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Cloud Engineer Resume


  • A multi - skilled solutions architect with good all-round ability to juggle multiple projects and meet deadlines whilst at the same time comprehending complex and interdependent business process
  • Recognized leader in migrating and Implementation of multiple applications from on premise to cloud using AWS services. Ability to identify customers business requirements, then translate them into the appropriate technical requirement and technology solutions


  • Amazon Web Services (EC2, EBS, S3, IAM, AMI, VPC, VPC Peering, NACL, SG, Route53, Auto Scaling, ELB, SNS, Cloud Watch and Cloud Formation)
  • Troubleshooting • Git • Bash • Terraform • JIRA
  • Ansible • Cloud Computing • Dockers • Identity & Access Management (IAM)
  • Cloud Computing • DevOps • RedHat/centos • Networking
  • Monitoring (Nagios) • Firewalls & Log Analysis


Cloud Engineer



  • Building and maintaining cloud environments (AMI) and their supporting infrastructures.
  • Migrating data from on-premise to Cloud.
  • Deployed over 100 AWS Workspaces and AppStream 2.0 for remote employees and contractors
  • Design and implement security policies and secure method access.
  • Distribution of load using Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) and Route 53.
  • Orchestrated cloud governance, authorization, authentication and identity access management of the clients' entire cloud environment using AWS IAM services (IAM users, IAM groups, IAM Roles, IAM Policies, identity federation) AWS organization, AWS Single Sign-On.
  • Encrypted data stored in EBS as an added layer of security and also did Data encryption using Amazon S3.
  • Turned on Redshift audit logging in order to support auditing and post-incident forensic investigations for a given database.
  • Recommended and managed transmission protection requirements for all environments (systems, applications, containers, etc.) such as VPC peering best practices, SSL certificate management, key pairs, etc.
  • Using MySQL Workbench to manage daily operations on RDS.
  • Provisioning and monitoring EC2 Instances.
  • Experience in deploying and monitoring applications on various platforms using Elastic Beanstalk, setting up the life cycle policies to back the data from AWS S3 to AWS Glacier.
  • Using CloudEndure for Disaster recovery.
  • Enabled Cloud Trail log file validation so that any changes made to the log file itself after it has been delivered to the S3 bucket is trackable to ensure log file integrity.
  • Excellent use of GITHUB in sharing repositories and versioning.
  • Recommended to the security team to install software updates and complementary security software by formal processes to remediate vulnerabilities.
  • Monitoring servers (infrastructure and application) and troubleshooting alerts/notifications from monitoring systems.
  • Using tools like Grafana & AWS monitors/CloudWatch to monitor the health of our infrastructure.
  • Configured and Set up new systems and laptops for employees, loading required software and server permissions.
  • Deploys monitors and troubleshoots containerized infrastructure environments using Docker/Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Responding to alerts when thresholds are met by following allocated runbook.
  • Server decommissioning using laid down procedures and scripts.

Linux System Administrator



  • Planned and performed appropriate procedures, documentation, inventory assessment, and other procedures related to IT.
  • Updated software versions with patches and new installations to close security loopholes and protect users.
  • Building servers on VMware.
  • Configure, administer, and maintain antivirus software or email applications.
  • Working with ticketing system tools such Jira, ServiceNow, ServiceDesk to track assigned task, problems, change management, release management etc.
  • Using Kubernetes in GKE to manage docker containers on Google cloud clusters.
  • VM setup for clients using centos VDI images and building servers.
  • Patching and package management using RedHat satellite server.
  • Server administration - user management and support.
  • Worked closely with vendors and technical consultants to resolve issues.
  • Mentoring junior staff and students.
  • Creating maintenance windows within which physical server maintenance is performed.
  • With Crontab, I created, scheduled cron jobs using entries and monitoring cron productivity.
  • Led a team of staff assigned to deploy software, monitor computers, fix bugs and local area network (LAN) cable management.
  • Designed and implemented new layout for network cables in a computer lab I setup.
  • Installed, configured and managed NFS for filesystem sharing between Linux network.
  • Set up periodic performance reporting to support capacity planning.
  • Performing general troubleshooting by going into the log files to investigate the root cause of the issue.

Information and Systems Engineer



  • Spearheaded information systems and data across all available platforms. I also executed technical and engineering integration processes and services seamlessly.
  • Researched existing and emerging hardware and software technologies to determine capabilities and cost-benefits relationship and develop ongoing computer systems solutions that meet performance and budgetary requirements.
  • Investigated system components suitability for specified purposes and make recommendations regarding component use.
  • Formalized Firm's IT Security and Risk Management Program including the documentation of Policies and Procedures and the Adoption of industry standard Information Security and IT Operations frameworks and best practices (i.e. NIST, OWASP, SOC2, ITIL)
  • Carried out extensive research using big data to filter out the necessary and required information, analyze, and optimize the process, prepared business requirement document, and then converted business requirements.
  • Improved, prepared and implemented action plans effectively to maximize overall equipment efficiency and conducted needs assessments and implemented solutions to improve engineering.
  • Troubleshoot Internet (DSL, Cable, FTTP), Troubleshooting Email, Troubleshooting Phone For several affiliates.
  • Defined business requirements, data models, and transformation logic and report structures to enhance organizational efficiencies.
  • Performed ongoing performance tuning, hardware upgrades and resource optimization as required.
  • Performed data management using native utilities for archiving and compression.
  • Hardware monitoring and performance evaluation using Dell DRAC.
  • Formalized Firm's IT Security and Risk Management Program including the documentation of Policies and Procedures and the Adoption of industry standard Information Security and IT Operations frameworks and best practices (i.e. NIST, OWASP, SOC2, ITIL).
  • Reviewed/established Security Incident Handling/Response and Risk Management controls and procedures
  • Supervising, training, and assisting of the users of the global video conference room and technologies.
  • Evaluated the information system’s compliance with applicable Federal cybersecurity policies and procedures.

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