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Sgsn/mme Engineer Resume

Redmond, WA


  • Highly motivated individual with excellent troubleshooting skills.
  • Familiar with LTE network architecture, VOLTE E2E call flows, and 3GPP specification.
  • Excellent hands - on experienced with Confidential 3g/4g macro/micro eNODEBs, SGSN/MME, RNC, BSC, MSC, and ALU MSMCI small cells.



Confidential, Redmond, WA


  • Troubleshoot complex issues encountered during lab testing.
  • Participate in test execution by the combined Confidential &T and ALU vendor testing team. Analyzed complex issues encountered during testing. Utilize Lab JDSU protocol analyzer to capture and solve complex problems and to ensure compliance with 3GPP specification.
  • Coordinate across multiple team to test and complete complex SGSN/MME and RAN test validation requirements.
  • Develop and create lab TOL (Test Object List), and test instruction procedure used for test verification (i.e. E911, Volte, SRVCC, S1 and X2 handover testing).
  • Provide weekly progress report to RPC test lead/manager, and Upload weekly test result to Confidential &T Quality Access Center.

RAN Service Engineer

Confidential, Bellevue, WA


  • Perform LTE and UTRAN software verification testing, MOP validation tests as defined by the Confidential & Confidential Architecture Team, and provide troubleshooting expertise to solve software fault codes, alarms, and fault analysis during regression testing and new software feature testing.
  • Development of a schedule for lab certification to meet the business needs of the program, including Lab Entry and Exit as well as FFA Entry and Exit targets.
  • Integration and configuration of new Confidential network elements.Commissioning and acceptance testing and to ensure that all testing requirements are completed as per contract requirements.
  • Define and configure new testing requirements for lab testers, like for example (Volte, SRVCC, S1 and X2 PS/CS handover, Carrier Aggregation).
  • Document all test results, the methodology employed, tools utilized, platforms validated and their capabilities.
  • Operation and maintenance of Confidential &T lab Confidential RAN and Core network equipment s (ENB, RNC, MSC).
  • Provide fault analysis, recovery effort and escalation of emergency cases to PDU in various software issues during software validation.
  • Provide solution to issues encountered during FOA activities.
  • Follow up open lab ticket or Confidential CSR and work closely with customer in fixing faults in the market.
  • Reproduce faults in the lab, and provide solution as soon as possible.
  • Coordinate integration and testing of new Confidential switch equipment and 3rd party platforms.

Network Operation Engineer

Confidential, Plano, TX


  • Provide GSM / TDMA / CDMA consultation services, operation and maintenance of Confidential MSC, BSC, and RBS 884.
  • Provide hands on training to customer operation and maintenance engineers.
  • Responsible for analysis of any software and hardware faults encountered on site and provision of test system traces and creation of trouble report as needed.
  • Provide MSC and BSC consultation services to wireless company such as BellSouth and Cricket wireless.
  • Provide assistance to the switch installation testers during cutover activities of new msc, like b - number analysis tracing, software fault tracing, switch and rbs integration, as well as group switches hardware expansions.



  • Provide on site emergency software correction as needed.
  • Fault isolation using test system tracings and analysis of system restart.
  • Responsible for installation testing and integration of MSC and HLR.
  • Coordinate weekly customer service review meeting with customer.
  • Provide support to the installation testers for CMS 8810, PSTN and IGF.
  • Provide 6 months testing support to Confidential.



  • Perform AXE 10 installation testing and cutover of PSTN.
  • Develop and modify test programs and repair of AXE PCBs and I/O devices Confidential
  • Develop LAN clipper subscriber lists application programs for Confidential.
  • PSTN switch system.

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