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Cloud/devops Engineer Resume

Englewood, CO


  • Systems/DevOps and Cloud Engineer with around 8 years of experience includes AWS, Azure Cloud services, DevOps, build release and change management, Linux/Unix/Windows Administration and Development.
  • Experience working with Amazon AWS Cloud services like EC2, S3, ELB, EBS, VPC, RDS, Route53, SQS, SNS, CloudFormation, IAM, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, Auto Scaling, Cloud Front, Code Commit, Code Deploy, Trusted Advisor.
  • Experience in AWS and Azure Billing and Cost Management and cost optimization.
  • Experience in configuring, deploying and maintaining infrastructure and applications on Azure and AWS.
  • Experience in managing Cloud security and On Premises.
  • Experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment using Jenkins with GIT.
  • Experience with Configuration Management tools CHEF, Puppet and Ansible.
  • Experience in scripting languages such as Shell, Perl, Python and Ruby.
  • Knowledge of networking, routers, switches, VPN and Firewalls.
  • Experienced with the installation and configuration on Apache 2.x, 1.3.x, 1.2, Tomcat, WebSphere, JBoss4.0.x, 5.x, Web Servers, WebLogic 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x servers and LDAP servers.


Cloud: AWS, Azure

DevOps Tools: Jenkins, GIT, Docker, CHEF

Languages: Shell, PowerShell, Python, Ruby

Operating System: Linux, Windows, Ubuntu

Networking: Security Groups, Network Interfaces, DNS, DHCP, LAN, WAN, PANW VM Series Firewalls

Web Technologies: Apache, Tomcat, Weblogic


Confidential, Englewood, CO

Cloud/DevOps Engineer


  • Worked extensively on AWS and Azure cloud services for multiple projects.
  • Developed, implemented and improved CI/CD, continuous testing and monitoring processes on AWS and Azure for multiple projects and over 40+ services in Dev, Test and Production environments.
  • Developed Cloud Infrastructure from scratch on AWS and Azure.
  • Worked extensively on ARM templates (JSON) to deploy Azure resources and CloudFormation templates to deploy AWS resources.
  • Designed Virtual Networks, subnets, network security groups on AWS and Azure in accordance with the services.
  • Configured DNS zones and Application Gateways in Azure, Route53 and load balancers in AWS.
  • Built and automated CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins, Gitlab and Azure Devops for multiple projects.
  • Experience working on Docker containers and creating docker images. Created and managed a Docker deployment pipeline for custom application images in the cloud using Jenkins.
  • Worked on automating application deployment in AWS using Docker through AWS Elastic Container Service.
  • Worked on configuration management tools to manage infrastructure as code through Chef.
  • Worked on Chef Configuration management tool to manage infrastructure as code and built baseline images which are used while autoscaling.
  • Developed Chef Recipes configure and deploy the software components for the infrastructure. Used Chef Cookbooks from Chef Marketplace to customize the Chef recipes.
  • Created and managed repositories on Bitbucket and Git source control systems.
  • Experience working on Bash, Python and Ruby.
  • Worked on Agile methodology through the project.
  • Used Jira and Confluence.
  • On call support for Production environments.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Cloud/DevOps Engineer


  • Worked on AWS cloud services such as VPC, EC2, CloudFormation, S3, Cloud Watch, Lambda, Auto Scaling, ELB/ALB, IAM, Route53, RDS, SNS, SES, CloudFront, CloudTrail.
  • Developed AWS CloudFormation and Azure ARN templates for Confidential VM Series Two Tier Sample and deployed the stacks.
  • Used S3 for storing boot strap files of PAN VM Series firewall configuration and cloud - init to boot strap onto EC2 instances.
  • Developed user-data scripts in the startup process to install web services and establish connections within using Shell.
  • Used Cloud Watch and AppDynamics to monitor and logging.
  • Experience using PAN OS 8.0.
  • Configured PAN VM Series firewalls and established VPN connections between multiple AWS VPCs using Virtual Private Gateways.
  • Configured PAN VM Series firewalls as Global Protect Portal, Gateway and Satellite for LSVPN feature in AWS.
  • Worked on Services VPC architecture which creates a single point of policy enforcement and management.
  • Encryption in transit and rest - End to End encryption from external access to internal applications and vice versa - SSL certificates in place.
  • Build Services VPC architecture manually from scratch in AWS which includes two firewalls, one per AZ in Services VPC and two satellites (CentOS), one per AZ in subscribing VPC and established IPsec connection between firewalls as GP gateway and satellite using iproute2.
  • Developed Python scripts for establishing IPsec connection.
  • Used Lambda functions to make API calls to add satellite static routes in the firewall.
  • Used Autoscaling to scale up the resources as required.
  • Worked on designing VNets, Network Security Groups, Network Interfaces, subnets on Azure and deployed VMs.
  • Involved in DevOps automation process for build and deployment for a 3tier web architecture.
  • Develop, Maintain and support Continuous Integration framework based on Jenkins.
  • Development of company´s internal CI system, providing a comprehensive API for CI/CD.
  • Perform maintenance and troubleshooting of continuous build/deployment systems.
  • Setup up and maintenance of automated environment using Chef recipes and cookbooks within AWS environment.
  • Created GIT repos and managed high level CloudFormation templates.
  • Documenting day to day activities as needed.

