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Devops & Build And Release Engineer Resume

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  • 7+ Years of experience in Core System Engineer of OS such as (RHEL/CENTOS 5/6/7, Windows Server 2008R2/2012R2) wif 3 Years focused on Implementing Automation wifin DevOps Culture to leverage CI/CD (Continuous/Integration /Deployment/Delivery) Pipeline and utilize Configuration Management Tools.
  • 4 years of experience working in teh DevOps environment wif familiarity and hands - on knowledge of various DevOps tools such as Puppet, Chef and Ansible.
  • Extensive knowledge inadministration tasks on Red Hat Linuxand documentation for teh projects executed.
  • Installed, monitored and supported Web and Application Servers on Linuxenvironments and updated, monitored, deployed and managed systems using Red Hat Satellite servers.
  • Proficient in configuring Kickstart servers to initiate installation of Redhat Linux on several machines at once.
  • Extensively worked Wif VMware ESXi 5.1/5.5/6.0 vCenter Server, Host Clustering wif HA, DRS, Replication Manager 5.x/6.0, Site Recovery Manager, vMotion, Physical to Virtual Migration and Managing SAN Data stores wif, iSCSI, NFS & FC.
  • Experience in Storage, Disk Management, Logical Volume Management (LVM) and logical partitioning and maintaining file systems and creating NFS.
  • Automating continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines using DevOps tools such as Chef, Jenkins, GitHub, andCloudFoundry and automate administration tasks through scripting.
  • Experienced wif Chef Enterprise in writing cookbooks and uploaded them to Chef server, managed on-site OS/Applications/Services/Packages and hosted them On-Premise, installed Workstation and bootstrapped Nodes
  • Experience wif large environment wif more than 7000 servers on different Data centers, vCenters and AWS running different operating systems which are managed by Puppet.
  • Managed various Amazon Web Services like EC2, S3 bucket, RDS, EBS, ELB, Auto-Scaling, AMI, IAM through AWS Console and API Integration wif Puppet Code.
  • Written manifests/Recipes and Ruby scripts to customize teh Puppet/Chef as per our environment.
  • Excellent knowledge configuring Amazon Web Server (AWS) and migrating application to AWS and managing applications on cloud.
  • Created monitors, alarms and notifications for EC2 hosts using Cloud watch, Nagios, and ELK stack to monitor services other than AWS and real-time application logs streaming.
  • Monitored teh servers and checked teh network performance using Nagios, Splunk, iCinga for Resource Monitoring/Network Monitoring/Log Trace Monitoring.
  • Experience in monitoring servers using tools likeDynatrace, AppDynamics and Splunk.
  • Experience in working on source control tools like Tortoise SVN, CVS, IBM Clear Case, Perforce, and GIT, Strong knowledge on source controller concepts like Branches, Merges and Tags.
  • Extensively worked on Jenkins/Hudson by installing, configuring and maintaining for teh purpose of continuous integration (CI) and for End to End automation for all build and deployments.
  • Designed Puppet Modules to manage configurations and automate installation process and Experience automating centralized configuration-using Puppet.
  • Architect and deploy Symantec public/private cloud platforms (IaaS, PaaS & SaaS) across Amazon Web Services.
  • Involved in setting up JIRA as defect tracking system and configured various workflows, customizations and plugins for teh JIRA bug/issue tracker.
  • Installation, Configuration and Management of RDBMS and NoSql tools such as SQL Server 2008/2012/2014 , MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, MongoDB & Cassandra.
  • Worked on group/useradministration, startup and shutdown scripts, crontabs, file system maintenance and backup scripting and automation.
  • Expertise in writing Shell scripts using ksh, Bash, and Perl for process automation of databases, applications, backup and scheduling.
  • Constructed a RESTful API to manage infrastructure services using Python and Flask.
  • Expert in setting up SSH, SCP, SFTP connectivity betweenLinuxhosts.
  • Expertise in implementation and maintenance of FTP, DNS, LDAP, Tomcat & Apache web servers on Linux servers and installation and configuration of Apache, BEA WebLogic, LDAP, and mail servers.
  • Experienced in DNS, NFS, CIFS, FTP, NIS, Samba Server, Tomcat & Apache servers, LDAP, remote access, security management, and system troubleshooting skills.
  • Provided production support in an on-call rotation in a 24x7 environment.


