: Docker, Vagrant

Continuous integration tools: Jenkins, Bamboo, CICD Pipelines

Automation and configuration management tools: Chef, puppet and Ansible, Kubernetes, Terraform

Cloud services: Amazon Web Service(AWS), EC2, RDS, VPC, S3, ROUTE53, SNS, SQS, Cloud front, EBS, ELB, Cloud watch and Cloud trail, IAM Roles, CFT Templates

Scripting languages: Shell, bash, Ruby and python, YAML, JSON, NodeJS

Web/application Servers: Apache Tomcat, HTTP, HTTPS, LDAP, DNS, TCP/IP, SQL, MySQL, WebSphere.

Text Editor & IDE: Sublime, Atom, Intellij, Eclipse

Databases: Oracle, SQL server, MySQL, Dynamo DB, NoSQL.

SDLC: Agile, Scrum


Confidential, New York City, NY

Sr. Cloud/DevOps Engineer


  • Configured and deployed GIT repositories with branching, forks, tagging, merge requests and notifications.
  • Automated weekly releases with Maven scripting for compiling Java Code, debugging and placing Builds into Maven Repository.
  • Experienced in authoring pom.xml files, performing releases with Maven release plugins and managing artifacts in Maven internal repository.
  • Implemented VMware ESX server to provide multiple virtual hardware platforms while keeping hardware costs and energy consumption down.
  • Designed and setup CI/CD pipeline to deploy containerized applications in the cloud.
  • Involved in installing Jenkins on Linux environment and implemented a Master and Slave configuration to run multiple build operations in parallel.
  • Deployed and monitored Microservices using pivotal cloud foundry, also managed domains and routes with the cloud foundry. Worked in using Dockers Swarm and deployed spring boot applications.
  • Design an ELK system to monitor and search enterprise alerts. Installed, configured and managed the ELK Stack for Log management within EC2 / Elastic Load balancer for Elastic Search.
  • Working on Inbound and Outbound services with automation of Chef.
  • Utilize AWS CLI to automate backups of ephemeral data-stores to S3 buckets, EBS and create nightly AMIs for mission critical production servers as backups.
  • Deployed Apache Zookeeper, Kafka and Cassandra servers on AWS Cloud
  • Working on Microservices for Continuous Delivery environment using Docker and Jenkins.
  • Worked on Ansible for configuration management and infrastructure automation. Also created inventory in Ansible for automating continuous deployment and wrote playbooks using YAML scripting.
  • Installed Docker using Docker Toolbox and worked on creating the Docker containers and Docker consoles for managing the application life.
  • Experience in writing & managing Chef Scripts using Linux automated deployments using Chef.
  • Collaborated in the automation of AWS infrastructure via terraform, deployed micro services, including provisioning AWS environments using Ansible Playbooks.
  • Setup AZURE Virtual Appliances (VMs) to meet security requirements as software-based appliance functions (firewall, WAN optimization and intrusion detections).
  • Created Docker container images by tagging and pushing the images and worked on the infrastructure using Docker containerization.
  • Supported AWS Cloud environment with 2000 plus AWS instances configured Elastic IP and Elastic storage deployed in multiple Availability Zones for high availability.
  • Setup Log Analysis AWS Logs to Elastic Search and Kibana and Manage Searches, Dashboards, custom mapping and Automation of data.
  • Working with Terraform key features such as Infrastructure as code, Execution plans, Resource Graphs, Change Automation.
  • Configured the application to run on the datacenter using Terraform.
  • Developed and deployed stacks using AWS Cloud Formation Templates (CFT) and AWS Terraform.
  • Setup JFrog Artifactory on AWS, single copy of any binary is ever stored on this file system.
  • Creation of RDS database instances Postgres SQL in AWS cluster making use of EC2 and VPC and launched via Cloud Formation template.
  • Implemented logging solutions with Elastic search, Logstash & Kibana.
  • Implemented and maintained the monitoring and alerting of corporate servers/storage using AWS Cloud Watch, Nagios and New Relic.
  • Used Nagios for application and hardware resource monitoring and wrote new plugins in Nagios to monitor resources.
  • Used JIRA to track issues and Change Management. Also used Slack to communicate with teammates.
  • Managed Red Hat Linux and Windows Virtual Servers on AWS EC2.
  • Worked on setting up AWS-VPC, creating AWS EC2 and launching AWS EC2 instances on diverse types of private and public subnets based on the requirements of the applications.
  • AWS expertise in dealing with AWS resources S3, ECR, AMI, ELB, Route 53, etc.
  • Developed Python scripts to take backup of EBS volumes using AWS Lambda and Cloud Watch.
  • Used IAM to create new accounts, roles and groups which are engaged in enabling Lambda functions for dynamic creation of roles.
  • Launched Amazon EC2 Cloud Instances using confidential (Linux/Ubuntu) and configuring launched instances with respect to specific applications.
  • Implemented CI and CD for database using Jenkins and UDeploy.
  • Enhanced the automation to assist, repeat and consist configuration management using Ansible based YAML scripts.

