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Advanced Manufacturing Engineer Resume

South Bend, IndianA


  • Process Improvement.
  • Solder Engineering, Coating Welding, Metallization
  • Electroplating - Surface finishing, Metal forging/Metallurgy, Metal casting (investment/Die casting).
  • Management: Projects/Staff Process Validation and Control, Auditing NDT-level-3, Ultrasound, Magnetic-Particle, Liquid penetrant and Industrial X- Radiography Testing. Metallography, EDAX, X-RD, SEM, TEM, etc.
  • Thermal/Electrochemical /Galvanizing and corrosion protection/ metal joining/ soldering Consulting/ R&D
  • Heat-Treating/CVD, PVD, *Brazing/& Annealing, Metallization/Coating Investment Casting *Engineer and Die Casting Wafer FAB Process Specialist
  • Quality Assurance and Compliant Auditing and Sales Support
  • Electro/ Hydro-metallurgy/ Metal Forging/Forming and Casting of gas and Steam Turbines
  • Problem Resolution, Familiarity with internal combustion engine components, Exciters and their functioning, especially power cylinder components (pistons, rings, cylinders bores/liners, connecting rods, bearings, camshafts, valve train and diffusers assemblies


Confidential, South Bend, Indiana

Advanced Manufacturing Engineer


  • Led in the Carbon fiber - reinforcement, formulation, impregnation of carbon fibers with bindingpolymer (thermoset resin) composites, curing, Heat Treating from induction furnace and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of the porous Carbon with carbon for densification
  • Carbon is used in the brake discs in commercial and military aircraft.
  • Random fiber requires a complex manufacturing process of nearly six months.
  • Confidential has identified flaws in several of the processes and has instituted rigorous standards for each process and I am hired to attempt mitigation.
  • Cracks that are formed early in the manufacturing process are currently not detectable until late in the process.
  • Managed process optimization to maximize production efficiency while meeting customer product requirements,
  • Led cross-functional teams to improve production processes and equipment operations,
  • Performed tasks related to continuous process improvement and established training program on carbon re-enforcement formulation, processing and manufacture by Chemical Vapor deposition (CVD) means for graphitic carbon-carbon deposits.
  • Formulation, Molding and curing of Carbon reinforced fiber impregnated with polymer materials.
  • Induction Heat Treatment, Chemical vapor of carbon on the molded graphitic carbon matrixes and final Heat Treatment.
  • Initiated training program for Associates on carbon composites processing, Vacuum furnace Pyrometry (Temperature uniformance and System Accuracy Test (SAT) for the carbon Friction materials Group.
  • Pitch based carbon fiber, phenolic resin fibers (polymer) were impregnated into the carbon - re enforced carbon and re-baked in order to carbonize the pitch resin impregnated and thermally cured. The re-baking step for new pores formation, so that at further impregnating operation could be carried out if a high degree of gas or liquid-tightness was to be obtained.
  • The dissociation, deposition, chemisorption and diffusion of the Carbon species into the carbon pores increased further by the dilution of CH4 with either H2, He, N2 or Argon gas to increase the mean free path of CH4 released for use in vacuum.
  • Provided coaching, technical supports to the Meter lab, Reliability Engineers, Maintenance and Vacuum Furnace Operators
  • Reviewed and revised the standard work instructions as required enhancing product quality

Confidential, Group, Forest, OH

Sr. Metallurgical Project Engineer


  • Set processing parameters, reviewed and developed work instructions, performed vacuum aluminum brazing of heat exchangers, condensers, Radiators and evaporators used in automotive, aerospace, nuclear energy industry.
  • Reviewed and Directed Projects, supervised coating processes, standardization of process documentation/ material flow
  • Provided technical directions in Welding, Coating, Brazing, Heat Treatment, testing of Aluminum Plate Heat Exchangers.
  • Handled issues which arose as new products transition from prototyping to full production,
  • Managed projects, reviewed developed standard work instruction, reworked procedures, submitted proposals, equipment specifications, and fixtures for all forms of Heat treatment, coating, and Brazing Conducted training and coatings processes,
  • Provided technical guidance in Vacuum Furnace and Molten salt bath Brazing of Steels, Aluminum, Heat Treating, temperature versus time cycle, ramp rate, normalization Vacuum furnace Pyrometry (Temperature uniformance and System Accuracy Test (SAT) for the carbon Friction materials Group. And welding electro cleaning, supervision in the design and manufacture of the Aluminum Heat Exchangers Systems (HVAC)).
  • Coordinated efforts in closing design queries with cross-functional teams from manufacturing,
  • Project Management, and customers., Resolved specification issues, handle correspondence, provide periodic updates, ensure customer satisfaction, and negotiate /coordinate with project team as appropriate.
  • Directed the brazing, welding, brazing and Cladding (Al-clad), processes: using extrusion process in which aluminum sheet served as a skin compressed over another Aluminum substrate applying high-pressure equipment or die to create adhesion only on the bare metal surfaces to bond.

