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Sr. Devops / Aws Engineer Resume

Charlotte, NC


  • IT professional with 8+ years of experience in DevOps, AWS Cloud platforms and its features, designing Build process, Process Automation, Build and Deployment Automation, Release Management, Packaging Quality Control, Source Code repository & Environment management, CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment) process, Strong background in Linux Administration.
  • Involved in designing and deploying applications utilizing almost all the AWS stack (Including EC2, Route53, S3, ELB, EBS, VPC, RDS, DynamoDB, SNS, SQS, IAM, KMS, Lambda, Kinesis ) and focusing on high - availability, fault tolerance and auto-scaling in AWS Cloud Formation, deployment services ( OpsWorks and Cloud Formation ) and security practices ( IAM, CloudWatch, CloudTrail ).
  • Experienced in cloud automation using , AWS cloud Formation Templates , Chef, Puppet .
  • Implemented multiple CI/CD pipelines as part of DevOps role for on-premises and cloud-based software using Jenkins, Chef and AWS/Docker.
  • Configured and managed Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) to implement fault tolerance and avoid single point of failure of applications, thus providing high reliability and efficient usage.
  • Kubernetes is being used to orchestrate the deployment, scaling and management of Docker Containers.
  • Used Jenkins pipelines to drive all microservices builds out to the Docker registry and then deployed to Kubernetes, Created Pods and managed using Kubernetes
  • Building/Maintaining Docker container clusters managed by Kubernetes Linux, Bash, GIT, Docker. Utilized Kubernetes and Docker for the runtime environment of the CI/CD system to build, test deploy.
  • AWS and OpenStack to provision new machines for clients. S3 Storage Services on AWS
  • Developed microservice on boarding tools leveraging Python and Jenkins allowing for easy creation and maintenance of build jobs and Kubernetes deploy and services.
  • Experienced in Querying RDBMS such as Oracle, MY SQL and SQL Server by using SQL for data integrity.
  • Experience in Amazon AWS Cloud Administration which includes services like: EC2, S3. For application or backend service worked on Lambda.
  • Responsible for Operating System maintenance activities like upgrading the OS, updating the services and third-party software.
  • Configured SPLUNK Alerts and created Dashboards for Monitoring. implementing EC2 backup strategies by creating EBS snapshots and attaching the volume to EC2 instances.
  • Utilized OpsCenter and Splunk to monitor & troubleshoot Cassandra related issues.
  • Automating backups by shell for Linux to transfer data in S3 bucket.
  • Automated Start/Stop of non-prod instances to reduce cost.
  • Expertise in searching , monitoring , analyzing and visualizing Splunk logs.
  • Created Dashboards for various types of business users in an Organization.
  • Experience on Data Analytics, Advanced Data Analytics, Visualization, Advanced Visualization, Dashboard Customization, and Advanced Dashboard Customization in Splunk.
  • Experience on Splunk Enterprise Deployments and enable continuous integration as part of configuration using (props.conf, Transforms.conf, Input.conf & Output.conf, Deployment.conf) management.
  • Exposure to Application Servers like Web Logic, Apache Tomcat Web Server.


Cloud Services: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Operating Systems: Red Hat Linux 4/5/6/7, CentOS, Fedora, SUSE LINUX, UNIX, Windows servers 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012R2, Windows 2000/2003/XP/vista/7/8/10, Ubuntu 12/13/14, Sun Solaris 8/9/10/11.

Automation/configuration Tools: Puppet, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, Kubernetes.

Web Servers: Apache Tomcat, Web Logic (8/9/10), Apache 1.3.x, Apache 2.0.x.

Database Technologies: DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, RDS, NoSQL- MongoDB, Cassandra DB, DynamoDB

Scripting languages: HTML5, PHP, Bash/shell Scripting, YAML, JSON.

Networking/Protocol: FTP/SFTP, SMTP, TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS.

Version Control Tools: GIT, Bitbucket, SVN (Subversion), CVS

Monitoring Tools: Nagios, Splunk, Elasticsearch, CloudWatch, CloudTrail

CI/ CD Tools: Jenkins, Kubernetes

Application Servers: Web Logic Application Server 9.x, 10.x, Apache Tomcat 5.x/7.x.


Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Sr. Devops / AWS Engineer


  • Connected continuous integration system with GIT version control repository and continually build as the check-in's come from the developer.
  • Versioning and Source control of codes using GIT concepts such as branching, merging, labelling/tagging,
  • Branches locking, access control and integration.
  • Involved in designing and deploying multiple applications using AWS cloud infrastructure focusing on high availability, fault tolerance and auto-scaling of the instances.
  • Leveraged Amazon Web Services like EC2, RDS, EBS, AWS Kinesis, SQS ELB, Auto scaling, AMI, IAM through AWS console and API Integration.
  • Developed infrastructure as code with Terraform to deploy VMware and AWS infrastructure
  • Created Buckets in AWS and stored files. Enabled Versioning and security for the files stored.
  • Created SNS (Simple Notification Services) and triggering it by Cloud Watch monitoring to send SMS or Email to desired recipients.
  • Worked on Docker hub, creating Docker images and handling multiple images primarily for middleware installations and domain configurations.
  • Integrated Docker container-based test infrastructure to Jenkins CI test flow and set up build environment integrating with Git and Jira to trigger builds using Web Hooks and Slave Machines.
  • Virtualized the servers on AWS using the Docker, create the Docker files and version control.
  • Configured and maintained Jenkins to implement the CI process and integrated the tool with GIT and Maven to schedule the builds.
  • Worked with data management tools like Splunk, ELK.
  • Used Splunk to monitoring/metric collection for applications in a cloud-based environment.
  • Worked with Configuration Management automation tool Ansible and has worked on integrating Ansible YAML Scripts.
  • Created Ansible playbooks to automatically install packages from a repository, to change the configuration of remotely configured machines and to deploy new builds.
  • Worked with Ansible to manage Web Applications, Config Files, Data Base, Commands, Users Mount Points, and Packages. Ansible to assist in building automation policies.
  • Involved in using Tomcat Web Server and WebSphere Application Servers for deployment.

Environment: AWS, Ansible, CI/CD(Jenkins), Docker, Splunk, elk, git, CloudWatch, json, WebSphere, tomcat.

Confidential, Moline, IL

DevOps Engineer


  • Working on Multiple AWS instances, set the security groups, Elastic Load Balancer and AMIs, Auto scaling to design cost effective, fault tolerant and highly available system which includes Creating S3 buckets and managing policies for S3 buckets and Utilized S3 bucket and Glacier for Archival storage and backup on AWS.
  • Run code for virtually any type of application or backend service - all with zero administration using Lambda and managed Amazon RDS for backups, software patching, automatic failure detection, and recovery.
  • Implemented and maintained the monitoring and alerting of production and corporate servers/storage using Cloud Watch.
  • Experience in Agile Methodology and Agile Engineering practices like TDD, Continuous Integration , and Continuous Deployment Experience in DevOps tool like Git , Jenkins .
  • Utilized Puppet for configuration management of hosted Instances within AWS. Configuring and Networking of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Utilized S3 bucket and Glacier for storage and backup on AWS.
  • Automated various infrastructure activities like Continuous Deployment, Application Server setup, Stack monitoring using Ansible playbooks and has Integrated Ansible with Jenkins .
  • Responsible for building out and improving the reliability and performance of cloud applications and cloud infrastructure deployed on Amazon Web Services.
  • Created Docker images using a Docker file, worked on Docker container snapshots, removing images, and managing Docker volumes.
  • To achieve Continuous Delivery goal on high scalable environment, used Docker coupled with load-balancing tool Nginx.
  • Created storage cached and storage volume gateways to store data.
  • Responsible for design and maintenance of the GIT Repositories , views, and the access control strategies and responsible for nightly and weekly builds for different modules
  • Experience in version control using GIT and GITHUB and continuous integration management using Jenkins.
  • Used Nagios as a monitoring tool to identify and resolve infrastructure problems before they affect critical processes and worked on Nagios Event handlers in case of automatic restart of failed applications and services.

Environment: EC2, S3, auto scaling, AMI, ELB, EBS, IAM, RDS, DNS, cloud watch, route53, VPC, cloud front, Elastic Beanstalk, BASH, APACHE/TOMCAT, Redshift, Ansible.

