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Graduate Assistant Resume

Kansas, CitY


  • Provides radio frequency (RF) and/or wireless transmission design.
  • Designs, plans and oversees installation and maintenance of wireless radio communications systems, including radio propagation modeling and prediction, microwave path analysis, interference analysis, frequency coordination, cell site equipment layout, parameter definition, and ancillary equipment.
  • Uses skills as a seasoned, experienced professional with a full understanding of industry practices and company policies and procedure.
  • Resolves a wide range of issues in imaginative as well as practical ways.
  • Works on problems of diverse scope where analysis of data requires evaluation of identifiable factors.
  • Demonstrates good judgment in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions.
  • Interacts with senior internal and external personnel.Knowledge of XLS and programming skills preferred
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate with Industry experience of one year ; working towards CCNP
  • Sound knowledge of OSI Model (Layer1, Layer2, Layer3), switches, Routers, Repeaters, Hubs, STP,RSTP, ICMP
  • Proficient with Data Communication (TCP, UDP, IPv4, IPv6, and VoIP) and communication network (LAN, MAN, WAN)
  • Proficient with computer software, hardware, Problem solving skills needed to troubleshoot and repair network issues
  • Sound knowledge of Mac Address, Spanning tree protocol, Virtual local area networks (VLANS) and Trunk Configuration
  • Sound knowledge of Routing Protocols (RIP.BGP, EIGRP, OSPF) ARP, Network Address Translation, Access list, Firewall
  • Sound knowledge of DNS, HTTP, DHCP, FTP, SNMP, ARQ protocols, static and dynamic routing, net flow, Wi - Fi standards
  • Knowledge of group policy management, installation of all computer accessories, operating systems and other software’s.


Skilled in: Citrix Netscaler, VM ware, load balancing, VPN; Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Capable to setup a new LAN

Operating System: Windows 2012,2008,7,2003, XP, Linux

LAN Technology Simulation Tools: Packet Tracer, Riverbed (OPNET) Modeler, VMware, Wire Shark, GENI

Programming Languages: C and C++, MATLAB, Expert in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Team leadership


Graduate Assistant

Confidential, Kansas City


  • Assisted professor with instructional responsibilities and made the professor’s work effortless;
  • Graded exams, assignment & projects in accordance with university standards and met the submission deadlines well ahead of time
  • Provided assistance in preparing lecture notes and made sure the notes are uncomplicated for students to understand;
  • Assisted students with their assignment, exams & other areas of studies and made sure they learnt and took the best out of the course

Network Engineer



  • Maintained LAN/WAN networks, Internet/Data line, Network Planning & Implementation.
  • Router/Switch knowledge such as managing, creating and configuring VLANS; Configured routing protocols such as RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, static routing. Involved in troubleshooting of DNS, DHCP, and other IP conflict problems Knowledge on IP addressing, sub netting of domains; Experience on CISCO answered and resolved helpdesk CS tickets
  • Internet usage to selected users on IP & Port basis; Provided network access support, both general connectivity and specific service support

Network engineer intern



  • Configuring of Access list ACL (Std,Ext, Named) to allow users to access all over the company and blocking others.
  • Configuring of IP allocation and sub netting for all applications, troubleshoot the issues related to routing protocols.
  • Perform routine network maintenance check as well as configure and manage printers, copiers and other miscellaneous network equipment. Installing operating systems, software, hardware on computers
  • Responsible for data backup, system update, recovery, restore and spyware removal; Connected switches using trunk links and ether channel
  • Used network monitoring tool to manage, monitor and troubleshoot the network, Implemented load balancing technique for switches and routers
  • Got familiarized with HTTP and DNS protocols by analyzing the packets that are captured in Confidential
  • Analyzed Packet flow in Ethernet, ARP, IP, TCP, DHCP using Confidential and explained protocol operation in respective layer of OSI Model

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