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Platform Devops Engineer Resume

Indianapolis, IN


  • Excellent understanding and 5 years of experience and best practices of DevOps, System Administration & Software Configuration Management (SCM) in Agile methodologies.
  • Experience in Administration of Production, Development and Test environment's carrying Windows and Linux servers.
  • Experience in using the build tools like Apache Maven and ANT for the generation of deployable artifacts such as jar, war and ear files.
  • Experience in working with Chef and Ansible for configuration management and application deployments.
  • Strong Knowledge in Server monitoring, capacity planning, application monitoring with the help of Nagios, CloudWatch.
  • Experienced in setting up Amazon EC2 instances, S3 Buckets, IAM, virtual private cloud (VPCs), AMI’s and security groups.
  • Experienced in developing the builds and deployments scripts using Maven as build tool in Jenkins to move one environment to other.
  • Experienced in virtualizing the servers using the Docker for the test environments and dev - environment needs. And, configuration automation using Docker containers.
  • Great experience in integrating Atlassian Tools like JIRA, Confluence, and Bamboo for automating the CM process.
  • Experience in working for a high scalability and high availability environment running Linux and Windows.
  • Good knowledge in analysis issues with firewalls, networks, private and public VIPs .
  • Experience in using virtualization tools like Virtual Box, VMware and provisioning virtual machines using Vagrant.
  • Extensive experience in Windows Azure (IaaS) migrating like creating Azure VMs, storage accounts, VHDs, storage pools, migrating on premise servers to Azure and creating availability sets in Azure.
  • Implemented high availability with Azure Classic and Azure Resource Manager deployment models.
  • Worked with security team to make sure Azure data is highly secure.
  • Strong ability to troubleshoot any issues generated while building, deploying. Experienced in production support in addition to scheduling and running, automating jobs using Cronjobs.


Version Control Tools: Git, GitHub, TFS

Languages: C, C++, java, Python, Groovy, Ruby, PowerShell

Build Tools: Apache ANT, Maven

Continuous Integration Tools: Jenkins, TeamCity

Arti craft Repository Management tool: C

Configuration Management Tool: Chef, Ansible, Docker

Cloud Providers: AWS, Private Cloud (OpenStack), Azure

Bug Tracking Tool: JIRA, GUS (Salesforce Internal Tool)

Monitoring Tools: NAGIOS, Splunk, Cloud Watch

Operating Systems and Virtualization Tools: Linux, Windows Servers, Ubuntu, Virtual Box, VMware

Application Servers: Apache Tomcat


Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

Platform DevOps Engineer


  • Provide all levels of support for over 20000 users in Azure IAAS environment.
  • Identity management using Azure Active Directory and Enterprise architect portal.
  • Azure Availability and Scalability - Configured VMs availability sets using the Azure portal to provide resiliency for IaaS based solution and scale sets using Azure resource Manager to manage network traffic.
  • Provisioning of container services in cloud environment
  • Micro services and container application deployment using Azure orchestration services
  • Configured, monitored, and maintained difference application servers as an administrator for JFrog Artifactory, Team city, TFS and different file-share databases.
  • Planned, coordinated, and maintained the migration process for application servers from one data center to another (We moved to Private Cloud (OpenStack).
  • As an administrator I was responsible for creating repositories, permission objects and implementing replications of the packages from Dev to QA and then to PROD in Artifactory.
  • Wrote different Plug-ins in Groovy to make easy for different team developers to publish their artifacts in Artifactory.
  • Implemented different security model in giving permissions for developers for their ease when they create new application projects and implemented JFrog Mission Control and JFrog XRAY in Artifactory.
  • As an administrator I was responsible for Managing projects, Build Configurations, User Accounts, Groups and Permissions in Team City.
  • Implemented different TeamCity plugins like Artifactory, Docker and Maven in different packages.
  • Configured and managed source code using GIT and resolved code merging conflicts in collaboration with application developers and provided a consistent environment. Implemented Continuous Integration using TeamCity and GIT.
  • Created post commit and pre-push hooks using Docker in GitHub.
  • Implemented simple and robust facilities for load balancing and high-availability to Linux system and Linux based infrastructures using Nginx and Keep alive for Artifactory and PostgreSQL.
  • Configured and managed high available (HA) PostgreSQL as a database for different application servers like Artifactory and Team city.
  • Worked on multi platforms like RHEL (Centos-7), Ubuntu and Windows OS.
  • Created a Chef Server for our team purpose and Involved in Configuring, monitoring and multi-platform servers by defining Chef Server from workstation (ChefDK) to manage and configure Chef Clients.
  • Automated and wrote the scripts in ruby for whole migration process using CM tool Chef.
  • Worked on creating High Available (HA) Windows IIS using Nginx in front of them.
  • Created a Windows Server Failover Cluster (WSFC-2016) and implemented MS-SQL using File Share quorum witness and Always on Availability Groups.
  • Wrote PowerShell script to implement Failover and used Windows Task Scheduler and manual query for custom event in WSFC.
  • Administering servers and workstations using windows operating systems, Active Directory, group policies, organizational unit management, domain name server, dhcp, remote access server and LDAP.

