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Iam Delivery Manager Resume

Lakeland, FL


  • IT Security Leader with over 17 years of work experience in IAM domain across heterogeneous environments playing different roles such as Software Engineer, Consultant, Architect, Technical Program Manager and Delivery Manager and managed projects and people across different geographies.
  • I have successfully delivered cost effective Authentication solutions for multiple organizations.
  • Engaged and influenced different stakeholders to ensure compliance (PCI, HIPAA, SOX etc.), security and operational functional requirements are met or exceeded.
  • I always look out to create and implement automated processes that reduce manual efforts and increase overall efficiency and scalability.


Authentication (OAuth, OIDC, SAML) | MFA | Password less (WebAuthn, CTAP) Products worked on: CA SiteMinder, Ping Federate, ADFS, Oracle OAM, OpenSSO/OpenAM, Azure AD.

Privilege Identity Management. Products worked on CyberArk/Conjur/CCP, CA PAM

Identity Lifecycle Management - Products worked on IBM ISIM/IGI

Security Architecture |Architecture Risk Assessment & Threat modeling, Penetration & Vulnerability testing

PKI, Kerberos Authentication

Azure Security controls and deployments, Azure AD. Understanding of AWS Cognito. LDAP/Database- Products worked on Active Directory, CA Directory, SQL Server, Oracle DB2, Radiant Logix


Confidential, Lakeland, FL

IAM Delivery Manager


  • Delivered a cloud based IVR/automatic password reset solution which saved annually 5 Confidential worth of resources.
  • Delivered CyberArk based Privileged Identity management solution for securing human, local, domain, network accounts.
  • Delivered Authentication solution for managing Enterprise Applications using SiteMinder proprietary Authentication and standard protocols SAML, OAuth, OIDC etc. using ADFS and Azure AD.
  • Delivered Privilege Identity solution for traditional application environment and DevOps environment using CyberArk Conjur and CCP.
  • Migrated the user Identity Lifecycle management for the IT staff from ISIM to IGI solution and automated the Access Governance.
  • Develop monitoring and reporting on the health, effectiveness and efficiency of IAM services.
  • Started implementing Passwordless Authentication using FIDO2(CTAP and WebAuthn).
  • Implementing Risk based Access using CARTA, UEBA, Zero Trust methodologies.

Confidential, Newark, Delaware

Senior Security Consultant


  • Designed and built Authentication solution for Confidential organization.
  • Integrated majority of their Applications with the Authentication solution for federated and non-federated use cases.
  • Implemented Authentication solution for Anthem organization.
  • Helped implement Single Sign on solution between SiteMinder Authentication and Ping Federate for New Balance and Fidelity.
  • Helped with solution proposals with several other customer requirements.

Confidential, Rochester, NY

Senior IAM Architect


  • Developed, deployed and maintained system authentication solutions, password management, MFA, user account lifecycle, certificate management and system authentication solutions within operations.
  • Implemented authentication solution for over 350 applications using CA SiteMinder.
  • Built the CA Federation solution and migrated applications from OpenSSO to CA Federation.
  • Built the Oracle OAM service and integrated Oracle Applications to achieve SSO with CA SiteMinder protected applications.

Confidential, Rochester, NY

Technical Program Manager


  • Lead the projects for Confidential Authentication services.
  • Transitioned and lead the Confidential. It involved developing and managing the Confidential application authentication environments.
  • Transitional and lead the Confidential IAM project/IAM project for Confidential . It involved developing and managing the Confidential application authentication environments.
  • Trained the Confidential China operations team for Authentication services.
  • Built and managed the Confidential Center of Excellence (COE) capability for IAM area. Got awarded ITO Luminary for this effort.
  • Worked with multiple project teams for IAM projects requirement gathering and solution proposals.


Technical Lead


  • Lead the Authentication and SSO project for Confidential applications.
  • Design and developed the Integrated Windows Authentication for BT applications.


Senior Software Engineer


  • Lead the efforts for major SiteMinder release of 6.0 sp5 with new SiteMinder features. It involved design, develop, unit testing, working with the QA and the build release.
  • Worked on the SiteMinder bug fixing team which involved reproducing customer issues, fixing the code bugs and align with major code releases.

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