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It Systems Engineer Resume


Network: DNS (including A, AAAA records, NS and more), Tracert, Ping, SSH, NAT, Subnets, Classless, Static IP, DHCP, Getmac, Arp, LAN, WAN, MAN, PAN, Ping, OSI, Proxy Servers, VPN, Netsh, Netstat

Security: CIA, Firewalls (Symantec Cloud), WPA2, AES, SSH, TSL, Asymmetric Cryptography, EFS, CHAP, SSL, Antivirus, HIDS, NIDS, W32tm (to set server time)

Windows Server: 2003, 2008 r2, 2012 r2, 2016, SID’s, ACL, Folder Redirection, replication, preferences, LDAP, LDP (test binding), Dcdiag, ADSI Edit,NTP, Fine Grained Passwords, Offline Files, RSOP, Active Directory Administrative Center, Security Compliance Manager, Smartscreen, Mapped drives using batch scripts, Gpupdate, Gpresult, Repadmin, Central Store, Application Whitelist, url whitelisting (registry), lockout policies, NTFS permissions, WSUS

Virtualization: Oracle Virtualbox, VMware Vsphere 5.5 and 6.0, Citrix, VMware Workforce One (UEM), VMware Horizon

Core Competency: Active Directory, Ticketing Systems, Read/Design Workflow Diagrams, POS Systems/PCI, RegEdit, and Powershell, PSexec, Group Policy, VMware Workforce One - Virtual Desktops, VMware Vsphere, VMware Horizon

Backup and Recovery: Live Vault, Windows Backup and Recovery, Backup GPOs, Veritas

Database: MySql, SQL Server 2008 R2

Hardware: OTS hardware/software, RAM, Processors, Motherboards, Video Cards, Servers, Switches, Routers, SCSI Raid, PBX

Applications: GTMPC, Remote Desktop, Microsoft Office Suite, Symantec Ghost, Wireshark, Acronis, LogMeIn Central Symantec Endpoint and cloud, RingCentral, ESET

Languages: Batch Scripts, Powershell


IT Systems Engineer



  • Manage and create Vsphere VCenter server and the database
  • Implemented ESET deployment and removed Symantec
  • Create, maintain and upgrade the Fileserver to a dedicated Fileserver in Windows Server 2012 in the correct format.
  • Create group policies to bring their AD up to date for mapped drives and other miscellaneous features.
  • Upgrade mapped batch drives to mapped drives via preferences.
  • Upgrade client machines operating system from Windows 7 pro to Windows 10 Pro
  • Ability to create ADusers, ADGroupMemebers and more with Powershell geared toward server core.

Jr System Administrator



  • Create roaming profiles and understand NTFS file systems
  • Design and troubleshoot GPO’s
  • Deploy msi packages (software installation) via group policy (both computer configuration and user configuration)
  • Fix corrupted roaming profiles by going into regedit removing the duplicate file and renaming it
  • Document GPO’s and any special instructions relating to that GPO
  • Configure and deploy workstations for end users
  • Create and manage AD accounts
  • Troubleshoot workstations and outages on the network
  • Use GPO’s to make workstations more secure and be more reliable
  • Setup testing environments to test GPO’s, test replication between different server OS, test networking and etc
  • Blocked directories using GPO (Computer Configuration side) so users could not obtain access to those folders
  • Led monthly IT meetings with new projects and ideas to in corporate into the business
  • Configure desktop restrictions to reduce support calls (ie lock the taskbar, prevent access to regedit, control panel, and etc)

Technical Support



  • Troubleshoot equipment failure, such as hardware, telephone, data, network, and printers
  • Provide support for government agencies where security is the utmost importance
  • Work in Active Directory (Citrix) to reset passwords and check permissions and status
  • Able to reset passwords for Microsoft Office Suite and check their status
  • Used a proprietary ticketing system (Remedy) to accurately record each event

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