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Cloud Engineer Resume

Medford, MA


  • Database architect with 20 years of experience in high volume transaction processing, e - commence, call center and data warehouses.
  • Unusual ability to simplify complex problems and applications. Strong performance tuning and troubleshooting skills. SaaS experience with both AWS and Azure.
  • Responsible for tuning multi TB databases requiring millisecond level response times.
  • Development and support of multi-tenant databases involving billions of transactions per year.
  • Tuned queries ranging from seconds to hours and reduced duration as much as 99%.
  • Developed and supported thousands of SSIS packages.
  • Onboarding tuning to reduce load times over 70%.
  • Reduced complexity of internal reporting system replacing 100+ reports with a multiple level application and a single user interface.
  • Architected and created end-user data mart to replace existing customer portal for over 15,000 suppliers to query their invoice and metrics data. Reduced average query time per report from over 5 minutes to 28 milliseconds. Reduced database maintenance by over 90%.
  • Performance tuning of multiple CRM systems. Customers were seeing performance degradation and system freezes. Reduced worst query times by 90-99%, reduce heavy locking and deadlocking enabling Fortune 50 company to keep key clients.
  • Data modelling work for OLTP and Data Warehouse environments.
  • Experience as both a database manager and individual contributor.


SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2

SQL, SSIS, SSRS, C#, Python

Strong Query Optimization Skills

DevOps in AWS & Azure

Development, Monitoring & Tuning

Data Modelling


Cloud Engineer

Confidential, Medford, MA


  • Develop and support of multiple database platforms including SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and PostgreSQL.
  • Databases types supported include Microsoft CRM, home-grown SQL Server data warehouse, Oracle OLTP system supporting over 86% of all Confidential road-side assistance and DB2 database storing real-time data from automotive sensors.
  • Databases increase in size by as much as 20GB per day, Cloud platform AWS.
  • Created and supported multiple EC2 and RDS instances.

Database Contractor

Confidential, Newton, MA


  • Database engineer responsible for development, monitoring and query tuning of multi-tenant, multi TB SQL Server databases.
  • Cloud platform Azure. jANUARY 2000 to DECEMBER 2006

Director Database Architect

Confidential, Boston, MA


  • Database supported over 10,000 retail outlets and 15 corporate web sites.
  • Lead engineer developing middle tier to support real-time bundle offers for cable and telecommunications industries.

Principal Software Engineer

Confidential, Lowell, MA


  • Lead database engineer developing application for world’s fourth largest call center company.

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