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Field Engineer Analyst Resume

Beltsville, MD


Bilingual: French/English

Interpersonal: Customer Relationship Management

Management: Project leadership & Supervision

Telecom and Network: Router/Switch configuration (Scripting and configuration) and troubleshooting; Voip(Cisco, Avaya, Adtran & Polycom Ip phone set and Voice switches); Rack and stack; Structure cabling(Copper/Fiber); Broadband(T1, Cable, DSL); Telephony(POTS, IP telephony). Linux RHEL/CentOS 7/Server virtualization/Bash script Wireless(WiFi/ Cellular/Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus/Cradlepoint Access points(802.11a/b/g)

Cellular: In Building D.A.S; Confidential ALU BTS; Motorola Two - way Radios; Public Safety; 4G/CDMA, UMTS)

Tools: OTDR; Praxym, Spectrum Analyzer, Seagull CW Tester, Dragon wireless transmitter, Coyote wireless receiver, Fluke cable tester/Fault finder, Punch-down tools and cable certifiers and Tone generators.


Field Engineer Analyst

Confidential, Beltsville, MD


  • Provided engineering and technical expertise to Washington Metro Access Transit Authority ( Confidential ) engineering team in troubleshooting 7 series Confidential
  • Analyzed logs, interpreted charts and troubleshot train cars’ internal ethernet communication network, vital operation & control systems (Train control Network, Propulsion, Braking and Communication)
  • Conducted live-track data collection testing and submitted findings to Confidential for revenue preparation trains.
  • Assisted and guided train technicians in troubleshooting complex train system issues.
  • Maintained a high level of communication between parts manufacturers, Confidential and Confidential .

Project Lead Engineer

Confidential, Landover, MD


  • Lead and designed testing procedures for Confidential ’s public safety and internal Metrorail two-way Motorola radio communication uplink and downlink
  • Collected daily data on Metrorail tunnel system two-way radio signal strength with Anritsu spectrum analyzer, dragon RF transmitter and Coyote RF receiver.
  • Met and exceeded client’s ( Confidential ) expectation by producing quality deliverables based on findings in a timely manner.
  • Analyzed findings and determined appropriate improvement solutions to improve network performance.
  • Conducted monthly meetings with Confidential ’s radio engineering team to discuss test result deliverables and address testing issues to improve testing processes.

Cellsite Engineer

Confidential, Baltimore-Washington Area


  • Completed installation and inspections of over 100 Confidential cell sites and exceeded quarterly installation goals.
  • Surveyed Confidential FDD/TDD Confidential sites and installed/replaced Confidential - Confidential with Confidential 5G Confidential and GPS module with Confidential Newelo application.
  • Decommissioned Confidential - Confidential ALU and Install/Commission Confidential with Confidential and Confidential management software
  • Moved CPRI remotes radio head fibers from decommissioned Confidential - Confidential to new Confidential
  • Dressed all power, GPS, and ground cabling according to Confidential site management standards.
  • Provided end of day installation report to field supervisors via MS SharePoint.

RF Field Engineer

Confidential, Beltsville, MD


  • .Performed pre-installation building structure survey walkthrough (Building structure type, Wall penetration and fire code requirements, Head-end, GPS, Remote and antenna location
  • Conducted Surveys on new installation projects and meet with assigned project contractors to discuss project construction challenges.
  • Collect baseline building coverage measurement received from nearby cell towers with Datapro/Spectra/Seagull/ZKE application and assist with project DAS design solution.
  • Lead and Managed construction and installation and to meet delivery expectations.
  • Performed frequency bands demodulation with Anritsu to detect Carrier transmission channel.
  • Investigated and troubleshoot poor signals and signal level interference, provided attenuation or amplification to mitigate or replace defective devices or cable( directional antenna, DAS jumpers, fibers cable)
  • Troubleshot Neutral host In-building Distributed Antenna System(Teko, Mobile Access) with Spectrum analyzer and OTDR
  • Performed installation of MRO, GPS antenna, Donor Antenna, Router, SpiderCloud Service Node, Aggregation switch, Router, Omni and directional antennas.
  • Performed post-installation performance walk survey with ZKE, DataPro/Spectra to confirm wireless signal level from DAS for LTE, CDMA and UMTS.
  • Conduct CW drive testing with Mx scanner, Tortoise signal generator for new Cell tower installation site.
  • Performed coaxial Cable(Plenum, Superflex) cable termination and Distant to Fault/ Sweep testing with Spectrum Analyzer.

Wireless Field Service Engineer

Confidential, Rockville, MD


  • Maintained and troubleshot Linux and Cisco based Motorola 7131 wireless access point using command line interface.
  • Ran scripts to upgrade, patch and troubleshoot access point and switch connectivity issues.
  • Troubleshoot and resolved KVM CCU wireless controller using linux commands.
  • Performed SIM Lab performance testing for access point integration in train cars.
  • Performed WAP configuration and firmware upgrade via scripts, CLI and VPN.
  • Diagnosed and repaired CCU modem (internet connectivity, TCP/IP, IP V4/6, AP meshing), Landing Page, RAID, RF (ssid /Mesh, Roof Antenna, GPS), and WAN (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, sim card issues)
  • Performed scheduled wireless network performance surveys with InssiDer application through real time train ride alongs between Baltimore, Delaware and New York.
  • Performed weekly preventive maintenance for Acela wireless access point and CCU modems (cabling status, equipment attachment, mounting, ssid broadcast, network speed, and meshing).

Voice/Wireless Field Engineer

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Troubleshot and installed Cisco AirNet and ruckus wireless access point (TCP IP address configuration and script reload)
  • Applied thorough knowledge of telecommunications infrastructure (Cisco switches, T1 and analog/digital signals, copper cable, optical fiber, digital signaling) to troubleshoot and isolate issues
  • Conducted site surveys for future access point expansion with Seagull wireless application and determined initial coverage challenges.

Telecom Field Engineer

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Conducted 3G/4G testing survey and signal reliability for wireless modem installation
  • Installed and configured Cisco Routers, IAD’s (2435 FX8/16/24), EFM’s(Actelis), Cradle point (DBU) 3G/4G LTE WAN Routers, wireless access points and Cisco IP phones (IP addressing, DHCP, DNS, Script running)
  • Installed, configured, and troubleshot routers, switches and firewall (Static IP addressing, Scripting, Ping, IPv4 configuration, DNS)
  • CISCO Router (IAD), SWITCHES (2960), Patch cabling installation and troubleshooting according to ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-A, 569-A, 570-A, 606, 607
  • Performed desktop refresh and imaging
  • Conducted audit on client networks for performance including telecom/telephone equipment and T1 line (cabinet card swap)
  • Decommissioned legacy equipment

Environment: Windows 7/ESP/Cable certifier/Putty

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