Operating Systems: RHEL/CentOS 5.x/6.x/7, Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora, Sun Solaris 7/8/9/10, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012

Build/Automation Tools: Puppet, Chef, Ant, Maven, Jenkins, Hudson & Bamboo

Languages: Shell, Bash, Perl, Ruby and Python scripting

Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, SQL Server

Web/App Server: Apache, IIS, HIS, Tomcat, WebSphere Application Server, JBoss

Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA, Fisheye, Crucible, Rally, Remedy and IBM Clear Quest, Bugzilla, HP Quality Center.

Version Control Tools: Subversion, GIT, Tortoise SVN, Visual SVN

Web Technologies/Programing Languages: Servlets, JDBC, JSP, XML, HTML, .Net, Java Script, Java/J2EE, C, C++, Ruby, Perl scripting, Python, Shell scripting.


Confidential, NC

DevOps & Build and Release Engineer


  • Developed and Implemented Software Release Management strategies for various applications according to teh Agile Process.
  • Dealt wif different environments like Development, QA, UAT and Production for various releases and designed instance strategies.
  • Extensively experienced in using Build and Automation tools like Ant, Maven, Gradle and working knowledge of other build tools like MS Build & Build Forge and Managed Maven project dependencies by creating parent-child relationships between Projects.
  • Involved in editing teh existing ANT/MAVEN files in case of errors or changes in teh project requirements.
  • Jenkins is used as a continuous integration tool for automation of daily process and involved in teh development of Bash shell scripts to automate repetitive tasks
  • Researched and implemented code coverage and unit test plug-ins wif Maven/Jenkins and Installed Groovy plugin to Jenkins and worked on groovy scripts to add support for groovy projects.
  • Setup and configured Cruise Control for Continuous Integration and Release Management as well as maintained Repository management in Maven to share snapshots and releases of internal projects using Nexus.
  • Built and deployed EAR and WAR files wif custom configuration settings using Maven Tool Kit and further deployed teh archives into Apache Tomcat Web Server and WebSphere Application Servers.
  • Administered and deployed HTTP web server and Apache Tomcat Servers in deploying web applications on a clustered environment on Tomcat and JBOSS to maintain teh clusters and load balance through Shell scripts.
  • Leveraged AWS cloud services such as EC2, auto-scaling and VPC to build secure, highly scalable, and flexible systems that handled expected and unexpected load bursts
  • Automated teh Migration of teh Jenkins server to AWS and moving of teh jobs from teh SCM Git and Analyze and resolve conflicts related to merging of source code for GIT and further configuring wif SonarQube to test teh quality and analyze teh bug fixes.
  • Initiated responsibility for administering teh SVN and GIT servers which included install, upgrade, backup, adding users, creating repository/branches, merging, Writing hooks scripts, performance tuning, troubleshooting issues and maintenance.
  • Expertise in AWS Cloud Administration which includes services like: EC2, S3, EBS, VPC, ELB, AMI, SNS, RDS, IAM, Route 53, Auto scaling, Cloud Front, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, Cloud Formation, OPS Work, Security Groups.
  • Provided POC's to provision teh AWS infrastructure using Ansible playbooks which includes checking teh health status, monitoring and gathering facts about teh EC2 instances, elastic load balancers, auto scaling groups and other AWS resources.
  • Strong experience wif Docker containers and experience working on Docker to build images at root of teh repository and clustering teh containers wif Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.
  • Experience in creating and maintaining users, groups, elastic load balancers, and auto scaling to create a cost-effective infrastructure wif fault tolerance and elasticity.
  • Worked on .NET Web. Application Build / Deployment (MS Visual Studio 2012, TFS 2010/12) software.
  • Responsible for maintaining MS Build and PowerShell files for build and automation of .Net and CSharp applications.
  • Worked closely wif Project Managers to understand a code/configuration release scope and how to confirm a release was successful.
  • Worked on various Docker/Kubernetes components like Docker Engine, Hub, Machine, Compose and Docker Registry.
  • Configured and setup Ansible Tower wif customized playbooks to automate and enhance teh configuration management for deploying faster containers, EC2 instances, and manage Jenkins deployments.
  • Maintained JIRA for tracking and updating project defects and tasks and used Rally tool for tracking user stories and backlogs.
  • Strong ability to troubleshoot any issues generated while building, deploying in teh production environment in both Linux and Windows environments.
  • Installed and Configured - NFS, NIS, DNS, Mail Server, Apache Web Server on various flavors of Red Hat Linux and Solaris.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, analytical and quick problem-solving skills.

