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Devops Engineer Resume

Redmond, WashingtoN


  • Overall 8+ years of total IT experience in DevOps and Systems Analysis in the domain of sports, retail and non - profit which includes work experience in Amazon Web Services, Confidential Azure and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Automate the process of deploying pipelines for AWS Lambda functions.
  • Experience in cloud administration with Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Hands on experience in analysing Log files and finding root cause.
  • Experience on commissioning, decommissioning, balancing, and managing nodes and tuning server for optimal performance of the cluster.
  • Hands on experience in provisioning and managing Hadoop clusters on Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine instances.
  • Involved in bench marking Hadoop/HBase cluster file systems various batch jobs and workloads.
  • Analyse and Understand Requirements from customer and create high level documents.
  • Experience with complete Software Design Lifecycle including design, development, testing and implementation of moderate to advanced complex systems.
  • Create Build test plans and capture test results.
  • Having experience with NoSQL DB MongoDB for Data Management.
  • Expertise in SQL and PL/SQL programming.
  • Experience in working in environments using agile development.
  • Technology Lead providing SQL Server DBA Prod support.
  • Worked on different OS like UNIX /Linux and developed shell scripts.
  • Created complex and sophisticated ad-hoc & canned reports using Webi drilldown, slice and dice feat ures using Business Objects.
  • Effective problem-solving skills and outstanding interpersonal skills. Ability to work independently as well as within a team environment. Driven to meet deadlines. Ability to learn and use new technologies quickly.
  • Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.


NoSQL Databases: DynamoDB, MongoDB

Programming Language: C++, C#, Python, Java

Confidential (Productivity Tools): MS Office, MS Project, MS Visio, MS Visual Studio, SharePoint

Databases: MS SQL, MySQL

Operating Systems: Windows 7/10, Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS

Scripting: HTML scripting, Shell

WEB Servers: JBOSS, HTTP web server

IDE: NetBeans, Eclipse, Visual Studio

CI/CD Automation: Jenkins, |Chef, Ansible, Maven


Confidential - Redmond, Washington

DevOps Engineer


  • Reproduced the issue raised by customers in Machine Learning and Application Platform Services for Azure.
  • Troubleshot and provided solutions to customers having issues in cloud implementation.
  • Triaged new issues submitted by customers and gathered any information needed by engineers to move the issue forward.
  • Maintained SharePoint site with team updates for customers.
  • Created and maintained user access for Azure Projects.
  • Updated and maintained code for teams in SharePoint and Visual Studio and deployed the code to Azure.
  • Created process to gather data from Confidential OpenHack meetings and create new Work Items based on the feedback.
  • Created virtual machines, Machine Learning workspaces, experiments, Cognitive and Bot services, resource groups and databases in Azure.
  • Created and updated user forums in Azure Feedback forums.
  • Reported weekly on the status of Azure resources usage to upper management.
  • Created custom queries in Azure DevOps to gather information and report.

Tools: Used: Confidential Azure, OneNote, Confidential Teams, SharePoint, Visual Studio.

Confidential - Cleveland, Ohio

DevOps Engineer


  • Built deployment pipelines in Confidential Azure using GitHub repositories to deploy to Amazon Web Services.
  • Used Serverless framework and CloudFormation to deploy the code from Visual Studio Code to Amazon Web Services.
  • Created and authenticated users using Kibana.
  • Created Roles, Policies and Service roles in serverless.yml file to automate the deployment process for developers to deploy Lambda functions.
  • Integrated Snyk into serveless.yml to validate the development packages and streamline patching the deployed applications.
  • Created template batch files for frontend and backend applications to copy GitHub repositories, check and patch vulnerabilities and deploy code to dev, test and prod stages in AWS.
  • Created EC2 machine, installed and configured Neo4j graph database and authenticated users in Kibana to load data from csv files stored on S3 bucket.
  • Created and configured VPC and service roles to access private S3 buckets with read-only access.
  • Configured ElasticSearch service to load from CloudWatch logs and metrics from S3 for application monitoring and log analytics.
  • Created and configured custom domains in CloudFront to use Route53.
  • Created baseline template serverless yml files for developers to develop and deploy applications faster.

Tools: Used: Amazon Web Services, CloudWatch, CloudFront, Identity & Access Management, Lambda, VPC, ElasticSearch, EC2, Cognito (Kibana), Visual Studio Code, Postman.


DevOps Specialist


  • Provided technical support to IT and Software Engineers from many multi-billion-dollar companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations using Google Cloud Platform products.
  • Assisted in configuration of Identity Access Management for various multi-national corporations.
  • Troubleshoot BigQuery issues narrowing down to network or API/Client Libraries related.
  • Troubleshoot Machine Learning tools such as Speech API, Vision API, Translation API and requesting access to customers for using GPUs and TPUs.
  • Recommended Storage and Virtual Machine types for customers depending on their use cases.
  • Troubleshooting pipelines submitted using Apache Spark and Hadoop services.
  • Identified and documented product bugs and feature requests and work with internal support teams as well as customers to implement effective solutions.
  • Worked closely with internal support teams to improve cloud products at a senior level, suggesting and making changes to the product code.
  • Provided solutions and guidance to users through public forums (third party and Google-owned).
  • Troubleshoot Cloud SQL queries supporting MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Reproduce and troubleshoot issues using Java, Python, PHP, C#, Ruby APIs and Client Libraries along with REST and gRPC references.
  • Supported and troubleshot log activities using Kafka.
  • Engage with Google Engineers on daily basis, report bugs/issues and escalate cases requiring advanced troubleshooting and backend fixes.
  • Used Linux and Windows virtual machines mirroring customer environment to reproduce issues.
  • Verified the permissions for IAM roles and troubleshot the pipelines.

Technologies Used: Java, Python, Node.js, GO, Tensorflow, Hadoop, Spark, Cloud SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL), REST, gRPC, JSON, C#

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