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Technical Architect Resume

Roseland New, JerseY


Accomplished DevOps/Cloud Architect/Engineer and team/project lead with the established ability to manage complex projects to completion on time and within budget by effectively managing resources and staff while maintain a high level quality, compliance, and security. Proven ability to provide DevOps/Cloud Automation of infrastructure and configuration management in a mission critical environment through thorough understanding of existing designs, tools, and technology. Implementation of highly complex code to solve unusual or difficult business issues. Consistent record of systems testing, application, and platform migration from testing through production. Expert in checking program logic using a mixture of modeling, test data, analysis, simulations, tests, and program debugging. Provides documentation for user guides and procedures.


Linux/Unix Administrator Dev Ops Data Center/Cloud Automation ITIL v3 Certified Project Leader Ansible Docker Splunk PowerShell Confidential BSA HPOO/ Confidential PAS HPSA/ Confidential SAS HP OpenView SQL (CRUD) SDLC Python PHP Perl Shell OGSH/Rosh NSH LDAP/Active Directory DNS IMAP/POP TCP/IP HTTP Problem - solving Requirements Setting Systems Analysis Systems Integration VMWare Sun Solaris RHEL HP-UX SLES Windows 2k-2k12


Confidential, Roseland, New Jersey

Technical Architect


  • Charged with experimenting with and implementing next generation DevOps software and concepts.
  • Supporting development lab environment.
  • Ansible playbooks for server and application setup, install, and rolling update.
  • Jenkins administration and project deployment using Bash, Python, Ansible, AWS CLI, BitBucket/GIT, and Docker.
  • Architected full AWS environment.
  • Trac install, setup and administration.
  • MySQL install, setup, and administration.
  • MongoDB install, setup, and administration.
  • Elastic install, setup, and administration.
  • Docker Image creation and deployment.
  • Splunk Administration.
  • Design and implement hardware and software architecture for various projects.
  • Implement Cloudera Hadoop environment.
  • Integrate software into Cloudera Manager.

Confidential, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Sr. Automation/DevOps Engineer


  • Support existing HPSA/ Confidential and BMC BSA( Confidential ) environment.
  • Provide guidance and support to end users of DevOps/Data Center/Cloud automation systems.
  • Built parameterized Kickstart files to deploy RedHat and Oracle Linux for both the HPSA/ Confidential and BMC Confidential
  • Packaged software to be deployed from both HPSA/ Confidential and BMC Confidential using shell, awk, sed, expect, python.
  • Setup Dante Proxy, IPTables, Samba, and Apache on servers in the DMZs to allow for the building of Windows and Linux servers as well as software package deployments through BMC Confidential .
  • Integrated existing automation solutions with BMC Confidential using NSH and BLCI.
  • Wrote PowerShell/PowerCLI scripts to manage VMware.
  • Setup and maintain YUM repositories.

Confidential, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Sr. Unix Engineer.


  • Preformed root cause analysis of server failures.
  • Provided break/fix support for production servers.
  • Wrote scripts using HPSA OGSH to gather information on servers in the environment.
  • Upgraded Oracle Linux servers from previous version to 5.7.

Confidential, East Hanover, New Jersey

Linux/UNIX Administrator and HPSA( Confidential SAS)/HPOO( Confidential PAS)Developer.


  • Helped team build and transition from HPSA 7.3 single mesh to 9.04 multi Mesh.
  • Evaluated, managed, and provided development guidance to HP Proserv team of HPOO developers building flows to allow for easy content management and audit reporting in HPSA Multi Mesh.
  • Developed HPOO flows to manage administrative backend tasks of HPSA Multi Mesh.
  • Developed simplified Windows patching solution for HPSA.
  • Wrote technical documentation to guide junior team members on standard processes.
  • Educated and guided junior team members on standard and non standard processes.
  • Developed several python and shell scripts to manage HPSA.
  • Developed python and shell scripts to enable agent migration.
  • Wrote technical and user documentation.

Confidential, New York, New York

Unix Administration and Scripting.


  • Performed various tasks for the organization as needs prevented themselves.
  • Working on a team to upgrade the backend environment for the Confidential web site.
  • Upgrade from Solaris 8 to 10.
  • Upgrade from Oracle 8i to 11g.
  • Transition from Solaris 10 to HP-UX 11.31
  • Wrote a shell script that analyzed 30+ years of backend scripts for website written in multiple languages for sourced files, child scripts called, binaries called, SQL command files used, SQL control files used, and SQL data files used and wrote this information into an Excel document.
  • Wrote a Python script that takes an Excel document and map a parent child relationship in a Visio document. Used the win32com Python module to create the Visio document.
  • Assisted in the setup and verification of proper functionality of Solaris 10 environments.
  • Wrote shell script to automate the creation of custom emails that were sent out to customers.
  • Modified existing shell scripts to in corporate timing metrics for testing purposes.
  • Wrote and presented a document that gave an analysis current undocumented and unstructured backend environment and suggested the best path forward that allowed for a secure, documented, structured, and manageable environment.

