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Linux Administrator Resume


  • Obtain a position as your Systems Admin, utilizing customer service experience and technical knowledge to provide strong support and triage of issues.


  • 10+ years of Linux Administration experience; Experience with AWS and Apache Cloudstack; strong experience with many operating systems and server tools (Linux, Apache, Nginx, memCache, Varnish, ipTables, CentOS, cPanel, Plesk, Virtuozzo, Windows, MAC); skilled with Linux Security, DNS, eCommerce, and adaptable to new programs; detail - oriented with great efficiency and notation



Linux Administrator


  • Assist clients with a wide range of System Administration assistance, from building and installing a server, to restoring and reviving crashed database servers
  • Manage clients through Cloudtrek utilizing Apache Cloudstack and AWS implementation
  • Maintain an extremely broad and functional degree of knowledge for various types of server configurations, ranging from simple webhosts to mission critical database servers
  • Must be able to quickly learn and adapt to new/unknown environments
  • Heavily utilize virtualization using Vmware, XenServer, Windows Server using WAC
  • Understand, configure, and maintain various storage configurations
  • Assist during critical emergencies to restore services in high pressure situations
  • Receive and build server hardware, including racking, cabling, and installing servers from bare metal
  • Fully design, implement, and provide training for Zabbix Monitoring infrastructure
  • Create, Modify, and Restore DNS Bindings for client utilizing our DNS
  • Create and maintain scripts for backups for both client and infrastructure servers
  • Supervise, Train, and Implement failover/migration services across several large, national client infrastructures using Veeam and Carbonite


Shift Lead / DevOps Support


  • Specialized Magento Host, supported thousands of Magento eCommerce sites on a custom-built infrastructure utilizing AWS nodes and technology
  • Utilize strong understanding of web-centric platforms; Apache, Nginx, PHP, MySQL for customer sites
  • Utilize strong understanding of Storage configurations, routing & switching, virtualization (VMWare & Xen) to maintain server integrity
  • Installation, Decoding, Upgrades, and assisting customers in Magento store management
  • Maintain server health, including monitoring, backups, and restore systems
  • Assist in securing Magento sites with relevant patches and version updates.
  • Debug all manner of server admin issues; emails, API integration, CDN, media management
  • Troubleshoot all manners of email connection issues, from server-side to PEBKAC
  • Maintain local DNS servers/records
  • Learn and implement new technologies for a quickly growing webhost


Server Administrator


  • Specialized in WordPress support, utilizing proprietary backend software, WordPress CMS, MySQL, Apache/Nginx, and Varnish.
  • Supported a large customer base via Phone and Zendesk with any issues with their sites or servers, including: outages, tool integration, analytics, firewall/port management
  • Monitor our server farm to proactively prevent issues; with a focus on resource allocation management
  • Maintain a deep, personal understanding of clients' business needs
  • Authored training documentation, for both client and internal usage
  • Trained and mentored Level 1 & 2 technicians on job responsibilities, tools, and expectations.

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