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Sr.devops Engineer Resume

Johns Creek, GA


  • 9+ years of experience in Devops, Build and Release Engineering in Automating, Building, Deploying, and releasing of code into different environments.
  • Worked on SDLC Methodologies like Agile, Waterfall, and other processes.
  • Worked on Software Configuration Management (SCM) & Development. Extensive experience includes SCM, Build/Release Management, Change/Incident Management, VMware and Google Cloud platform (GCP).
  • Extensive experience using MAVEN and ANT as a Build Tools for the building of deployable artifacts (war & ear) from source code.
  • Created SCM Process, policies, procedures and Release Notes to follow Development and allow SQA teams to Release or Deploy highest quality product for the enterprise.
  • Developed automated processes that run daily to check disk usage and perform cleanup of file systems on UNIX/Linux environments using Shell Scripting.
  • Experience in building Continuous Integration platform using Jenkins.
  • Expert in installing and configuring Continuous Integration tools such as Bamboo, Build Forge, AnthillPro, Cruise Control and Hudson for build and deployment automation.
  • Worked on automation tools like Puppet and Chef.
  • Created Jobs for Builds and Deployments, installed several plugins in Jenkins to support multiple tools required for the implementation of projects.
  • Experienced in branching, tagging and maintaining the versions across the Environments using SCM tools like GIT, Bit Bucket, Subversion (SVN) on Linux and windows platforms.
  • Strong knowledge on Build deployment, Build scripts and automated solutions (using scripting languages such as Shell, Perl, JavaScript etc.)
  • Worked on Puppet for the deployment of servers with custom scripts
  • Worked on creating various modules in Puppet and automated various facts.
  • Added multiple nodes to enterprise Puppet Master and managed all the Puppet Agents.
  • Experience in File systems, File Permissions, Exporting & Mounting File Systems, Recovering File System Errors and Device Path Management.
  • Orchestration of Docker images and Containers using Kubernetes by creating whole master and node
  • Implemented Continuous Integration and deployment using various CI Tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, Chef, Puppet, Kubernetes and Sonatype Nexus.
  • Configured services like DNS, NIS, NFS, Send Mail, FTP, Remote access on Red Hat Linux.
  • Good command in working with Tracking Tools JIRA, Remedy, and IBM Rational Clear Quest.
  • Experienced in administration and deployment of applications on Apache Webserver and Application Servers such as Tomcat, JBoss, Websphere, IIS, etc.
  • Involved in Shell and Perl scripts for compilation and deployment processes and automation of builds and PowerShell for Windows deployment and Administration.
  • Creating the build scripts using Maven for Java projects. Automating the build process by configuring (subversion)SVN for projects. Build tracking so that whenever a defect is detected, developers will be able to track the source code.
  • Scheduled, deployed and managed containers replicas onto a node cluster using Kubernetes.
  • Worked with Docker container snapshots, attaching to a running container, removing images, managing the directory structures and containers.
  • Hands - on Experience of the J2EE Framework and its components as related to Java build, test, deployment and release management initiatives.
  • Experience in software Build tools like Apache Maven, Apache Ant to write Pom.xml and Build.xml respectively.
  • Good analytical, problem-solving, communication skills and can work either independently with little or no supervision or as a member of a team.
  • Created CM Plans, Test plans and Build Documentation while maintaining source code.
  • Wrote deployment Automation scripts for multiple JAVA/J2EE Applications.
  • Experience in setting up Baselines, Branching, Merging and Automation Processes using Shell/bash and Batch Scripts.


Build and Deployment Automation: CI, CD, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Vagrant, Docker, Ansible Build Tools Ant, Maven, Gradle

Scripting Languages: Shell, Python

Configuration Management: Perforce, Subversion, GIT, Bitbucket CI Tools Jenkins, Bamboo

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, RHEL and Solaris. Databases Oracle, MySQL, Big Query Web/Application Servers Tomcat, HTTP Server, WebLogic, Jboss, Bug Reporting Tools JIRA, HPALM