Confidential, GA

AWS/DevOps Cloud Engineer


  • Implemented new process and policies for build process and involved in auditing.
  • Automated the cloud deployments using Puppet, AWS Cloud Formation Templates.
  • Worked on setting up Upstream and Downstream Jobs in Jenkins.
  • Working and involved in migration (Implementation and Delivery) of existing websites to AEM 6.0 .
  • Worked on Multi project jobs in Jenkins and used pipeline plugin to manage them.
  • Implemented AWS solutions using EC2 instances, S3, RDS, EBS, Elastic Load Balancer, Auto-scaling groups, AWS Kinesis, ECS, ELK, SNS, IAM, SQS, Lambda, Cloud Formation Templates (CFT).
  • Implemented automated application deployment and written deployment scripts and automation scripts.
  • Created and updated Puppet manifests and modules, files, and packages stored in the GIT repository.
  • Maintained build related scripts developed in Ant and Maven. Created and modified build configuration files including Ant's build.xml and Maven Pom.xml.
  • Worked with various AWS, EC2 and S3 Command Line Interface (CLI) tools.
  • Patched different software using RedHat Package Manager and YUM.
  • Automate infrastructure creation, deployment and recovery using Ansible, Docker, & Jenkins.
  • Used IAM to create new accounts, roles and groups, policies and permissions.
  • Created functions and assigned roles in AWS Lambda to run python scripts and Created Lambda jobs and configured Roles using AWS CLI.
  • Configured S3 versioning and lifecycle policies to and backup files and archive files in Glacier.
  • Created monitors, alarms and notifications for EC2 hosts using Cloud Watch.
  • Create proof of concepts of technologies to evaluate: Docker, Kubernetes, Cassandra, Jenkins, Splunk.
  • Installing and configuring Apache HTTP server, Tomcat web application servers.
  • Management of Red Hat Linux user accounts, groups, directories and file permissions.
  • Created Branches, Labels and performed Merges in Stash and GIT.
  • Developed Processes, Tools, Automation for Jenkins based Software for Build system and delivering SW Builds.
  • Managed Build results in Jenkins and Deployed using workflows.

Environment: AWS, SQS, Ansible, CICD(Jenkins), Docker, Maven, LINUX, SPLUNK, Red hat ELK, GIT, Cloud WATCH, AEM 6.1, json, aem 6.0, Tomcat.


DevOps Engineer


  • Maintained and Administered GIT Source Code Tool.
  • Created Branches, Labels and performed Merges in Stash and GIT.
  • Developed Processes, Tools, Automation for Jenkins based Software for Build system and delivering SW Builds.
  • Managed and developed Puppet modules responsible for deploying AWS
  • Managed Servers and Reports using Puppet through host groups and puppet modules and manifests.
  • Integrated GIT into Jenkins to automate the code check-out process.
  • On boarded new nova compute hypervisors with checks ensuring their health before enabling them.
  • Created VM snapshots using nova and glance to backup application state into glance images periodically.
  • Setting up build server for continuous integration with Jenkins for daily/nightly and weekly based builds.
  • Communicating with Development teams in advance for all PRODUCTION releases planned.
  • Designed the Release Plans while coordinating with Stake Holders including Project Management Lead, Development Lead and QA Team Lead.
  • Experienced working with Ansible tower. Integrating Ansible tower with Jenkins to deploy code to different servers.
  • Installed and configured Apache and supported them on Linux production servers
  • Worked with different Ansible playbooks and maintain different Ansible roles.
  • Creating Ansible roles using YAML such as tasks, variables, files, handlers, templets and writing playbook for that role.
  • Create new EC2 instance to meet high availability application architecture and security parameters
  • Create AWS instance via Jenkins with EC2 plugin and integrate nodes in Ansible and Integrating AWS S3 bucket with Jenkins for backup of code
  • Provide highly durable and available data by using S3 data store, versioning, lifecycle policies, and create AMIs for mission critical production servers for backup.
  • Used Ansible server and workstation to manage and configure nodes.

Environment: Ajax, JSP, JNLP, Hibernate, YUI, My SQL, Net Beans IDE 6.5, Tomcat 6.5 Web Logic Server 9, Quality Center, Mercury QTP, Load runner, Java, XML, JSP, Web Service, Java Mail 1.3, Java Script, DB2, Web sphere, Windows XP/Vista, Linux.

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