Confidential, White Hall, MI

Senior Power & Propulsion Lead Metallurgical Engineer


  • Performed High Temperature Vacuum Heat Treating, brazing, and Investment Casting of turbine blades and vanes of either the Single Crystal nickel based, Super-alloy either CMXS3, CMSX-6, MSX10, IN713, Rene80, X40, IN requiring directional Solidification cooling approach to achieve the needed orientation of grain structure without evidence of Creep presence.
  • Responsible for developing and qualifying processes for new parts in Titanium, Aluminum and/or Super-alloy systems, and for establishing process control & improvement initiatives for production of parts. This included responsibility for Process Owner/Management of a technical process(s).
  • Aluminum casting, Materials selection and wax model design support for investment casting of single crystal turbine blades.
  • Characterization, testing of the investment casting finished products for quality conformance validation
  • Led in surface engineering processes, /supported Nickel, Titanium, Aluminum alloys Heat treatments from vacuum furnace.
  • Led in the Additive / polymer formulation and application and provided Technical support to teams of Project turbine engineers and section project managers, shop personnel, welding Engineers, and Furnace maintenance personnel.
  • Metal/polymer composites - formulated as a slurry compound for use in the brazing of component assemblies
  • Used acrylic resin polymer (binder) polymerizationprocess, heated to a monomer that would bindchemically to other molecules which included water based Ni-Cr powder mixtures, to produce paste (slurry) polymer composite applied as filler for brazing turbine airfoils. Led the Metallurgy Group, Metal lab, and supported the forging group in alloy slurry formulation, materials selection, for brazing Heat treat and Forging processing, Alloy material for Turbine vane and Provided the support in the design and manufacture of Single crystal, directionally solidified and equiaxed nickel super alloy investment castings.
  • Designed and process turbine blades, Vanes and other high-temperature hardware for turbine engines and all stages of high and low pressure (vanes include segments-normally 2 to 8 vanes per segment).
  • Supervised and provided guidance on Investment casting of nickel base Super alloys, Titanium and aluminum Casting, Electroplating, Brazing and Heat Treatment processes for the company.
  • Provided direct supervision of the forging shop, Quality testing of the turbine component assemblies, Machining, laboratory and made recommendation for improvements or reworks.
  • Investment casting - Aluminum, provided training and directed the vacuum furnace operations and repairs, metal-forging processes, Heat Treatment and property evaluation processes using metrology devices.
  • The materials forged and stamped included aluminum and its alloys, stainless steel and chromium-, nickel-titanium alloys.
  • Controls of furnace thermal cycle and protective atmospheres, measurement and control of the Vacuum furnace Pyrometry (Temperature uniformance and System Accuracy Test (SAT) for the furnace operation in compliance with NADACAP and ISO/AS/ 9100 Requirement
  • Reviewed processed data, validated metallurgical tests and generated technical reports on non-conformant products.
  • Responsible for BOM, Routing, Reviewed work instruction to the floor, worked and supported production of part on the manufacturing floor and provided technical support to the Quality department as needed.
  • Acted as Subject Matter expert on Forging, brazing, welding and Heat Treatment on Turbine components,
  • Participated n new product development, feasibility and capability studies, Ppap, provided quotes on new product introduction and feed back to Customers as well as visiting the Customers site to review and resolved noncompliance issues.
  • Collaborated with other specialist Groups, worked in Team, machining and forging shop, failure analysis Team and determined root causes and corrective actions, required for mitigation.
  • Supervised activities in the metallography laboratory, trained technicians on aspects of metrology, sectioning, mounting, etching, microstructural planes of orientations, evaluations of inclusions, and technical reporting and presentation if needed.