Confidential, Johns Creek, GA

Sr.Devops Engineer

  • Created deployment plans according to the release deployment schedule.
  • Worked on release processes and production changes
  • Support deployments to Distribution centers based on business priorities and schedules
  • Used SVN for branching, tagging, and merging.
  • Configured Jenkins and uDeploy for Continuous Integration.
  • Validation rules and branch/merge processes.
  • Pushed releases to Q A, Stress and production environments.
  • Worked closely with the team to review code for compatibility issues.
  • Corporate objectives and resulting in highest level of client satisfaction.
  • Developed and maintained the Standard Operating Procedures for the software.
  • Coordinated environment preparation, development and test activities
  • Involved in Incident management of environments including the necessary communication to stakeholders
  • Established and Maintained environment configuration specifications and deployment history environments, and communication to all stakeholders including clients
  • Drafted and tracked migration implementation plans until the closure
  • Managed the production release process and implementation plan that ensured the reliability and availability.
  • Created pipelines using Infoworks ingestion tool to ingest database tables from onsite database to Google Cloud Storage and BigQuery
  • Established pipeline to ingest files from within Macys to Google Cloud Storage and BigQuery
  • Established pipeline to ingest Kafka events to Google Cloud Storage and BigQuery
  • Developed patterns to process the data in BigQuery to produce new tables/views
  • Develop workflows for automation tools within on premise and off-premise cloud delivery models
  • Setup Alerting and monitoring using Stackdriver in GCP
  • Provided needed access for individual members to Tables/data inside BigQuery according to their role.
  • Created service accounts to access various projects in Google cloud.
  • Ingested the raw data needed for CDD into Google Cloud and processed the data to build CDD trusted view with Customer Core Category, Customer Core As Provided, Customer Core Golden Attribute Media Systems, Kochi, India August 2013 to April 2015 Release Manager
  • Release Manager for Loan Accounting Platform project that involved multiple development teams and simultaneous software releases.
  • Identified, analyzed, coordinated, and resolved the environment and the infrastructure to ensure a smooth running application
  • Facilitated release team meetings pertaining to the release process and release schedule until completion
  • Oversaw the service reliability and software quality control for releases during SDLC
  • Planned and managed releases/deployments of code through different environments (Development, Test, Staging, UAT, Production)
  • Managed the Subversion branching strategy for few applications by creating Release branches, Development branches thus ensuring the integrity of Trunk.
  • Used Clear Quest as Issue Tracking tool.
  • Analyzing ANT Projects for Converting ANT Build Projects to Maven Build Projects.
  • Developing Maven Build Scripts based on the requirements.
  • Managed Maven project dependencies by creating parent-child relationships between projects
  • Developed and implemented Software Configuration Management strategies for various applications according to the agile process.
  • Managed the Subversion branching strategy for few applications by creating Release branches, Development branches thus ensuring the integrity of Trunk.
  • Jenkins is used as a continuous integration tool for build and deployment of JAVA code.
  • Installed and Administered Jenkins CI for ANT and Maven Builds.


Build & Release Engineer

  • Analyzed the ANT Build projects for conversion.
  • Converting the ANT Build projects to Maven Build projects.
  • Developing the Maven build scripts (pom.xml).
  • Managed Maven project dependencies by creating parent-child relationships between projects.
  • Used SVN as Version control for versioning code and configurations.
  • Responsible for creating New Branches, Rebasing and Re-integrating branches.
  • Building and Administering the Jenkins Continuous Integration servers.
  • Built and Configured Jenkins Slaves for Parallel Job execution.
  • Creating new build jobs, Integration testing jobs and deploy jobs in Jenkins to automate the process
  • Installed and Configured the Apache Tomcat application servers for Dev and INT Environments.
  • Automated the process of deployment to Apache Tomcat application servers by developing Perl Scripts.
  • Worked in Agile Project management Process.
  • Built and Deployed Java/J2EE to Tomcat Application servers in an Agile continuous integration process and automated the whole process.
  • Involved in periodic archiving and storage of the source code for disaster recovery.
  • Developed, maintained, and distributed release notes for each scheduled release.
  • Performed Database Tasks as executing DML’s in Oracle.
  • Participated as an active member of Change Control Board in Production Readiness process.
  • Worked with JIRA for Issue Tracking and monitoring.
  • Wrote ANT (build.xml) for Building Ant Projects.
  • Configured Hudson for Continuous Integration.
  • Established processes and tools to maintain code base integrity, including check-in validation rules and branch/merge processes.
  • Deployed to Web Logic Application Servers.
  • Involved in troubleshooting of user interface using JSP.
  • Pushed releases to QA, Beta, and production environments.
  • Worked closely with the team to review code for compatibility issues.
  • Arranging Change Control Board Meetings, defining guidelines for Change Control Board.
  • Creation of Configuration Management Plans, Usage Models for different applications.
  • Expertise in developing and maintaining quality control processes, continually meeting corporate objectives and resulting in highest level of client satisfaction.
  • Developed and maintained the Standard Operating Procedures for the software.
  • Created scripts for Backup and restoring SVN repositories.
  • Installing, configuring, troubleshooting and modifying software.
  • Experience in using ANTHILL PRO Application Lifecycle Manager.
  • Installed and Configured Perforce Version Control.
  • Helped Developers in understanding the concepts and usage of Perforce client(p4v)
  • Developed Shell and Perl script Utilities for Automation.
  • Allsec Technologies, Chennai, India May 2007 to December 2008 Build & Release Engineer
  • Participated in the release cycle of the product which involve environments like Development QA UAT and Production
  • Responsible for configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting Portal.
  • Used CVS for the purpose of Software Configuration management and maintaining the versions of code.
  • Perform weekly build cycle and testing processes on Solaris.
  • Used Ant Scripts to automate the build process.
  • Developed UNIX and Perl Scripts for the purpose of manual deployment of the code to the different environments and E-mail the team when the build is completed.
  • Deployed application modules to WAS 6.0 based clusters via ND admin console.
  • Created deployment request tickets in Bugzilla for the deploying the code to Production.
  • Attended the Minor/Major Event change control meetings to get necessary approvals for the deployment request.
  • Used Perl/Shell to automate build and deployment Process.

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