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Technical Support Senior Advisor Resume

Phoenix, AZ


  • Senior Software Systems Engineer, Project Manager, and Software Configuration Manager with extensive experience in supporting mainframe infrastructure software.
  • Successfully led many multi - divisional, complex software upgrade projects while supporting developers and end users and maintaining existing system software.
  • Proven success in moving health insurance and related financial applications to another company and the remaining mainframe applications to a client / server platform.


  • Troubleshooting, problem resolution, and root cause analysis.
  • Flexibility in providing 24/7 on call and disaster recovery support.
  • Quickly becoming the subject matter expert in new technologies.
  • Consistently completing projects on-time or ahead of schedule without impacting system availability.
  • Engaging cross-function, inter-divisional, and inter-company communication.
  • Supporting remote and international projects.
  • Meeting and exceeding customer expectations over 99% of the time with customer focused service.


Languages: Assembler, COBOL, Easytrieve, JCL, PLI, QMF, REXX, and SAS

Platforms: z/OS, MVS, Linux, Windows

Databases: IBM DB2, IMS, SAS

Tools: ChangemanZMF, Comparex, DumpMaster, FileAID, InterTest, CA JCLCheck, MXG, Netmaster, MS Project, MS Visio, Planview, ProJCL, QuickREF, Remedy, Strobe, SymDump, SYSVIEW, Xpeditor

Network Additional: Confidential Channel Gateways, EMC2 Data Domain, SFTP, TCP/IP, VPN ACF2, CA Spool, CA-1, CA-7, CICS, FTP, Hyperstation, IOF, ISPF, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, NDM / Connect:Direct, SMP/E, TSO, CA View/Deliver/Docview, CA Vision Builder/Mark IV, VTAM


Confidential, Phoenix, AZTechnical Support Senior Adviso


  • Analyze logs and other diagnostic information to determine root cause of customer issues.
  • Consult with developers to create solutions to customer problems. Generate software license keys.

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

Senior Technical Support Engineer


  • Provided customer support for Transfer CFT, Transfer InterPel, and Event Router. Resolved many SEV1 issues.
  • Supported CFT on the mainframe, ISeries, Tandum, Linux (multiple flavors), and Windows platforms.
  • Supported Event Router and Transfer InterPel on the mainframe. Built multiple lab systems to reproduce customer issues.

Confidential, Jackson, MS

System Administrator


  • Worked with in house Network Administrators and vendors to implement a tapeless solution for Business Recovery/Disaster Recovery utilizing EMC2 Data Domain and Confidential Channel Gateways.
  • Identified configurations required for CA-1 and the Channel Gateways.
  • Assisted vendor with reconfiguration of Channel Gateways using SUN Solaris operating system.
  • Automated tape transfer process for transferring new or updated Disaster Recovery tapes into the Data Domain.

Confidential, Jackson, MS



  • Upgraded ChangeMan ZMF to current release of software.
  • Added more DB2 functionality to ChangeMan using ISPF panels and skeletons.
  • Trouble shot and resolved problems with ChangeMan for the application programmers in a timely manner.
  • Applied fixes to ChangeMan without impacting application development staff.

Confidential, Greenwood Village, CO

Systems Senior Software Engineer

  • Researched Endeavor functionality, usage, and implementation for a ChangeMan to Endeavor conversion.
  • Led team to research alternative strategies to preserve historical data and reports from a legacy database system. Coordinated with numerous internal staff and user management in US and Canada.
  • Consulted with IT staff in 2 separate companies to seamlessly and securely move sensitive financial data and programs to an out of state company despite the pieces having been intermingled with Confidential data and programs.

Senior Systems Programmer

  • Contributed subject matter expertise in moving 30 year old programs in Winnipeg from a legacy in house written software configuration management (SCM) system into ChangeManZMF. Guided and assisted Winnipeg technical staff with installation, customization, and implementation of ChangemanZMF. Educated technical staff, end users, and third party contractor on differences between old and new SCM systems and standard implementations for increased programmer productivity.
  • Engaged and motivated a diverse and multidivisional project team to successfully upgrade a severely out of date and highly customized SCM system to currently supported release ahead of the 12 month timeline.
  • Created and managed the SCM upgrade project timeline through effective communication with stake holders, upper management, SCM support staff, application programmers, system programmers, and vendor. Resolved issues by early identification of potential problems and developing alternatives for the anomalies.
  • Supported Neumics/MICS system written in SAS and utilizing SAS databases. Created SAS programs to provide required additional functionality.

Confidential, Denver, CO

IMS Systems Programmer

  • Supported multiple IMS database test and production regions. Rolled screen format changes into and out of production and test regions for improvements in system functionality and reliability.
  • Implemented performance tuning on the test regions to increase programmer productivity with faster database processing speeds.
  • Created and modified complex MS Excel spreadsheets for effective and accurate management presentations.

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