Confidential, Greenbelt, MD

Aerospace Engineer Group Leader


  • Managed and supervised the manufacturing of Critical Spacecraft Propulsion Projects, including coatings.
  • Managed and steered costs and expenditure, kept engineering works and internal research spends under control
  • Delivery of all engineering works, following budget and guaranteeing technical performance
  • Analyzed, managed and averted all technical risks for engineering works
  • Performed the duties of a Chemical Plating Engineer, supervised and directed all the plating projects.
  • Worked and Managed Space programs within Confidential at Goddard Space Craft Center in CODE 547 providing leadership in aspects of thin film coatings, Passivation, anodizing and surface conversion coating on the critical spacecraft components.
  • Developed budgets and performed other Managerial functions including leading, mentoring and held weekly meetings, etc.
  • Selected to be a member of the Confidential ’S SBIR/STTR (Small Business Innovation Review) program -the decision-making Group, responsible for reviewing, approving and awarding solicitation contracts, to outside none government agencies/companies to develop coating, for instance, quasi -crystalline friction material coatings on spacecraft elements.
  • Nominated by 17 Confidential Chiefs to be recognized by their head boss for financial award for the plating shop work, well done.

Confidential, Norwich, NY

Quality complaint Manager/Advanced- Specialist Engineer


  • Involved in the various acquisition activities and Technology Transfer process, for GE.
  • Investment casting of Engine parts and Solid solution Heat Treatments (normalizing, ramping, Annealing, Aging, Recrystallization, Tempering, Soaking at Isothermal Temperature and quenching, and etc.
  • Performed the duties of a Lead Auditor - Management Systems (ISO 9001/ISO14001/OHSAS 18001,
  • Chemical Plating Engineer and led on Plating project and offered training.
  • Led in vacuum thermal coating- glass metal fusion), electro -less and electro-plating for High Temperature Sensor development
  • Led on Turbine hot section coating/repairs, and provided technical support to turbine engineering service teams of project managers, technical directors, shop personnel, turbine-generator engineers, QA, on Turbine inspections and validations.
  • Led in Welding of steels, aluminum and Titanium, Brazed and performed various work functions including the duties of a Manufacturing Engineer, MRB and generated Bill of Materials, was a Source Certifying Agent for GE/ Confidential Aero.
  • Collaborated with Peers, championed improvements projects and performed the duties requiring anodizing, passivation, thermal coating, Electroplating, Brazing, Vacuum Metallization, Sintering, Metal forming, Metal Forging, welding of aluminum, Titanium, and super alloys, Heat Treatment, NDT.
  • Liaised with customers, prototype and design Engineers as well as with Quality Assurance/ Shipping Group as needed.
  • Promoted to the position of as 9100 site Auditor, handling process and technology transfers from Confidential Int., to GE’s procedural directives.

Confidential, Maryville, Tennessee

Advanced Specialist Materials Engineer


  • Performed the duties of a chemical Plating Engineer, trained subordinates and support QA measurements and plating, Stamping, welding, Brazing, Heat Treating, Quality inspection and precipitation hardening, and Annealingprocesses.
  • Defined process manufacturing parameters and controls which included but not limited to automation after product launch, scrap reductions, process optimization, etc.
  • Applied knowledge of Confidential, TS16949 procedures in the parts design, furnace pyrometry reading, development of work instruction per the company’s procedural directives, test and validated production quality conformance.
  • Provided hands on, Engineering principles to support production operations on the work floor and used knowledge of 6 Sigma tools on troubleshooting and lean manufacturing for profit.
  • Troubleshoot on defects, product preparation for measurement, materials selection, machine performance and tooling.
  • Led and Provided support on aluminum Die Casting, Heat Treatment and coating of Automotive components.
  • Supported this company with furnace repairs, Furnace PLC, PFMEA, SPC, GD&T, lean manufacturing techniques, die casting of aluminum parts such as Alternators, Pistons, Cylinder Heads, Rectifier fins, and Engine Blocks for automotive applications,
  • Led in the Electro-cleaning, coating, barrel, electro-less, electroplating, Heat Treatments and testing of the automotive parts
  • Provided day-to-day technical support and guidance for the Heat Treatments and coatings processes
  • Provided Coating, Metal stamping, forming, Brazing, Heat Treating, Welding on steels, al, Ti and super alloys, analytical evaluation and defect analysis of automotive materials and parts in a chemical & analytical materials lab setting.
  • Made judgment in plating, Heat Treating, analysis and identification of unknown contaminates in materials
  • Managed the furnaces, data collections, assisted in the repairs and maintenance of the furnace upkeeps and defined root courses on the furnace operational mechanics, resolved any out gassing and or sublimation, furnace failures due to short circuitries issues

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