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Network Service Center Manager Resume

Oak Ridge, TN


To obtain a challenging and fulfilling position.


Servers: Windows NT3.51 through Windows 7 Server, Linux all flavors and releases through current, OSX 10.0 through current.

SAN/NAS: Confidential, Hitachi, EMC

SAN Fabrics: Cisco, Brocade

Firewalls: Cisco, Juniper

Other Networking Equipment (Switches and Routers): Cisco, Foundry

Virtualization Software: ESX VMWare


Confidential, Oak Ridge, TN

Network Service Center Manager


  • Supported and managed Microsoft servers.
  • Supported and managed Linux servers.
  • Supported and managed Cisco network equipment (Routers, Firewalls, and switches)
  • Supported and managed Juniper network equipment (Firewalls, and switches)
  • Supported and managed fiber switches (Brocade and Cisco)
  • Supported and managed several large VMWARE Esx/Esxi clusters.
  • Supported and managed Microsoft SQL servers.
  • Supported and managed Microsoft Web servers.
  • Planned and implemented several data center moves and centralizations.
  • Setup a robust disaster recovery site and performed several customer facing failover tests.

Confidential, Lexington, KY

Regional IT Disaster Recovery Manager


  • Setup and maintained a Sharepoint document server.
  • Setup and managed large NAS/SAN storage devices such as confidential storage solutions, storing over a pedabyte of combined data.
  • Setup and managed large ESX/VMWare clusters.
  • Installed and maintained routers, switches, firewalls, terminating MPLS circuits, T1 data/fax circuits, and VPN tunnels to customer sites.
  • Setup and managed all Microsoft operating systems including XP, Vista, 2003 server, 2000 server, and most recently 2008 server.
  • Managed yearly budgets, planned all software and equipment purchases for my department.
  • Planned and setup the regional backup and storage solution. Using a large ML6000 tape library with 6 heads and 203 tape slots. This includes an inline encryption device to ensure data security.
  • Setup SQL 2005, 2003 and 2000 servers.
  • Maintained multiple Active Directory structures for 38 domains. This includes DNS, DHCP, WINS, and AD Roles for each domain.
  • Setup and maintained email servers including Microsoft exchange 5.5, 2000, and 2003 as well as SMTP/POP services running on Linux boxes.
  • Setup and managed several internal and external web servers. This is with both IIS and Apache web servers.
  • Managed a large network team of engineers.

Confidential, Lexington, KY

Systems Administrator


  • Set policy and standards for my department's wireless network.
  • Designed and implemented network and desktop security policies for our satellite software development organization.
  • Installed and designed the SQL Database server.
  • Researched, defined driver build processes for non - windows platforms.
  • Setup and maintained Linux servers for configuration management and driver builds.
  • Setup and maintained OSX servers for configuration management and driver builds.
  • Setup and maintained 2000 servers for build purposes.
  • Researched and wrote specifications for build and test machines.
  • Trained set top box project managers on the use of the PVCS and CVS library system.
  • Software development for Mac and Set Top Box printer drivers.
  • Created scripts to automate build processes.
  • Designed/Configured the software repository solution for the MAC/Linux research and development lab.
  • Trained the MAC/Linux developers on the theory and use of the CVS library management system.
  • Setup and maintained 15 PVCS repository projects for the set top box team.
  • Developed file encryption between outside software vendors using PGP encryption software.
  • Acted as the central communication hub with Lexmark and all outside software vendors for the MAC, Linux, and Internet appliance teams.

Confidential, Barbourville, KY

Network Administrator


  • Wired 15 buildings internally.
  • Setup and maintained 30 NT servers.
  • Setup and maintained 12 Macintosh servers.
  • Setup and maintained all UNIX servers.
  • Created setup and maintained the district's web server.
  • Applied for federal grants to be spent on IS for the school district.
  • Applied for and received several donations and gifts from corporations.
  • Designed and implemented the WAN using fiber optics, and frame relay circuits.
  • Designed and implemented the District's web caching servers.
  • Designed and implemented the District's firewall system.
  • Managed all budgets and expenditures pertaining to IS.
  • Oversaw one regular employee and a team of six workers when doing wiring projects.
  • Setup a program that utilized the work of students interested in a possible IS career.

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