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System Engineer Resume



Secure a full time position in Telecommunication.


  • Working as a system engineer in Confidential .
  • Experience as IOT engineer in Confidential mobility.
  • Experience in LTE Network analysis,WLL and protocol Testing.
  • Experience in EMBMS testing.
  • Experience in programming and scripting.


Software tools: QXDM, QCAT, QMICM, QMItestpro, JDSU, MATLAB, LabVIEW, AUTOCAD, IE3D, Wireshark.

Telecom Protocols: LTE, TCP/IP, MIMO, HTTP, GSM.

Programming, markup & Scripting Language: Python, HTML, CSS, C.

Microcontroller/processor: 8085, 8086.AT89C51.

Storage tools: DMX4, DMX3, V - MAX


System Engineer

Confidential, Irving


  • Device IOT testing involving VOLTE, 3G and 2G test cases
  • Network end to end interoperability testing.
  • MMS testing, interface testing and protocol testing.
  • Working in customer facing environment.
  • Analyze QXDM, QCAT and Wireshark logs.

Sr Network Engineer

Confidential, Seattle


  • Worked on end to end testing in wireless local loop.
  • Created test cases.
  • Analyzed logs, lab setting up.

IOT Engineer

Confidential, Dallas


  • Testing Confidential devices in IOT Lab for different projects.
  • LTE Testing- Testing based on LTE and other 3GPP protocols.
  • Worked on SRLTE, eHRPD, CCF57, iRAT, E911 testing.
  • EMBMS Testing: Tested Confidential -VZW’s first EMBMS enabled UE and all moto EMBMS devices.
  • Work closely with Developers, Maintenance Engineering, System Performance and Service Performance teams to debug problems reported from the lab.
  • Giving input for process improvements, test coverage analysis, test improvement.
  • Prepared test reports, raised Jira tickets, did root cause analysis and helped developers to fix issues.

Jr. RF Engineer Intern



  • Analyzed RSRP, CINR, CQI parameter values, recorded throughputs of protocols like FTP and UDP.
  • Proficient in using network testing tool JDSU.
  • Provide traces for engineers if there are issues with LTE transmission.
  • Supported ENB engineers in debugging issues in the 4G LTE transmission.
  • Designed electronic circuit boards and components for use in fields such as telecommunications and controls.
  • Performed troubleshooting circuits, testing and troubleshoot to repair circuit boards.
  • Documentation of knowledge base of machinery repair methodologies.
  • Tutored U. G students in Electrical engineering, Computer Science, Math and Physics subjects.
  • Weekly report submission to UNT learning center.

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