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Senior Video Engineer Resume


  • Over 13 years of experience in the cable industry’s digital network administration and engineering for the MSOs .
  • Over 6 years’ experience in Network systems intrusion detection, prevention and analysis (cyber - security)
  • Over 13 years’ experience with the Department of Defense in communications technologies
  • About 3 years’ experience working in a Network Operations Center Tier III support role.
  • Cisco CCNA certification.
  • Working knowledge and experience in Microsoft Windows and UNIX (Solaris/Linux) operation and system and network configuration, administration and troubleshooting.
  • Working knowledge and experience creating, modifying and manipulating basic shell, python and perl scripts.
  • Working knowledge and experience with Informix database and SQL queries.
  • Experience working in an Apache-Tomcat web server/service environment
  • Working Knowledge and hands on experience with Confidential and Arris conditional access systems and the supporting elements for the Cable industry
  • Over 12 years’ service experience in the United States Army as a Signals Analyst/Collections Operator (SIGINT) .



Senior Video Engineer


  • Perform troubleshooting and maintenance of the Confidential conditional access controllers (EC 7.0) and Arris/Motorolla conditional access controllers (DAC) and the supporting network devices (RAD, SEM, QAM, QPSK, NSG, APEX, CASMR, Netcrypts, RFGW, etc). Create, update, and troubleshoot sources, sessions, services, channel maps/channel lineups. Packages, segments. Handle trouble/escalation calls.
  • Worked on the CCAP Migration project for Legacy Charter, Confidential and Bright House Networks.. Configured the Confidential VSRM for implementation of CCAP using Confidential CBR8, Arris E6000 and CASA solution. Support the cut-over from the traditional QAM edge device to the CCAP solution. Troubleshoot and help resolve any issues or outages with SDV and VOD services post migration.
  • Work as a Project Manager on the SE VOD team for Charter Cable on their Arris CMM back office bifurcation for SARA/Passport project. Perform system configuration and validation of the Confidential Explorer Controller (EC) video delivery system, to ensure proper configuration for the ingestion and categorization of the VOD assets to the settop boxes from the CMM back office. Test and validate system performance.
  • Work as a contractor on the field support engineering team for Charter Cable on their Arris DAC audit project. Perform system audit and documentation of the Arris video delivery system, to include the DAC, RADD, and all of the associated supporting devices.
  • Work as a contractor on the field support engineering team for Confidential Cable Corporation in NVDE (National Video Deployment Engineering) on the cDVR (cloud DVR) deployment team. Work as a member of the System Integration Testing (SIT) Team.
  • Perform testing and troubleshooting of the end-to-end system including Confidential Recorder CDE-465 and CDE-460, Arris Recorder S410, NetApp FAS 2240, Cisco Recorder Manager, Arris Recorder Manager, Cleversafe, Super Micro, Cisco UCS Manager, DDN Archives, RGB LP (linear packager), RGB JITP (just-in-time-packager), Envivio Transcoder, Elemental transcoder, Medius Probe, Sentry Probe, NetApp Storage, vCenter, VMware, etc.) for both Linear IP video and Record/Playback (cDVR).
  • Assist in the creation and execution of HP/ALM test cases and update the HP/ALM database.
  • Modify and execute customized, automated test scripts for quick and efficient testing and troubleshooting.
  • Work with partner teams to ensure found discrepancies are corrected in an expedient manner.
  • Compile tests results and prepare for the handoff of the system to the Confidential downstream teams.
  • Also work as a member of the Packager Team. Perform some software configuration, vm creation, etc. for the packagers (Linear Packagers and Just In Time Packagers) required to enable these packagers to perform the desired packaging of the audio/video streams to be used by the end devices ( Confidential, tablets, smartphones, computers, etc.).

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Digital Broadband Delivery Systems Engineer


  • Work as a Network Consulting Engineer contractor on Confidential Systems, Advanced Services Day-2 Video team.
  • Provide proactive and reactive operational service and support and operational readiness assessments.
  • Provide issue management, coordination and remediation.
  • Perform knowledge transfer and mentoring.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve highly complex customer network problems across a broad range of technologies.
  • Installed, tested, upgraded and troubleshoot system release software (DNCS SR 5.X and EC 6.0 and DTACS 3.X).
  • Produced work guides to be used by technicians to perform detailed tasks Helped produce multiple Method of Procedure (MOP) documents to be deployed for use at customers’ sites Act as the focal point for highly complex network problem resolution.
  • Provide root cause analysis and assist with providing fix actions and recommendations to customers.
  • Worked on a full system audit for one of the customer’s largest sites that was accepted by the customer and used to enhance overall system performance.

Confidential, Herndon, VA

Digital Video Deployment Engineer


  • Work as the technical Point Of Contact during the installation and configuration of Confidential Content Delivery Network (C-CDN) components.
  • Work on the CDE-220 Disk Drive replacement project replacing and upgrading multiple SSD disk drives for Confidential VOD C-CDN network at multiple Confidential sites.
  • Work on the CDE-250 installation and configuration project. Check the design documents for accuracy and completeness.
  • Configure the management and streaming interfaces for management communications/connection and streaming video on multiple CDE-250 Red Had Linux Streaming Servers at multiple Confidential.
  • Test network connectivity and communications and ensure there are no problems or interruptions.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve any problems found or reported.
  • Work as the Point of Contact for the field during the installation and configuration and post deployment.
  • Act as the liaison with the vendors for any issues discovered.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Service Assurance Analyst