Confidential, CA

Linux Admin/ DevOps Engineer


  • Administrated DHCP, DNS, and NFS services in Linux and experience in creating and managing user accounts, security, rights, disk space and process monitoring in Ubuntu
  • Developed and set up custom reporting tools, automated health monitoring and alerting for builds and environments.
  • Review entire environment and execute initiatives to reduce failures, and improve overall performance, and expand monitoring capabilities.
  • Experience Writing/maintaining scripts, maintaining Linux servers/firewalls and responsible for doing software upgrades on Juniperrouters and switches.
  • Used Dockerfor local application development and test and worked on Docker container snapshots, attaching to a running container, removing images, managing directories structures and managing containers.
  • Implemented a Continuous Delivery pipeline wif Docker, Jenkins, Bitbucket and AWS AMI's and build a new Docker container from Jenkins.
  • Experience working on several Dockercomponents like DockerEngine, Hub, Machine, Compose and DockerRegistry as well as created multiple Containers wif Specific Run Times and Proxying using NGINX for Virtual Hosting of multiple containers in a Single Docker Host.
  • Converted our staging and Production environment from a handful AMI's to a single bare metal host running Docker.
  • Support software development infrastructure by providing a standard development environment, configuration management, backup, and recovery and support our developers wif advanced Linux administration and helped them optimize hardware and software development to migrate into embedded systems.
  • Configured and set up AppDynamics in different environments for engineer groups and provided performance management support.
  • Analyzed, evaluated and documented application performance, by implementing AppDynamics into production, which directly led to efficiency gains and process improvements.
  • Setting up Auto scaling of teh instance group using AWS command line tools and AWS cloud environment for Dev/QA environments.
  • Used scripting languages like Python, Ruby, Perl, Bash and CF Engine and Web Service likeAWS.
  • Dealt on cloud AWS such as EC2, S3, RDS, Load Balancer, Auto Scaling wif AWS command line interface and AWS python SDK.
  • Implemented and designedAWSInstances by Ansible roles to ensure deployment of web applications. Worked wif multiple development teams to troubleshoot and resolve issues.
  • Automated deployment using configuration management tools like Chef and Ansible to provision amazon AWS Instances to enable continuous Deployments.
  • Architected and designed rapid deployment method using Ansibleto auto deploy servers as needed by writing and modifying playbooks.
  • Experience in using Tomcat and Apache web servers for deployment and for hosting tools.
  • UsedDynatraceto monitor server metrics and Performed in-depth analysis to isolate points of failure in teh application.
  • Installed and Configured Atlassian Tools like JIRA, Confluence, BitBucket, FishEye and Integrated these tools for a streamlined Agile Workflow and Project Collaboration.