Environment: Ansible, Docker, ECS, Kubernetes, Apache, VPC, Nagios, NAT, LAMP, terraform, AWS (EC2, S3, ELB, RDB, Dynamo DB, SES, SQS, SNS, Route53, VPC, AutoScaling, CloudFormation), CI CD, SVN, GITHUB, JIRA, MAVEN, Jenkins.

Confidential, Bethesda, MD

AWS DevOps Engineer


  • Involved in migrating physical Linux/Windows servers to cloud (AWS). Build servers using AWS: Importing volumes, launching EC2, RDS, S3, IAM, Route53, VPC, Code Deploy, creating security groups, auto-scaling, Lambda, load balancers (ELBs) in the defined virtual private connection. Implemented, deployed and maintained cloud infrastructure using AWS. Automating backups by shell for Linux to transfer data in S3 bucket.
  • Maintaining the user accounts (IAM), RDS, Route 53, SES and SNS services in AWS cloud. Designed an Architectural Diagram for different applications before migrating into Amazon cloud for flexible, cost-effective, reliable, scalable, high-performance and secured
  • Used GITHUB as source code repositories. Managed GIT repositories for branching, merging, and tagging.
  • Creating alarms in Cloud watch service for monitoring the server performance, CPU Utilization, disk usage etc.
  • Wrote Maven scripts to automate the build process.
  • AWS Import/Export accelerates moving large amounts of data into and out of AWS using portable storage devices for transport.
  • Documenting all the processes for above, issues caused and its solutions in timely manner. Installation, configuration and administration of Linux (Ubuntu, Red hat/SUSE, CentOS). Good knowledge in CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Deployment) methodologies with Bamboo.
  • Experience in analyzing and monitor performance bottlenecks and key metrics to optimize software and system performance.
  • Setting up UNIX/Linux environments for various applications.
  • Have good experience of creating and maintaining the Docker containers.
  • Deployed spring boot applications using Docker.
  • Experience in medium scale application servers running on 50+ servers.
  • Scripted Linux repository database comparisons using Python, Shell.
  • Automated the front-ends platform into highly scalable, consistent, repeatable infrastructure using high degree of automation using Puppet, Vagrant, Bamboo and Cloud Formation. Automate deployments through the use of configuration management CHEF. Create Chef coding best practices for existing development team. Refactor existing Opscode Chef Automation code. Test Chef Cookbook modifications on cloud instances in AWS and using Test Kitchen and Chef Spec.
  • Developed and implemented Software Release Management strategies for various applications according to the agile process. Monitored and deployed JAVA based applications. Responsible for the development and maintenance of processes and associated scripts/tools for automated build, testing and deployment of the products to various developments.

Environment: Cent OS, Ubuntu, AWS, MAVEN, Shell, Python, Bamboo, CHEF, Load Balancers, Apache Tomcat 7.x, Configured plug-ins for Apache HTTP server 2.4, LDAP, JDK1.7, XML, GitHub, JAVA.

Confidential, Weehawken, NJ

DevOps/AWS Engineer


  • Responsible for Migrating and Managing multiple applications from on-premise to cloud using services like S3, Glacier, EC2, RDS, SQS, SNS, SES, Cloud Formation, VPC etc.
  • Configured and maintained user accounts for development, QA, and production teams and created roles for EC2, RDS, S3, Cloud Watch, EBS resources to communicate with each other using IAM.
  • Performed S3 buckets creation, policies and on the IAM role base policies and customizing the JSON template.
  • Implemented and maintained the monitoring and alerting of production and corporate servers/storage using AWS Cloud Watch.
  • Created Snapshots and Amazon Machine Images (AMI's) of EC2 Instance for snapshots and creating clone instances.
  • Creation of Subnets and Route tables, Internet gateway, Virtual gateway and Customer gateway.
  • Creating Cloud Watch alerts for instances and using them in Auto-scaling launch configurations.
  • Used Cloud Watch for monitoring AWS cloud resources and the applications that deployed on AWS by creating new alarm, enable notification service.
  • Created network architecture on AWS VPC, subnets, Internet Gateway, Route Table and NAT Setup.
  • Installed and Configured configuration tools such as Chef Server/workstation and nodes via CI tools to AWS nodes.
  • Manage AWS EC2 instances utilizing Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing and Glacier for our QA and UAT environments as well as infrastructure servers for GIT and Chef.
  • Created Docker images using a Docker file, worked on Docker container snapshots, removing images and managing docker volumes.
  • Expertise in using various Puppet features such as Resource management (Package, Service, and File), User Management, Modules, Class, Definition, Templates, Factor and external commands.
  • Administered the Puppet Infrastructure, used the code manager and file sync to manage the Puppet code across the Puppet master servers.
  • Worked to set up Jenkins as a service inside the Docker swarm cluster to reduce the failover downtime to minutes and to automate the Docker containers deployment without using configuration management tool.
  • To achieve the Continuous Delivery goal in the highly scalable environment, used Docker coupled with load-balancing tool Nginx.
  • Used Jenkins, Build forge for Continuous Integration and deployment into Tomcat Application Server.
  • Built scripts using ANT and MAVEN build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments. Configured GIT with Jenkins and schedule jobs using POLL SCM option.
  • Installed, configured& administered Jenkins on Linux machines along with adding/updating plugins like GIT, ANT, Ansible, Sonar, Check style, Deploy to Container, Build Pipeline etc.
  • Defined and Implemented Software Configuration Management Standards based on Agile/Scrum methodologies, in line with the organization.
  • Worked with a complex environment on RedHat Linux and Windows Servers while ensuring that the systems adhere to organizational standards and policies.
  • Worked with a scripting language like Bash, Perl and Ruby and Used MySQL, Dynamo DB and Elastic cache to perform basic database administration.
  • Worked with product development to resolve build-related issues in all project.

