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Systems Analyst Resume

Fort Worth, TX


Over 25 years of experience in systems analysis and programming for the financial,aerospace, food, computer chip and rail road industries. Strong background in developing interfaces for client server application, user training and support documentation.


Programming Languages: COBOL, COBOL II, JCL, PL/1

Hardware: IBM Mainframe, PCs and most compatibles

Operating Systems: Windows NT, MVS

Job Scheduling Systems: CA7, ENDEVOR, CONTROL - M

Software Development Methodology: SDLC

Software: IMS, DB2, CICS, VASM, TSO, ISPF, QMF, SPUFI, Panvalet, Librarian, Endevor, MS Access, Word, Excel, Abend-aid,InterTest

Middleware: NDM, MQ SERIES, File-Aid for IMS, DB2, Xpediter for debugging Online and Batch COBOL/DB2 programs


Systems Analyst

Confidential, Fort Worth, TX


  • Team member for MRP systems.
  • Provided production support For Part/Plant Master, Bill of Material (BOM). Apply V-MODEL process to develop IE Standard
  • Report system’s requirements, design, development, test plans, test cases, Perform UNIT / INTEGRATION / REGRESSION / ACCEPTANCE tests, Documents test results, defects, resolve defects, implement, schedule system.
  • Develop System flow chart and user guide.
  • Also develop, test, implement interface for JSF parts loaded in SAP and
  • Removed from Part / Plant System using V-MODEL methodology.
  • CAPP, EWI, PDM Interface with PMPR and BOM mainframe based IMS, DB2, COBOL, JCL.
  • Set up and scheduled production jobs. Interacted with end User for IE Standards reporting project.
  • Developed interface with SAP’s Material System to update Part/Plant records in IMS Databases.
  • Developed JSF/PDM/MBOM/PIOS Interface to create RECON file for JSF parts. Developed transition process of JSF parts from PDM to CAPP and from CAPP to BOM. Interacted with JSF user community to resolve issues and develop solutions. Set UID (Unique Item Description) for parts.
  • Use File-Aid for DB2 tables, IMS Databases and Flat files to create test data and select specific records based on selection criteria. Use Xpediter to debug DB2, IMS programs for ONLINE transactions and batch programs
  • Schedule jobs using CONTROL-M to create download file for JSF parts


Confidential, Dallas, TX


  • Created special promotion offers to be included with statements for selected credit card holders and Ireland as a member of the Selective Statement Insert system.
  • Modified 40 COBOL/COBOL II programs with embedded DB2 SQL statements.
  • Modified 40 JCLs/Prcos, Sort Control cards.
  • Modified 2 REXX programs to translate queries created by customers for reformatting and processing.
  • Developed 60 jobs to load/unload DB2 tables.
  • Set up test plans, test cases, conducted UNIT and System Integration Tests, documented and published results for customer review.
  • Developed design documents, interacted with customers in USA, Canada and Europe. Participated in peer review and code walk through.
  • Identified and documented problems in Mercury Quality Center and resolved them in timely manner.
  • Migrated JCLs, Procs, and Copybooks programs in staging libraries using Endevor for the software change management process.
  • Suggested improvements in the process which prevented major problems.
  • Use File-Aid for DB2 tables, flat files to select specific records as per test plans.
  • Apply V-MODEL Methodology to develop test plans, test cases, perform

Senior Systems Analyst

Confidential, Fort Worth, TX


  • Developed interface between mainframe and client server Capacity Planning Systems (CPC), the module of the Manufacture Resource Planning system.
  • Interacted with third party vendors in the development, testing and implementation phase of developing a system to monitor response times for orders created from client servers and processed by the mainframe. The system alerted customers by sending a text message to a cellular phone if the response time exceeded one minute.
  • Developed a system to update parts in PIOS’s Part Master Database received from Part Data Manager and CPC in a real-time environment and eliminated scheduling of the process.
  • Implemented enhancements to BOM systems, a component of PIOS.
  • Developed batch, BMP and online interfaces between EWI-BOM, EWI-PM/PR, PDM-BOM, PDM-PMPR, SFM-PM/PR, CAPP-BOM and CAPP-PM/PR.
  • Use File-Aid for DB2 tables, IMS Databases and Flat files to create test data and select specific records based on selection criteria. Use Xpediter to debug DB2, IMS programs for ONLINE transactions and batch programs
  • Set up and schedule jobs using CONTROL-M to process files received from

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