Confidential, Baltimore, MD

Linux Admin/ Cloud Engineer / DevOps Engineer


  • Managed Linux and Windows virtual servers on AWS EC2 using Open-Source Chef Server, configured Redhat Cluster Nodes for any legacy applications and verified teh daily health check on teh Cluster Nodes.
  • Designed and implementedChef, including creating cookbooks and automating them in teh CI and CD system.
  • Used Jenkins forChefCI, Thor for versioning, Berkshelf for dependency management, and Test-Kitchen to further test and deploy teh application.
  • Used Chef to manage VM Configuration wifin AWS & primarily used Ruby to write GIT applications and chef Recipes.
  • Migrated VMWARE VMs to AWS and Managed Services like EC2, S3 Bucket, Route53, ELB, EBS wif Opscode Chef Cookbooks/Recipes.
  • Designed and implemented scalable, secure cloud architecture based on Amazon Web Services.
  • Helped teh team to Plan/Design/Implement Hybrid Cloud Between On-premise VMWARE and Public AWS Cloud.
  • Implementing a Continuous Delivery framework using Chef in Linux environment. Created virtual environments via vagrant wif chef client provision.
  • Used GIT version control to manage teh source code and integrating GIT wif Jenkins to support build automation.
  • Extensively usedDynaTraceto diagnose and troubleshoot web/app server performance issues
  • Working wif teh hardware vendors and application team for teh faulty replacement and planning teh downtimes accordingly.
  • Involved in setting up JIRA as defect tracking system and configured various workflows, customizations and plugins for teh JIRA bug/issue tracker.
  • Work wif development teams and business areas to plan future capacity requirements and hold regular meetings to review usage as well as create, revise, and report any new measurements required to manage mainframe or distributed environments.
  • Created and maintained teh Shell/Perl deployment scripts for Web Logic & web application servers.
  • Proficient in installation, configuration and maintenance of applications like Apache, LDAP, and PHP.
  • Used Jenkins, Build forge for Continuous Integration and deployment into Tomcat Application Server.
  • Insure impact of software releases to system performance and resource utilization of distributed and mainframe platforms are acceptable during load testing.
  • Scanning teh newly assigned LUNs to teh servers and assigning them to volume group and increasing teh file system using Red Hat volume manager.
  • Developed unit and functional tests in Python and Java.
  • Expertise in deployment of Routers, Switches, Hubs, Firewalls, IDS, load balancers, VPN Concentrators.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Linux Admin / Cloud Admin / DevOps Engineer


  • Configured Red Hat Kickstart for installing multiple production servers.
  • Worked on installation, configuration and maintenance Debian/Redhat, CentOS and Suse Servers at multiple Data Centers.
  • Installed and configured DCHP server to give IP leases to production servers.
  • Deploy and monitor scalable infrastructure on Amazon web services (AWS) & configuration management using puppet.
  • Allow users to run existing online applications and create their own cloud applications on cloud hardware of their own choice by using teh services of(Paas, Saas, Iaas)
  • Installed/Configured/Managed Puppet Master/Agent and wrote custom modules and Manifests, downloaded pre-written modules from puppet-forge and upgraded/migrated from Puppet Community to Enterprise.
  • Managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure wif automation and configuration management tools such as Ansible, Puppet, or custom-built designing cloud-hosted solutions, specific AWS product suite experience.
  • Experience wif Configuration Management Tools (PUPPET, Ansible).
  • Installed and configured monitoring tools Nagios for monitoring teh network bandwidth and teh hard drives status.
  • Worked on Bug fixes for supporting Virtualization and High availability support for storage device from networking point of view to address configuration, virtual IP (VIP), source address selection, protocol control block, DNS, DDNS, interface link events.
  • Developed automation scripting inPython (core)usingPuppetto deploy and manage Java applications across Linux servers.
  • Installed, Configured, and administered DNS, LDAP, NFS, NIS, NIS+ and Send mail on Red Hat Linux/Debian Servers.
  • Worked on Version controlling systems like GIT and integration tools such as Jenkins and TeamCity.
  • Logged events from forced crash dumps and troubleshoot server issues.
  • Configured yum repository server for installing packages from a centralized server.
  • Installed, configured and administered in Apache Tomcat in different environments like Development, QA, UAT and Production on RedHat Enterprise Linux.
  • Management of RedHat Linux user accounts, groups, directories and file permissions.
  • Applied teh Clustering Topology that meets High Availability and Failover requirement for performance and functionality.
  • Performed monitoring using Sar, Iostat, VMstat and MPstaton servers and also logged to monitoring tool for graphical view.
  • Installation and configuration of PostgresSQL database on Red Hat/Debian Servers.
  • Performed Disk management wif teh help of LVM (Logical Volume Manager).
  • Configuration and Administration of Apache Web Server and SSL.
  • Scheduled reports for daily, weekly, monthly reports for executives, Business analyst and customer representatives for various categories and regions based on business needs usingSQL Server Reporting services (SSRS).
  • Created and maintained network users, user environment, directories, and security.
  • Provide teh support of building teh server, patching, user administration tasks, deployment, software installation, performance tuning and troubleshooting and KVM.
  • Provided 24/7 on call support on Linux Production Servers. Responsible for maintaining security on Red Hat Linux.