Environment: AWS, AWS lambda, S3, EBS, Redshift, IAM, EC2, Elastic Load Balancer, AWS Auto Scaling, Apache, Tomcat, Nagios, MySQL, PHP, Perforce, Jenkins, Maven, Docker, Puppet, JBOSS, JSON, Web Logic Application Server 9.x, 10.x, Chef, GIT, Oracle, Windows, and Linux


Build and Release Engineer


  • Closely worked with developers, project managers and product owners to setup the road map, and supported day to day build issues.
  • As a Release Engineer, supported multiple teams for multiple applications including Java/J2EE and iOS.
  • Attended every day scrum/agile meetings and weekly sprint meetings to evaluate completed work and to handover new tasks.
  • Responsible for maintenance of source control systems Subversion and Git.
  • Used Maven to build rpms from source code checked out from GIT and Subversion repository, with Jenkins being the Continuous Integration Server and Artifactory as repository manager.
  • Maintained two Jenkins servers and one Bamboo server to deploy into production and non-production environments. Migrated Jenkins plans from one of the Jenkins to Bamboo.
  • Identify Configuration Items (CI) and document their characteristics. After every deployment, delivered the Release notes on Confluence site.
  • Involved in Setting up the backup server for Jenkins and prepared disaster recovery plans for Jenkins and bamboo.
  • Deployed Enterprise Application Archive (EAR), Web Application Archive (WAR), JSP's, and Servlets in staging, production.
  • Created and maintained Shell, Python scripts for building applications.
  • Knowledge of Chef as Configuration management tool, to automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical Applications, and proactively manage change.
  • Involved in release planning and executed the release build request from the project team through JIRA Ticket.
  • Build automation to use with the continuous integration scenario for triggering coordination with TFS Release Management.
  • Installed and configured Tools for Jenkins Continuous Integration environment from scratch for iOS builds and Deployments.
  • Implemented Automated Application Deployment using chef.
  • Worked with Xcode to build iOS applications and deployed to HockeyApp for distribution and involved in setting up the provisioning profiles, changing build settings as required
  • Installed and Configured Jenkins Plugins to support the project specific tasks.
  • Coordinated with external IOS vendors to keep track of development stages.

Environment: Git, Subversion, Apache Tomcat, Bamboo, Jenkins, Maven, Confluence, Artifactory, Rally, Jira, Chef, CentOS, Python, Yum, iOS, Xcode, Shell Scripts.




  • Managed and administrated of all UNIX servers, includes Linux operating systems by applying.
  • Relative patches and packages at regular maintenance periods using Red Hat Installation, Configuration, up gradation and Administration of RHEL 3.x/4.x Using Jumpstart & Kick-start OS integration.
  • Performed package installations, maintenance, and periodic updates and patch management on Linux using rpm/yum and system administration tasks such as User/group account management, LVM, file systems, disk management, load balance monitoring on servers and server health checks.
  • Responsible for configuring and managing DNS, DHCP, NFS, FTP, SSH, LDAP, NIS and Squid servers in Linux.
  • Responsible for configuring real-time backup of web servers. Manage security of servers. Respond to work requests which include problem trouble-shooting, root cause analysis, executing scheduled changes, performance analysis.
  • Wrote Python/Bash scripts for task automation and tracked disk space on servers through shell scripts.
  • Managing services, maintaining and managing log files, monitoring event, logs and troubleshooting system problems using Nagios tool and resolve any reported issues.
  • Responsible for reviewing open tickets, resolve and close any existing tickets using BMC Remedy tool.
  • Responsible for resolving network issues using network tools like ping, TCP trace route, trace route and TCP dump. Manage security of servers.
  • Created and maintained LINUX VM’s, Installed VMWare ESX4.1 to perform virtualization of RHEL servers

Environment: RHEL, Linux VMware, UNIX, python, Nagios, Red Hat.

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