  • Provide Tier III Video Service Assurance.
  • Manage all aspects that include: service analysis, proactive monitoring & trend analysis, diagnosing and correlating network issues, identification of root cause, development of resolution strategies, and treatment of reactive alerts and escalations.
  • Monitor service quality with IneoQuest software and create and close service performance degradation reports for over 500 services at two satellite sites.
  • Create detailed reports to include the examination & analysis of outages to be used in after-action reviews and analysis of the issue/incident to minimize repeated outages and improve network reliability.
  • Utilize Harmonics NMX and Imagine ICE Broadcast Management System to monitor and troubleshoot service interruptions and to perform Tier III service fix agent tasks on satellite receivers, digital encoders and multiplexers and RGB Networks IP Video/IPTV platform.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot the SeaChange VOD system using Tandberg Media Path Manager and Asset Manager to include Seachange VOD servers and Ericsson pitchers and catchers and perform Tier III fix agent tasks for this system.
  • Utilize TS Reader and Medius Mixed Signals applications to verify/troubleshoot EBIF and SCTE-35 data.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Software Test Engineer


  • Provision new Confidential OCAP TruTwoWay set top boxes (4742, 4642, 8742 and 8642 models). Assist engineering in the testing and evaluation of new and existing set top box ( Confidential ) software (code). Test to find defects.
  • Document and track defects in various bug tracking databases to include Clarify, Bugzilla and JIRA. Work closely with the development team to troubleshoot and test potential fixes.
  • Perform professional on-site engineering support.
  • Perform Unix network and system administration duties (Solaris/Linux).
  • Work with Confidential ’s DNCS and Application Server (SARA) and Mystro Application Server (MAS) to load, upgrade, downgrade and troubleshoot code boxes to reproduce issues and compare performance on these boxes, until the full acceptance of the new Confidential settop boxes by Confidential .
  • Present and train site personnel on the functions and operations of the new set top boxes.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Digital Network Engineer


  • Install, configure, maintain and upgrade digital broadband networks to include the DNCS (Digital Network Control System) controller/server, SARA AppServer, XOD server, VOD server and various telecommunications and on-demand equipment (GQAM, GoQAM, MQAM, Netcrypts, NOBE, QPSK mods and demods, encrypters, Confidential 's, etc).
  • Perform Unix network and system administration duties (Solaris 8 and 10).
  • Perform digital headend/hub installation and professional on-site engineering support, including software/hardware upgrades, system maintenance and provisioning, etc.
  • Install system software and hardware.
  • Configured the DNCS for ADSG/DSG settop boxes (Advanced DOCSIS Settop Gateway) and test and troubleshoot settop boxes using DSG over the CMTS network.
  • Troubleshoot system operations and communications.
  • Maintain digital headend/hub system with the objective of 100% operational up time. Provide efficient and effective troubleshooting of digital system to minimize system down time.
  • Setup, provision, test and troubleshoot Confidential settop boxes (Explorer 3250, 4250, 8300, 8540, 4742, 8742, 4642 and 8642 standard and high definition and cablecard boxes).
  • Loaded settop box code to various settop boxes in special code groups I created to test and monitor the code.
  • Deploy the code to the general settop box population for that code upon successful testing of the code.
  • Loaded debug code on special debug settop boxes for troubleshooting and capturing special logs to help troubleshoot different issues.
  • Work with 3rdrd-party vendors to integrate system with other network components. Help troubleshoot Video On-Demand services outages.
  • Configure and troubleshoot Harmonics NSG 9000 edge QAM devices for VOD service.
  • Installed DTACS server and software and provisioned and tested DTA settop boxes.
  • Provide professional oral and written system status to customer, Management and Engineering.
  • Actively participate in any customer conference calls involving site, digital system technical issues.
  • Install all system release software upgrades (SR4.0, 4.2, 4.3 and
  • Assist engineering in the implementation and testing of new network products.
  • Participate in the installation of new headend/hub equipment.
  • Provide informal system training on Confidential ’s HFC network to multiple fellow digital network engineers and on-site personnel.
  • Participate in site change management meetings and conferences. Worked in an overlay network environment (Cisco and Motorola).
  • Troubleshoot extensive and complex networks with the ability to resolve root cause issues and document the problem and resolution.
  • Modified, manipulated and executed shell scripts to assist in the troubleshooting efforts.
  • Worked with the Billing Management System team to troubleshoot any communications or other issues between the billing system and Confidential ’s DNCS and components and resolve any problems found.

Confidential, San Antonio, TX

Senior Computer Systems Analyst/ Intrusion Detection Analyst


  • Analyze TCP/IP and UDP data. Review IDS logs (ASIM and Confidential Secure IDS Systems) and Snort logs.
  • Produce reports upon the finding of any intrusion or vulnerability.
  • Worked as a member of the Incident Response Team.
  • Advise operational customers on proper system configurations and appropriate countermeasures to vulnerabilities.
  • Work as a member of the ASIM Technical Operations team.
  • Maintain the sensor, director and client fleet worldwide.
  • Provide rapid support for analysts experiencing technical difficulties with the client software in support of the global AF NetD mission.
  • Maintain virtual private network (VPN) connectivity.
  • Maintain internal sensor Technical Support systems.
  • Ensure the timely delivery of sensor-collected data from the field to the analysts.
  • Enter alert omits and excludes in support of AFNOSC NSD operations, as requested. Maintain Confidential IDS routers.
  • Build and maintain IDS router configurations and ensure Access Control Lists (ACL) are properly placed and maintained on router interfaces.
  • Ensure Virtual Private Network (VPN) Management Systems (VMS) are maintained and functioning properly.

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