Environment: Windows, Linux, JFrogArti factory, Azure, TeamCity, Git, GitHub, Maven, Chef, Nginx, Keepalived, Docker, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Groovy, Power Shell, LDAP and Private Cloud (Open Stack).

Confidential, Chantilly, VA

Build and Release Engineer


  • Worked with Development and QA teams to continuously integrate software development using GIT, Maven, Jenkins .
  • Built Continuous Integration environment and Continuous Delivery environment using Jenkins .
  • Integrated Ant and Maven with TFS source control to automatically trigger Builds and publish results back to TFS.
  • Involved in designing and deploying multiple applications utilizing almost all of the AWS stack (Including EC2, S3, AMI, SQS, IAM) focusing on high-availability, fault tolerance, and auto-scaling in AWS Cloud formation.
  • Experienced in authoring pom.xml files, performing releases with the Maven release plug-in, Mavenization of JAVA projects and managing Maven repositories.
  • Implemented continuous delivery pipeline involving Jenkins , Ansible to complete the automation from commit to deployment.
  • Managed servers on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform instances using Ansible Configuration management.
  • Involved in Configuration and maintenance Apache Tomcat Servers and manage Linux and Windows virtual servers on AWS EC2 .
  • Deployed Java/J2EE applications on to Apache Tomcat application servers and configured it to host the wiki website.
  • Created Instances, balanced load, assigned security and managed communication between different instances.
  • Designed and implemented the backup strategy for all the critical systems such as build machines, bug tracking tools, central repositories etc.
  • Focused on continuous improvement of the source code management, Continuous Integration, Build & Release processes of the applications with measurable quantifiers and make use of appropriate analytical techniques to identify gaps in the existing practices and areas of improvement in related processes.
  • Involved in sprints and planned releases with the team using JIRA and Confluence .

Environment: Linux, Windows, Maven, TFS, GIT, Jenkins, Ansible, Apache Tomcat and AWS.


Jr. DevOps Engineer


  • Experience working in a DevOps Environments an Associate DevOps engineer working on various applications like Maven, GIT, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker and AWS.
  • Experienced in using virtualization tools like Virtual Box, VMware
  • Assisted developers with establishing and applying appropriate branching, labeling conventions using GIT source control.
  • Deployed Java/J2EE applications to Application servers in an Agile CI environment and automated the entire process.
  • Working experience in designing end to end automation of infrastructure and continuous delivery of the applications by integrating cloud formation scripts, Jenkins, AWS and Ansible Playbooks.
  • Experienced to build CI/CD Pipeline to automate the code release process using Integration tools.
  • Used configuration management tools Ansible, Docker for configuration management automation.
  • Involved in setting up JIRA as defect tracking system and configured various workflows, customizations and plug-ins for the JIRA to generate the reports, raise incidents when critical alerts triggered as monitoring solution.
  • Strong ability to troubleshoot any issues generated while building, deploying. Experienced in production support in addition to scheduling and running, automating jobs using Cronjobs.
  • Design roles and groups using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).
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Environment: Git, Maven, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, Linux, JIRA, AWS, Groovy and PowerShell.

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