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Technology Engineer Resume


  • Over 25 years UNIX System Administration, Programming experience on various UNIX based Operating Systems such as Sun - OS, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux, and associated hardware.
  • Proficient with the implementation, configuration, troubleshooting, diagnostics of various UNIX based servers, desktops, (Sun M9000 - desktops) and RAID storage systems.
  • Planning departmental strategies involving the implementation, configuration, of various Servers and Storage components, and related software.
  • Deployment, maintenance and support of critical large-scale system environments.
  • Experienced in the evaluation, application of security principles, techniques, standards for UNIX based operating systems, related applications.
  • Experience in security assessments, implementation policies, architecture, components, authentication, verification, intrusion detection, and vulnerability detection, Compliance, Remediation.
  • Planning and implementation of centralized application servers, storage devices including facility layout, technical writing, technical Drafting, implementation, and configuration..
  • Motivating personnel within project teams in order to provide the best possible service levels to the organization.
  • Excellent team building, communication, and training skills.
  • Training and assignment of compatible and responsible support for associated teams.
  • Proficient in C programming, various shell scripting interpretive environments.


  • Solaris, SunOS, HP/UX, AIX, LINUX, SCO UNIX, Univel, Banyan Vines ENS, all versions of Windows and DOS.
  • Veritas Volume Management, Veritas Net Backup, VCS, SVE Oracle Solaris Cluster. VXFS file system, Solstice Disk suite, ZFS, mpathadm, DMP, LVM, HP Ignite, Sun Jump start, Send mail, NIS, NIS+, DNS, DHCP, PPP, some exposure to EMC Power path, and HP Open View, Qualix HA
  • C/C++, Pascal, Cobol, Basic, Lisp, Auto Lisp, Unix based Shell programming, Python, Perl, Bash, Bourne, Korn, C Shell. Some knowledge of visual basic, Ada, xlisp.
  • Auto-CAD 9 - 13, Designer, AME, Pro-Engineer 8 - 18. PCNFS 3.5, 4.0, 5.0. IBM SNA 3270 emulation, Sunlink FDDI, Excursions, Exceed, Presto serve, Word perfect, Lotus 123, Paradox. Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, Corel Draw.
  • TCP / IP wrappers, IP Filters, Apache, Sun firewall, Sun BSM, OpenSSH.
  • Sun UNIX based servers M9000, M8000, T-Series, Sun Blade, V880, 440, 280R, E10000, E6500 - E250, all Sun workstations, Sun storage solutions A5x00, RSM, SSA, D1000, A3500 and all internal, external drives, memory, graphics cards, transceiver cables, modems, serial, parallel cards, tape backup devices, printers, plotters, 286, 386, 486, Pentium based systems and all related peripherals.



Technology Engineer


  • Assisted Patching & Intrusive Remediation team with security and vendor recommended patch compliance, patch wave generation, associated smart group / patch analysis job creation.
  • Performed subsequent patch wave execution events for various physical, virtual Red Hat server environments within converged architecture, in accordance with internal specifications, associated engineering standards for approx.
  • 20000+ servers on quarterly and monthly schedules.
  • Performed various process improvement efforts by automating redundant wave generation tasks via various interpretive languages.
  • Performed various compliance checks, remediation for associated servers. Diagnosed, troubleshooted various server configuration issues with respect to patch wave creation and subsequent patching efforts.
  • Performed various administrative tasks in support of patch wave execution such as Oracle RAC, Red Hat Cluster, Oracle Database, Application, Web framework shutdown, startups relating to patch execution efforts.


Sr. UNIX System Eng / Consultant


  • Contracted UNIX technical support for HPE. Assisted with various engineering design guide documentation associated with UNIX based infrastructure in support of planned migration efforts for various public sector clients.
  • Focused on gathering server / storage data for migration candidates and incorporated into various internal engineering design guide templates.
  • (Visio diagrams, Excel spreadsheets) Assisted with the development of various HPE Superdome2 server / storage documentation and associated diagrams, Oracle T series server documentation.

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