Confidential, Palo Alto, CA

Cloud Management/DevOps Engineer


  • Maintained AWS Billing and Cost Management for 450+ accounts.
  • Managed CloudHealth (IT Service Management for Cloud) for AWS resource utilization, performance, cost management and security optimization.
  • Preformed Extensive AWS cost optimization which brought down the cost by 30 % - 40% (~$300,000) of the total AWS month cost which include buying Reserved Instances, Instance Rightsizing, deleting unused volumes, idle instances, snapshots, etc.,
  • Work closely with AWS Enterprise Architects to improve the existing AWS environment, implementing new services and better cost and security optimization.
  • Used AWS Trusted Advisor for fault tolerance, performance, security and cost optimization.
  • Maintained around 450+ AWS accounts and 3000+ instances (Amazon Linux, RHEL 6.x, 7.x, Ubuntu 14 and Windows 2008, 2010, 2012, 2016).
  • Integrated Okta with AWS IAM and created Roles, Policies per instance and IAM user.
  • Identity and Access control management specific to production and limiting users as needed.
  • Used CloudFormation to deploy Infrastructure Stacks.
  • Migrated on-prem databases to RDS using AWS database migration services and automated snapshots using Cloud Formation..
  • Configured S3 for automated encrypted backups and hosting static websites.
  • Setting up cross account and cross region based access for S3 replication, auto tagging, EC2 instance status management and EBS backups using AWS Lambda functions.
  • Worked closely with on-prem networking team to deploy AWS VPCs.
  • Built Network Firewalls into AWS VPC.
  • Setting up cross account VPC peering between 2 different VPCs from different accounts.
  • Developed Cloud Infrastructure architecture and deployed VMs, VNets, ARM templates on MS Azure.
  • End to End Client Server Installation & Customization of Jenkins to automate the build/deployment process for respective application/project.
  • Worked on Jenkins for the CI/CD pipeline providing continuous improvement to agile software development teams.
  • Deployed micro services, including provisioning AWS environments using Ansible Playbooks.
  • Used cloud-init to boot strap Chef and Puppet installations onto EC2 instances.
  • Configured and managed Apache application on 70+ instances using Puppet manifests.
  • Setting up centralized Elastic Search, Log Stash and Kibana.
  • Configured application monitoring using Nagios and App Dynamics.
  • Installed and configured monitoring for infrastructure and application using AWS CloudWatch.
  • Enabled AWS CloudTrail logs on multiple accounts.
  • Setting up GIT repository for CloudFormation templates and other scripts for automation.
  • Hands on experience on Docker.
  • Hands on experience in Bash, Shell, Power Shell, Pearl and JSON.
  • Experience using Jira and Confluence.
  • Documenting all the processes for above, issues caused and its solutions in timely manner.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