Confidential, Raritan, New Jersey

ITS Senior HP-UX Administrator


  • Led the effort to realign proprietary ticketing software and the DePuy Service Request Management System to current business processes, effectively managing change and needed human engineering.
  • Successfully migrated all HP-UX 10.20-bound applications to version 11.23.

Confidential, Warren, New Jersey

Senior Professional Services Engineer


  • Created custom OS profiles and application packages for deployment on the Confidential Operations Manager for customer customized Red Hat Application Server Linux, Ubuntu Desktop/Server, and Solaris servers to allow proper installation of Confidential software with startup scripts, package installation, disk or SAN administration and design, network routing, NFS, DNS/HOSTS, and DHCP.
  • Wrote Shell, Perl, Jython, and Python scripts to perform packaging, configuration, and installation of software as well as patches.
  • Wrote Shell, Perl, Jython, and Python scripts to perform compliance analysis.
  • Wrote Shell, Perl, Jython, and Python scripts to allow for full automated installation of various operating systems.
  • Designed and implemented HP-UX Patch Kit solution by integrating HP Software Assistant with the Confidential Operations Manager by using Shell, Perl, and Jython.
  • Eliminated the need for 15 total administrators in three departments, saving approximately $1.5 million.
  • Led teams of three or more, interviewing prospective team members and recommending hires.

Confidential, New York, New York

Professional Services Consulting Engineer / Team Lead


  • Led Confidential implementations for customers of various sizes and complexity, creating custom OS profiles and application packages, startup scripts, and other features that enabled fully automated installation and distribution of operating systems and applications.
  • Concentrated on design and implementation SAS in customer environments comprised of but not limited to SuSE Linux, Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu Linux, HP-UX, AIX, and Solaris, using such standard vendor tools as AutoYast, KickStart, JumpStart, RPM, and Solaris PKG, as well as many custom scripts and packages written to adapt to the customer environment using Spin, Way, and PyTwist wrapper scripts.
  • Set up and maintained a current full heterogeneous lab including iSCSI SAN, integrated Confidential SAS/NAS with other products such as OpenView Operations, and planned and documented a path for the full integration of HP Ignite.
  • Researched and design a new data center and lab that included room design and size, HVAC, rack, power, and computer equipment.
  • Achieved savings exceeding $1 million by reducing administrator requirements.
  • Clients included but not limited to JPMC (1000+ servers), Comcast (10,000+ servers), Cablevision (10,000+ servers), BB&T( 400+ servers).
  • Wrote and maintained SAS standard for software package implementation.

Confidential, Clifton, New Jersey

UNIX Systems Administrator


  • Key member of a UNIX administration team that managed more than 300 servers.
  • Resolved client issues and dealt with Confidential and Confidential servers running Solaris and Nokia servers running HP-UX.
  • Designed and administered high-availability Sun servers using Veritas Cluster Server and Foundation Suite connected to SAN.
  • Designed and administered several SuSE and Red Hat Linux servers in individual and cluster arrangements.
  • Planned, implemented, and maintained HP OpenView solutions to monitor HP-UX, Oracle, Solaris, Linux and Windows, integrating Operations for UNIX, OS-SPIs, DB-SPIs, Performance Manager, Performance Agent, Glance, Reporter, Performance Insight and Sun Management Center.
  • Maintained the Sun Management Center with Hardware Diagnostic Suite to feed data to OpenView and significantly reduce downtime by identifying problems before crashes occurred.
  • Served as designer and administrator for SAN consisting of Brocade director-class switches, HP XP 1024, HP XP 512, and backup devices.
  • Rebuilt and administered DNS in both UNIX and Windows environments.

Confidential, Marietta, Georgia



  • Served as a UNIX administrator under contract, managing two Red Hat-based, 64-node, Confidential Linux supercomputing clusters and more than 1000 primarily Sun Solaris UNIX boxes.
  • Wrote Perl scripts to automate the administration process of Confidential clusters, resolved daily issues, documented procedures and existing layouts, and migrated users and machines to the NIS domain.
  • Managed and extended SAN environment consisting of Brocade and EMC Clarion arrays.
  • Performed security audit checks on Solaris, HP-UX, and Tru-64 servers, resolving all outstanding issues. Utilized Remedy help system to track customer issues.
  • Led a team in an OS upgrade of Confidential clusters and managed NFS connections between machines.

Confidential, Atlanta, Georgia

System Engineer


  • Served as the senior systems administrator on a team that managed more than 50 boxes.
  • Installed and set up Oracle 8i on several HP and Sun boxes.
  • Managed a team that evaluated various Radius/AAA server software products and selected Steel Belted Radius with Oracle 8i as a backend.
  • Managed and supported several Legato servers and more than 100 clients.

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