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Devops/ Systems Engineer Resume

Greenbelt, MD


  • Experiences include administering and monitoring mission - critical production environments, DevOPS, virtual, hybrid, and legacy environments. Platforms included IaaS, SaaS, and VPC.
  • Advanced skills set in Linux, UNIX, and Windows System Administrator environment.
  • Highly personable technical resource with excellent communication and technical skills.
  • Strong ability to multi-task in high-stress environment possessing excellent analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills set working with minimal supervision.
  • In general, extensive cloud and legacy IT industry experience.


  • Systems administration (AWS, Linux, UNIX, Windows Server 2012, 2016)
  • Scripting experience (Bash, Power Shell, )
  • Database experience (RDS, DynamoDB, Redshift, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, Oracle, Redis)
  • NGINX, Apache Web server implementation HTML
  • Technical project management
  • Ansible/Terraform software provisioning, configuration management, and application-deployment tool enabling infrastructure as code
  • Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline automation
  • Github / GitLab Version Control Experience
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • AWS Cloud front-CDN
  • AWS Core services - EC2, S3, EBS, ELB, Route53, VPC, IAM, roles, ACL, NACL, architecture, etc.
  • Proficient with AWS Cloud Services for example AWS DevOPS, API Gateway, Solutions Architecture.
  • Network Monitoring / Troubleshooting tools Expert with VPN, Load Balancing, SSH.
  • Extensive working experience with IBM, HP, and Windows operating systems, virtualization, and applications.
  • Hypervisor Oracle VM VirtualBox, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, KVM, IBM POWER Hypervisor.
  • SFTP (FileZilla, WINSCP), SCP, SAMBA.
  • Ticketing tools Chatscrum and Jira.


Confidential, Greenbelt, MD

DevOps/ Systems Engineer


  • Built, configured, supported Red Hat, Centos, AWS-Linux, Ubuntu, and Windows 2012 and 2016 servers and workstations in virtual environments.
  • Monitored and tuned the system to achieve optimum performance levels.
  • Hardening Internet-facing systems including CIS, to provide maximum availability and security.
  • Setup security using SUDO, umask, ACL, Firewalls, CIS.
  • Performance monitoring of the servers and applications using TOP, FREE, VMSTAT, TCPDUMP & IOSTAT
  • Job Scheduling using Cron.
  • Build httpd and or NGINX service image(s) using Docker.
  • Used Docker for the containerization and deployment of MySQL databases.
  • Install kops and create a Kubernetes cluster to deploy and run Chatscrum, a Jira-like tool.
  • Supporting DEV and Production systems on daily basis.
  • Performed daily system monitoring, verified the integrity and availability of all hardware and server resources, and review system and application logs.
  • Setting up Ansible for configuration management and improvement of the Continuous Integration process.
  • Creating Ansible roles, configuring playbooks, and using Ansible to deploy and install software packages on any server.
  • Designed and developed infrastructure using Terraform and cloud formation.
  • Enabling Splunk to capture indexes and store clients’ login and logoff to suit business needs.
  • Setting up of static IPv4 address on AWS for dynamic cloud computing and masking failure of an instance or software via remapping.
  • Pointing and assigning a domain name to an EC2 instance to allow clients easy access to a web application.
  • Linking a MySQL database with Redis to improve database performance for web-based apps.
  • Supporting multiple AWS cloud instances for extension of EBS volume.
  • Configured SWAP storage space.
  • Utilizing AWS DevOps platforms (Code-Commit, Code-Build, Code-Deploy, Code Pipeline, and so on) for developing and operating SCRUM applications in conjunction with tools like cloud formation, VPC, Route53, KMS, and Redshift.
  • Add users, assign an Identity Access Management (IAM) role and configure the appropriate SSH sign-in method.
  • Configuration, deployment, and running the company’s SCRUM application image using Docker file.


Systems Administrator/IT Project Manager


  • Project managed the deployment and integration of Office 365 to 500 saving the company above $40,000 annually.
  • Create status reports, project plans, and attend team meetings to coordinate activities.
  • Member of the team that scripted the deployment plan for the rollout of Office 365.
  • Collaborate across business units to ensure commonality of infrastructure standards, processes, and deliverables
  • Managed software and hardware deployment globally.
  • System deployments including VMware, Windows, RHEL/Centos Linux.
  • Performed standard system administration tasks, such as troubleshooting and problem resolution, patching, installing packages using rpm and yum, wget and up2date, drivers, software, and hardware upgrades.
  • Performed daily system monitoring, verified the integrity and availability of all hardware and server resources, and reviewed system and application logs.


System Administrator/Technical Project Manager/Engineer


  • Project managed the deployment of 1200 nodes to Office 365 in a 6-month window to void a $70,000 licensing fee.
  • Project managed and performed an upgrade of production VDI clones.
  • Added, modified, or deleted users and group’s account on local systems using tools and manual procedures.
  • Project managed the deployment 0f Vmware VMs.
  • Teamed in the creation of Ansible playbooks for the deployment of applications with solution developers.
  • Developed specific business solutions, share-points, equipment consolidation including server, storage, networking, and cloud-based solutions.
  • Ensured the quality of service by developing detailed processes based on the specific needs of the client using knowledge of technical architectures.
  • Monitored and tuned the system to achieve optimum performance levels.
  • Implemented, installed web-based systems, storage, and network architecture.
  • Improved utilization of managed services, transition to remote management of IT systems.

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