Confidential, Birmingham AL

Systems Engineer


  • Installed, configured, and administered Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x, 6.x.
  • Installed, configured, and maintained SAMBA, NFS, HTTP, NGINX, and FTP in Linux for accessing and sharing files from teh Windows environment.
  • Experience in installing multiple Linux servers using Kickstart installation and custom build scripts for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS.
  • Experience managing HP Blade center C7000 hardware management using ILO Console.
  • Created server profile and managed Network and virtual SAN configuration using Virtual Connect in blade center C7000.
  • Installed/Configured Red Hat Linux Cluster 5.x version & configured teh cluster resources
  • Installed and configured VMware ESXi 3.x, 4.x servers and applied security patches to ESXi servers.
  • Managed ESXi servers using teh Vsphere client and Vcenter for managing teh multiple ESXi servers
  • Creating templates to deploy multiple virtual machines and clone using VMware virtual client and migrating machines between hosts wif HA and DRS.
  • Worked on SAN storage on ESXi servers and assigned teh LUNs to teh virtual machines running on teh ESXi hosts.
  • Created fence devices in teh cluster, created failover domains wifin teh cluster and Flipover/Failover tests between teh nodes in teh clusters.
  • Created filesystems using Red Hat volume manager and performed health checks on a regular basis for all teh Linux servers and added storage to teh cluster disks and managed teh filesystem size in RHEL.
  • Set up and scanned teh newly assigned LUNs to teh servers and assigned them to teh respective volume group and increased teh filesystem using Red Hat volume manager.
  • Created filesystem and RAW logical volumes for teh Oracle RAC based on teh requirement.
  • Created and modified swap files and added swap space and configured RAID levels using volume manager.
  • Mounted and unmounted netapp storage LUNs to teh Red Hat Linux servers and troubleshooted any issues that came up.
  • Created Link aggregation (LACP) wif VLAN tunneling using virtual connect (VC) and shared uplink set (SUS) using LACP and VLAN tagging.
  • Performance Tuning and Management for Linux/AIX servers and worked wif teh application/database team to resolve issues.
  • Migrated Red Hat Linux servers from 4.x version and worked wif teh application team to resolve teh post migration issues.
  • Experience wif Vup 5.0, Sybase 11.5.1, Perl Scripting, LDAP server, Weblogic, Apache Tomcat, EMC Storage SAN.
  • Installed and updated Kernel in Linux servers and created initrd image to boot from teh upgraded kernel.
  • Worked wif backup team for teh Legato backup & restore, Legato client Instillation in teh Red Hat Linux server.


Linux Systems Administrator


  • Yum configuration & package installation through YUM.
  • Configuring and deploying of iSCSI server and Client.IP bonding for load balancing and fail over, Firewall, SELINUX.
  • Installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Handling troubleshooting issues like boating, RPM packages, User management and backup.
  • Hosting and securing web pages using Apache (httpd) web server and ssl.
  • Configuration and troubleshooting for Red Hat Linux, user Administration & Quota Management
  • Creating and deploying LVM, resizing teh logical volume and volume group.
  • Configuration and administration of LDAP, NFS, FTP, SAMBA and POSTFIX Servers in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • Performed physical to virtual (P2V) and (V2V) migrations for approximately 50 physical servers utilizing VMware Converter.
  • Create, deploy and manage Linux and windows VM using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager, which includes moving and migrating VM from one cluster to another cluster or wifin teh same cluster.
  • Experience in Windows 2003 and2008 Active Directory Installation and Configuration.
  • Heartbeat clustering for high availability in Apache.
  • Performances, CPU and Memory monitoring of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • Firmware upgrade, managing teh servers, collecting Logs, open KVM console for troubleshooting.
  • Installed and configured ESXi 5.0, 5.1 Servers on Blade servers. Creating Virtual machines. Creation of templates from VMs and Creation of VMs from templates.
  • Configure vCenter Server 5.0, 5.1 in production environment and created many cluster and enabling HA and DRS for Load balancing and High Availability. Worked on Migration concepts like Vmotion, SVmotion and cold migration.

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