AWS/DevOps Engineer


  • Designed Architectural Diagrams for different applications before migrating into amazon cloud for flexible, cost-effective, reliable, scalable, high-performance and secured.
  • Build servers using AWS: Importing volumes, launching EC2, creating security groups, auto-scaling, load balancers, Route 53, SES, SNS in the defined virtual private connection.
  • Created Cloud Formation template stacks to automate for building new VPCs using JSON.
  • Have built Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana for centralized logging and then store logs and metrics into S3 bucket using Lambda function for more than 2 weeks.
  • Installed AWS SDK .net tools to run Shell and Powershell scripts to send metrics into CloudWatch using AWS CLI.
  • Was involved in maintaining Billing and Cost Management for multiple AWS accounts.
  • Maintaining the user accounts IAM, RDS, Route 53, SES and SNS services in AWS cloud.
  • Automating backups by shell for Linux and powershell scripts for windows to transfer data in S3 bucket.
  • Creating alarms in Cloud Watch service for monitoring the server’s performance, CPU Utilization, disk usage etc.
  • Deployed applications using AWS Code Deploy and Jenkins with GitHub configured and troubleshoot issues related to the same.
  • Configuring Docker file with different artifacts to make an image and deploy Docker image to install the application on an instance, maintain and troubleshoot for any user issues or network problems.
  • Experience in installing and configuring NGINX.
  • Implemented and Enhanced the Existing Scripts which are developed in Shell, Powershell, Ruby and Python.
  • Have also used Chef recipes and cookbooks for configuration management in Linux systems to maintain default configurations for different applications.
  • Hands on experience on Puppet and modifying manifests as required.
  • Good knowledge on Splunk indexers and forwarders and to use console for analyzing logs when required to troubleshoot any production issues.
  • Experience using Jira and Confluence.
  • On-call support for 24/7 for troubleshooting production issues.
  • Documenting all the processes for above, issues caused and its solutions in timely manner.

Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Cloud/DevOps Engineer


  • Responsible for building out and improving the reliability and performance of cloud applications and cloud infrastructure deployed on Amazon Web Services
  • Experience on AWS cloud services like EC2, S3, RDS, ELB, EBS for installing, configuring and troubleshooting on various Amazon images for server migration from physical into cloud.
  • Involved in maintaining the user accounts IAM, RDS, Route 53, VPC, RDB, DynamoDB, SES, SQS and SNS services in AWS cloud.
  • Server migration using cloud services like AWS from physical to cloud environment.
  • Utilize Cloud formation and Puppet by creating DevOps processes for consistent and reliable deployment methodology.
  • Implemented automated Cloud infrastructure using Chef.
  • Modifying Puppet manifests in Ruby for deploying, configuring and managing collected for metric collection and monitoring
  • Java web application integration, build and release experience using automation scripts written in ANT.
  • Configuring Jenkins continuous integration and managing ssh keys within Jenkins for GIT.
  • Implemented and Enhanced the Existing Scripts which are developed in Shell, Perl, Ruby and Python.
  • Worked on Redhat Linux 6.4, 6.5 and Solaris 10 on HP x86 servers (C7000, DL360, DL380’s).
  • Experience in Managing SAN disks like EMC and VMAX using EMC Powerpath.
  • Installed EMC Powerpath and create Storage RAID groups, LUN’s and assigning them to the servers.
  • Experience in Troubleshooting and performance tuning issues with applications like Oracle 10.x, 11.x JBoss 5.x, WebLogic 11.x, 12.x.
  • Experience with F5 load balancers to load balance and reverse proxy servers.
  • Experience in Weblogic and WSIL deployments.
  • Installed and configured VMware products including vCAC, vSphere, vCenter, vCloud.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Systems Engineer


  • Installing and upgrading Redhat Linux on HP x86 and Itanium Servers and Solaris on Sun SPARC, HP DL 380 G 4, 5, 6 and 7 & Dell Power Edge servers.
  • Installing and maintaining Solaris Jumpstart environment and Redhat Kickstart environment.
  • Worked on installations, troubleshooting and performance tuning issues with applications like Apache, JBoss 4.x, WebLogic 10 and the operating systems, which included Solaris and RHEL.
  • Experience in building customized RPM packages.
  • Shell scripting to automate the regular tasks like removing core files, taking backups of important files, file transfers among servers.
  • Used Sun Volume Manager for Solaris and LVM on Linux to create volumes with layouts like RAID 1, 5, 10, 51.
  • Experience managing SAN disks like EMC Clarions and VMAX using EMC Power path and Volume management software.
  • Experience working with GIT and LDAP.
  • Worked with VERITAS Foundation Suite 5 and performed tasks like creating disk groups, volumes, initializing disks, replacing failed disks etc.
  • Implemented HA using VERITAS Cluster Server 5.0 for Apache gent and Ldom.
  • Installed and upgraded VMware vSphere ESXi 5.0/4.1/4.0 and ESX server 4.1/4/3.5 for running the Windows, Redhat Linux Servers on development and test servers.
  • Used HP Service center and Remedy change management system for ticketing.

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